#BlacksInnocence Chapter8

Author’s Note:

My heart really went out to Lauren. As strong as she became and did whatever she could to survive, this chapter really depressed me.

Enjoy… (if you can) 

Chapter 8


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11 thoughts on “#BlacksInnocence Chapter8

      1. Wow thank u. Usually men have my name it means midnight it’s an African name.

  1. Oh Lauren I feel really bad for her. It seems like all her bad luck is happening so fast she can’t even catch up. It seems her last hope or the death of her is going to be Tyler. Why did they have her blackballed from every office job that makes no sense to me? What did Tyler mean by six times he said was going to humiliate her? So many questions.

  2. The librarian getting Lauren a gift was nice. For a second I thought Tyler was behind it.

    I so wish I can read Tyler’s thoughts. Deep down does he have a little some thing for Lauren? I get that he is bitter and angry but why would he go through all that trouble to always screw her over?

  3. Tyler has some kinda Jones for Lauren and the only way he can squash them is by putting her in a box labelled as whore. Does six times mean he is going to hit it six times or just break her down six times. This time should count for more than one.

      1. Girl, you already know. She allows him to have too much control over her. And she is so sure of Dylan. He is a creep if I ever saw one. Whether she knows it or not Tyler will help her more than hurt her in the long run. I feel it. You know I fall in love with your villains. Lol

    1. i did too. I really did but there was nothing to justify keeping love in her life. Nothing was going good for her. My heart truly went out for the frustration, lonliness and failure she felt in this chapter.

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