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Author's Note: Thank you for all your comments and encouragement. I'm going to try to get to Chapter 10 tomorrow. I'm in New York and partying with readers, but I won't forget about you guys. xoxo Chapter 9 Arriving early to the office was a good thing for her. Chon had retrieved the journal she … Continue reading Ravenous-Chapter9


I'd love to hear what you're thinking so please leave a comment and let me know.  Chapter 8 In twenty-four hours, Dorian Zane had not rung her phone, sent a personal email or even text her. Chon was suffering as every second passed, waiting for him or HR to call and dismiss her. Her nails … Continue reading Ravenous-Chapter8


  Chapter 7 Being overwhelmed at the thought of Austin using her or getting married or being alone for the rest of her life,  Chon stopped and ordered two combination plates at a Chinese restaurant before going home. She also picked up a pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream, a large bag of chips and … Continue reading Ravenous-Chapter7


Chapter 6 Looking around her, she wasn’t familiar as to where they were, but it looked a long way from home, she looked over at him, “Where are we?” “I’m headed to my meeting,” he answered as if that were obvious. “I thought you were taking me home.” “I never said that,” he refuted. “I … Continue reading Ravenous-Chapter6


Chapter 5 Chon internally hissed as she opened her eyes to stare up at Dorian Zane, who was looking down at her as if she was the one that had gone mad. She wasn’t hurt, but more or less embarrassed and just still a lot hungover. He was fully dressed and looked ready to go … Continue reading Ravenous-Chapter5


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