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And the short story challenge continues. I’m pretty proud of myself as I build a short story database on my website where readers can come and enjoy my short stories. It’s so exciting as I hone my skills and increase the wonderfulness of storytelling.

Please let me know how you like this one.

This definitely will become a story start. I loved the premise and I think I can take it somewhere readers will very much enjoy.

Innocent Vengeance came from asking the question if you saved yourself for marriage, brought a large dowry to the table but still found out it wasn’t enough to guarantee a perfect life? What if you got in the way of another person’s revenge and unfortunately suffered worse than the person they had intended the vengeance to be upon?

What do you do? (See below for more about Innocent Vengeance…

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About Innocent Vengeance:

Lauren had patiently waited all her life for her wedding day. Vowing celibacy, saving every dime, and borrowing every nickel just to make one day of her life perfect from start to finish.

Yet, with all her planning she didn’t plan for HIM… the one man who has intentions of destroying everything she waited all her life for, but why? She had never done anything to him!


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More about Innocent Vengeance – I should also let you know this is the prelude to Black’s Innocence. I don’t know if you know about my WIP (and you should check out that page) Black’s Innocence, but I’m sure you know about the Black Family Series.

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7 thoughts on “#ShortStoryChallenge: #InnocentVengeance @ #SylLit #Bookish #AmReading #SundayBlogShare

  1. Girl, I was just getting into the story, Tyler is jealous but Dylan knew he had a little piece to work with, you mean to tell me all that spooning and she didn’t feel anything? I want her to get vengeance but learn a lesson don’t tell anyone anymore of your business, or personal life. This should be her wake up call. Somebody would be getting a beat down for real! I look forward to the rest of the story! Another awesome story!

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