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Click Here To Buy –   Author contribution: ConSensual by Sylvia Hubbard: A tale of a woman’s hot nightstand that she will never forget. But, what happens after the passionate wanton evening?

The Freestyle Cypher  (Urban Anthology) 

We have gathered between these pages. To bring you stories of love, murder, deception, and redemption. Untethered by a single plot but molded as one in pen.

With seeds planted in EyeCU Reading & Chatting’s weekly writing challenges, and nurtured with inspiration from its founder Ebony Evans, our creativity blossomed.

Sylvia Hubbard’s contribution is called NSFW. 

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495 thoughts on “Books

  1. Sylvia I love what you did to your website and blogspot. I know you read this a lot. When will Emperor’s Addiction will be out on ebook b/c I would like to know what really happen between King and Lethal toward the end of ch. 26. I’m looking forward to reading your live story. I did leave review for Stealing Innocence I and II on Amazon. I will be going back to all your stories in the order that they were written then maybe it can help me understand the hearts feud. I really do need my Heart fix. One more question where can I buy Dark Facade that is the only book i haven’t read yet.

  2. Hi Sylvia, is Cabin Fever WIP? I ordered this book 11/14/2009 and I haven’t received it. Gotta keep the momentum going.

  3. Hola Sylvia, how are you?

    I’m trying to find Tanner’s Devil. Where can I purchase este ebook?


  4. Hey Sylvia, I signed up for your facebook page with the hopes of getting Cabin Fever as a free e-book. I never got the link up. Can you send it to me. The address that I used was Or you can just send it to my regular yahoo account if you have it. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for the discount code, but when I tried it, it gave me the message that the code had expired. Is there another discount code that I can put in and get the free download. Also, I’m still trying to get the passwords for Maniac Neighbor and Double Playing. PLEASE HELP!!!! 🙁

  6. I just finished Silent Lynx, I like lynx. I hope you expand on this story. I hope he get his operation so he can speak. I’m glad the daughter finally learned to be unselfish and care about someone other than herself. Does jimmie recover? will she ever see lynx again?

  7. Greetings sylvia, I am unable to get the free stories on your website. I know the password to all the books, but when I click on the link it takes me back to your home page. The stories I’m referring to are Double Playing, Strange 2 love and Maniac neighbor. If you can give me a simplier way to provide the answers I would really appreciate it. I’m a huge fan of your. Keep up the excellant work.

  8. Hey sylvia, I enjoy all your books. I was wondering if your going to expand on the revenge of three book? If the mystery guy lethal? And will she ever stand up to her so called friends? The book was excellant. Let me know!

  9. I haven’t heard of any complaints with getting the free stories. I’ll look into getting them another way,but currently thsi is the only way until I get another service to deliver to my customers. thank you for your support and patience Ms. Johns!

  10. Awesome Book I just finished reading Secrets, Lies & Family Ties. I read the book in a day and half. I love reading your books because once I finish reading one book it leaves me wanting to read more of your work. I am so glad that Grae was able to find happiness considering all she had been through. I look forward to reading more. May God continue to bless your amazing talent.

    1. thank you so much for supporting my literary endeavors. If you loved SLT, you’ll love Mistaken Identity series and please join us in aug for the live story.

    1. i’m working on it. wanna wait for the new family tree and all the notes SDunn is taking for me. Plus, I need to get Emperor’s Addiction & King’s Paradise out before I release Stealing Innocence three.

  11. Where can i purchase Dreams of Reality? And when will Dark Facade 4 be coming out. Great job on 1,2, & 3!!!!!!!. I look forward to reading your books. God bless

      1. I’m sorry I don’t have a kindle i usually get my books off of or barnes and noble will it be available on either of them sources in the near future.


  12. Ms. Sylvia,

    Please impart some good news to new fans of your work such as myself that you will not leave us hanging and in turn write a full length novel to follow up Silent Lynx?!

    Although a short story, I overall enjoyed my first reading of your work. However, that ending has left a lot to be desired. I would love to get to know both Tanae and Lynx more thoroughly and let’s not forget about Jimmie.

    1. Please disregard my earlier comment, I read through the other comments and I see that Stealing Innocence III is what I’ll be looking for. I’m extremely excited!

      1. I understanding having writers block and then of course you do have priorities. I’ll just wait in anticipation. One question though, will S.I.3 be due for release this year or next year? Gosh I really hope soon! I am, so hooked on Lynx and Tanae!

      2. i’m working on it. it’s a difficult book to write. gotta set up king paradise and then emperor’s addiction before SI3 because their story weaves with Lethal’s

  13. I am ecstatic that at some point I’ll be able to read Lethal’s story. Initially I liked nothing about him as he appeared mean, ruthless, and insensitive… Just down right emotionless, but book after book he sort of exposed a part of himself and he’s not half bad. He’ll be a “tough nut to crack” but I’m sure that it only takes the right woman to understand him.

    Sylvia… The Hearts and Blacks truly represent men that I love/hate. In most cases you have done a great job in developing the characters who have complex issues. Keep it going… SN… I’m still looking forward to reading about Lynx! 🙂

  14. Just finished ‘Wicked Chances’, loved it. Just wondered when ‘King’s Paradise’ will be released. Looking forward to see whY happens to Shadow and the gang.

  15. I just read Sins iniquity and I am totally hooked. But I need help with the titles that come with this series if stories. I NEED to by them all. Please email me a list or place her. I’m do excited. I love this book all the characters and the plot was truly wonderful.

      1. Hi Sylvia, so happy to know his substite will be released soon, as i patiently wait for Kings Paradise. lol 🙂 I wanted to know if there’s still future plans for ConSensual and the Bellini’s story by chance. thanks much. 🙂

  16. Hi sylvia just wanted to drop a few lines to see how everything is going on youre end hope all is well and did you ever get lethal story out ive been off this site for a minute now just bring up to carmelle

  17. Hi sylvia i know it been awhile since i heard from you oh the lastest book i have read of youres is wicked chances is that the lastest book you have out if you have more please give me the names of them please ok

  18. Now Ms. Hubbard,

    I am on the verge of a break…psychotic break that is! How dare you leave me with such a great start to Emperor’s life and no closure! I need closure.

    Please tell me that something is in the works for his story?

    I’ve been trying not to stalk this page in order to keep my sanity. lol. But seriously, I can’t wait to read up on him and let’s not forget sexy and cold-hearted Lethal.

  19. Hi ms hubbard i just wanted to say my sub wife and sister part 1 and2where really good books to read as well empers addictions was a good book too

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