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Patricia Kiyono’s guest author at Four Foxes, One Hound made a switch from writing spicy romances to Inspirational Romance. It’s quite a change, and Sylvia Hubbard of Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard explains how she managed it:

Guest Author: Sylvia Hubbard and Eve’s Deception – Changing Your Style of Writing

Motherhood is a divine assignment and a journey all within itself. Author Sylvia Hubbard-Hutula sits with me to share her experiences and mother wit!

Sylvia Hubbard tells us how she got started in fiction (thanks Mom!) and explains that, when she got the bug, she didn’t stop writing and eventually started using her skills to earn a living. She’s now been a bestselling author for 20+ years. Sylvia writes Suspense Romance and explains the rules and boundaries of this hybrid genre. The trick is to weave the key elements of each in a way that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. “I make people fall in love and I kill somebody.” She sets her stories in her hometown of Detroit and she describes the city as a character in her books. It’s one of America’s top murder cities, perfect for her suspenseful stories! Sylvia talks me through her Black Family series. “Crazy needs love too.” The men in her books all have hidden facets. For example, one has multiple personality disorder, another has food issues. But everyone wants and deserves love. Hubbard delves into why these men are the way they are, they all have complex backstories. “Love is really complicated… it’s easy to get to the door, but opening the door and walking through is harder…” Not only does Sylvia Hubbard write fiction, she also writes non-fiction and blogs. She explains how she manages to write so prolifically and says she’s “a pantster with a drip of plotter.” She’s always on the lookout for interesting people and flaws and likens her process to the movie Glass. Then she makes sure she goes through the 3Rs. “When you make plans, God laughs. Sometimes the life you plan is not the life you need.” We discuss how you don’t have to have everything worked out before you start writing, you can iron out the wrinkles later. “You can’t give yourself an excuse to fail.” We discuss how she manages her time and keeps her sense of fun! She says she wakes up with the attitude that she cannot fail. Sylvia emphasises how important it is to tell your loved ones that writing means a lot to you. If they want you to be happy, they need to let you write. Everything can be done in 10 minutes. You’ve just got to figure out how to do it in that time. We delve into how Sylvia started the Motown Writers Network and, because she was sharing such valuable information, the network grew quickly and people couldn’t get enough. Sylvia’s top advice is to not give up, no matter how hard it is. That’s where success lives.


Take a Look at the Motown Writer’s Group Here!

Find out how Sylvia Hubbard leveraged Kinde Vella to sell more books through Kindle Direct Publishing. While most authors aren’t sure if the Kindle Vella program is right for their needs, Sylvia found a better use for it – marketing. While the guidelines state you can’t share links or take people off the platform, there are no rules that limit how you use this serial story format. Discover what Sylvia has done to date, how to she approaches an episode release, and what she sees happening in 2022 with this new platform.

Here’s how to get to this prolific writer’s stunning stuff! And look for the second video with Sylvia coming in a day or two where she talks about founding the Motown Writers Group!! I’m joining up today and I hope you all do too! This woman is a huge community resource for Vella writers and she’s as giving a person as was ever put on this earth!!!

Sylvia Hubbard had two top faved serials on Kindle Vella. She also has years of experience gathering readers, learning exactly who they are and where they will be, and promoting to them who she is and what she can offer. She’s not just crafting serials for Kindle Vella and making ebooks for Amazon, she’s creating a universe in her fiction, and a passionate world of readers. She has a lot to teach about finding readers on Vella, and with your books, so take out a pen and paper, and prepare to learn from a master.

The Marketplace Connection: Sylvia Hubbard, Literary Agent Extraordinaire interviewed by linda hunt

It’s easy to see someone based only on their outward visible success. Often that success is built on a foundation of overcoming challenges. Join me for this episode where I chat with Sylvia Hubbard, who has faced homelessness, poverty and bankruptcy, to share how she pulled herself up despite her circumstances. Sylvia continues her success as an award-winning romance suspense best-selling author.

I absolutely could not end this year without talking with my favorite “Queen Bee” Mother, Sylvia Hubbard. Sylvia is a prolific writer, teached and publisher. She is a Mother with a unique style that motivates and inspires. Talking with her brings me so much joy. Watch and enjoy!

Kickin’ It With KeKe /Episode -

Pivoting On Purpose In Peace w:Sylvia Hubbard


ItsWriteNow.com – Black’s Innocence has been featured

Your book ‘Black’s Innocence’ has been selected for a free feature at 
ItsWriteNow.com today.

You can see your book feature here: 

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The Roller Coaster Podcast wsg Sylvia Hubbard speaks on how she pulled herself up despite her circumstances | Listen now https://anchor.fm/therollercoasterpodcast/episodes/E110–68-Cents-with-Sylvia-Hubbard-e14kmt4


It was an amazing convo about writing and the love of being creative I had with author, Kelly Smith on her podcast 



: Jamesina Greene “Honoring Motherhood” series wsg @SylviaHubbard1 📚💜📝

Jamesina Greene was doing a series on honoring her mother called Honoring Motherhood and asked me to be apart.

She has an organization A Mother’s Cry to help women become better mothers.

The Power of Passion with Sylvia Hubbard on the CBiz TV Media hosted by Irene Washington | Click here to listen 


Featured on Thinking Out Loud Radio Show w/ host Michael Nimmons |

Spoke about Writing with Passion Masterclass & more 

Click here to listen




Click here to listen | https://www.spreaker.com/user/bshaniradio/get-your-business-right-ep-1903

Check out the interview with AllAuthor.com and it was amazing!


It’s all about the journey, says trailblazing author Sylvia Hubbard 🎤📚

#authorinterview w/Emma Dhesi



Mostly Just Stories wsg Sylvia Hubbard

Sharing Stories and Thoughts. #Heedit

The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers – “LOVE STORIES!” wsg Sylvia Hubbard

Sylvia Hubbard, a romance story writer had spent years in search of her own Umph and finally found it! But she wasn’t convinced that there was someone special out there that could see it. This is Sylvia’s story of her journey of finding the cherries on top. Sylvia told her story live at The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers® virtual edition via Zoom during COVID-19 on Friday, February 19, 2021, “LOVE STORIES!” hosted by Cheryl A. James. Storytellers curated and directed by Producer and Host: Satori Shakoor. http://www.satorishakoor.com http://www.twistedtellers.org

I had a wonderful opportunity to speak on with Edward Foxworth on pivoting during a pandemic on 910 Superstation

Celebrated International Women’s Day and Reading Romance Day with some wonderful Michigan Romance authors, hosted by Detroit Writing Room

Awesome interview with Janaya Black of Black Smith Enterprises about writing, literary goals and more

podcastic interview with sylvia


Living Life Unrealized with Yancyy via @lyancyy #writerslife

interview w yancyy

bernadette blogtalk


Great interview with Emmit Muckles on the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast | Click here to listen 

billionaire lifestyle podcast 2020

SELF-PUBLISHING MASTERY TALKS : How to Become a Successful Romance Author with Sylvia Hubbard

The honor of the Queenie Clem #BookLover Channel Interview was amazing!

Here’s the link to the episode of The Connected Experience podcast wsg author & founder of Sylvia Hubbard

Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 11am/EST, Sylvia Hubbard, book maven, author, book marketer and literacy champion, joins books author Denise Turney on Off The Shelf Books Talk Radio


Comment by Walter O’Bryant on FB & there are some accolades in the comments as well.

Interview with Tracie Christian B-Cyde Live Radio

Featured in The Speakers Magazine February 2020 edition

click here to read your FREE copy wsg Sylvia Hubbard


Get Your Business Right - (s13 - ep - 3) - Sylvia Hubbard- Hutula The Literary Diva Share Secret Sauce On Having 7 Best Selling

Get Your Business Right – (s13 – ep – 3) – Sylvia Hubbard:  The Literary Diva Share Secret Sauce On Having 7 Best Selling https://www.spreaker.com/user/bshaniradio/get-your-business-right-s13-ep-3 with Michael Muse

Nov. 16 – Author Sylvia Hubbard Publishing & Marketing Workshop at Ferndale Library

Detroit author and founder of Motown Writers, Sylvia Hubbard, has published over 40 suspense romance books. Hubbard is coming to the Ferndale … READ MORE | CLICK HERE via (Oakland County Times)

Oct30th 2019- Royal Oak News, candgnews.com referred to Sylvia Hubbard to speak about how seniors need to write their story to leave a legacy for everyone.


Royal oak Article oct31-never too late.png

The local author uses Detroit as a backdrop for novels http://dld.bz/hNhzt 

wxyz feature.PNG

10/13/2019 0 Feature on LDM Creatives Go-Getter of the Day 

go getter.PNG

Sterlingfest brings 5 local authors you should be reading http://ow.ly/bf4X50vE0ZF

syl sterlingfest.PNG

Money Matters with Adam Torres interview – Top Tips Podcast where business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives reveal their top tips for success. Sylvia Hubbard, Bestselling Author and Founder of Motown Writers talk about how she started her career as a Mompreneur, Encouraging single parents with three principles & why business owners should consider community overselling when it comes to making money. Listen Now




Workshop presentation from Yalonda Wynn with Sylvia Hubbard recording at How to write your book, to build your business with Sylvia Hubbard-Hutula and 3 others at Coop Business Plus. October 15, 2018Oak Park

Avid Reader reads “Beautiful” by Sylvia Hubbard

Tina Lanquist Journey’s n Journal’s – This is a book I have on my Kindle Fire and I shared this only because I now have a goal of finishing the book and hopefully one day being able to meet the author since she’s also in the Detroit area.

Detroit is Different Interview


Sylvia Hubbard is the founder of Michigan Literary Network and author of over 35 novels and an independent publisher. Hubbard began her journey as an independent publisher leaving a marriage and raising her three adolescent children. Read more | Click here see Original post

Hope for Detroit interview indepth interview about writing, mothering and more

WC Selling Ebooks with Sylvia Hubbard and Kenesha Williams - Season 4 Episode 1WC Selling Ebooks with Sylvia Hubbard and Kenesha Williams – Season 4 Episode 1 – Listen now


Listen now 

This week, for Episode , we welcome Sylvia Hubbard, award-winning author of over 40 novels, founder of the Motown Writers Network and the Michigan Literary Network, blogger, speaker, teacher, trainer, literary event planner, and writing coach. Sylvia has been an Amazon Bestseller five times! How does she do it all? Click here to listen to the episode

Dr Nandi show wsg Sylvia Hubbard Interview

Author, Sylvia Hubbard interview PR Guru Pam Perry for the Michigan Literary Show

Writing Through The Hard Times - Season 2 Episode 4

Writing Through The Hard Times – Season 2 Episode 4 – Listen now


Shout Out To Our Fabulous Special Guest Authors: Sylvia HubbardRenita M. Walker, and Omar Tyree.. See You Then…….#Letschat #Blogtalk #Books#Readers #Radio #Getintoit #Lissha #MzToni
Hit The Link For The Replay
Show Link:http://tobtr.com/s/10791161blogtalk.jpg

http://leegroupinnovation.com/small-talk-with-mark-s-lee-december-03-2017/ … wsg @GayleJoseph @sylviahubbard1 @brendameller w/@leegroup

marklee show.jpg

Conversations with Kai Mann wsg Sylvia Hubbard –  ‘The Book Whisperer’ Sylvia Hubbard on the couch. Join us for transformation, laughter, and fun!

Erotic Romantic Suspense author, , stops by today! Come meet her! https://t.co/7vxFJzoDEV 


Come meet me on Colorblind Magazine in a two-part interview! http://www.colorblindmagazine.com/2017/10/16/authors-corner-meet-sylvia-hubbard@colorblindmag .

the show featuring special guest @sylviahubbard1 you can listen at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thinkingoutloudradio/2017/09/27/vip-spotlight-featuring-best-selling-author–sylvia-hubbard … #TOLRadioShow


Little Lady Reads interviews Sylvia Hubbard – https://littleladyreads.tumblr.com/post/164461123416/little-lady-reads-interviews-sylvia-hubbard

Chk out my #Fab #Friday feature http://www.chelleramsey.com/beau…/fab-friday-features-sylvia #BeautifulJourney

#Beautiful Makes a stop at Blessed Curvy

Creative Voice for Authors: Blog Tour: Beautiful by Sylvia Hubbard

blog 2day we learn about n Celebrate 40th book, come visit the tour

Adrienne Thompson Writes: Beautiful Tour via

INTERVIEW ALERT @ My Book Place | Check it out and leave a comment! Thanks!  https://sylviahubbard.com/2017/07/26/interview-alert-my-book-place-check-it-out-and-leave-a-comment-thanks-authorssupportingauthors/

Author Interviews feature w/

Check out my author feature on

MzMocha Chats with Author & Literary Guru Sylvia Hubbard by BlackWritersSpace
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blackwritersspace/2016/04/07/mzmocha-chats-with-author-literary-guru-sylvia-hubbard {podcast}

Black History: Celebrating Detroit-Based Writer Sylvia Hubbard


Author Interview with Sylvia Hubbard – New Release: Tanner’s Devil


August’s Featured Author: Sylvia Hubbard. https://knowyourauthorblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/01/augusts-featured-author-sylvia-hubbard @Know_YourAuthor

Join @ShelfAddiction and author !  {video}

Feature Post  on Apr 20, 2016 @ Princess of the Light Blog http://princessofthelight.wordpress.com Check out the author feature at this website! Comment, share and subscribe.

 Talking Empowerment, Mommying, Writing, Publishing & Literacy w/@MadelynBass http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sorealwithmadelyn/2016/05/21/srwm-sylvia-hubbard [Podcast]

Author Sylvia Hubbard on WEBBWEAVER BOOKS 05/24/16.

This is the Atlanta Journal who quoted my review about Steve Harvey\’s book.


Author, Daliah Rose conducted an interview:


Good News Television has me on a video interview:

Audio Interviews are as follows:

Other Interviews and Mentions around the Internet:

I spoke at the Mount Clemens conference first week of Feb 2010, and I found this blog post about my workshop. I was quite surprise:

At-Wysher – A different kind of writers’ conference
By vernied
Another speaker, urban romance writer Sylvia Hubbard, had a lot to share about marketing one’s book online and e-publishing. A single mom, she was a dynamo of enthusiastic information about blog-tours, sites that sell e-books,
At-Wysher – http://vernied.livejournal.com/4759.html

RawSistaz.com also featured Sylvia Hubbard on March 23, 2010 about:

Using Blogs, eBooks, and Online Social Networking to get THE WORD Out


The AALBC has a “Sylvia Hubbard” page.  Honored! Thanks Troy Johnson!


Live from Detroit: Davey D at the Allied Media Conference, Part II

One of the most interesting panels I came across during the 2010 Allied Media Conference in Detroit was called “Electronic Books: Creating Your Own and Preparing for a Paperless Society.” This discussion was put together by Detroit author Sylvia Hubbard of the Motown Writers Network and the AA Electronic Literary Network.

I hadn’t intended to go to her session but was strongly encouraged to do so. I’m so glad I did. Hubbard’s described the low barrier to entry into the e-book world and the fact that you can actually make money if you can attract a decent following. A lot of people might think that e-books are limited to established authors with book deals in place and publishers looking to expand into new markets. It was eye-opening to discover this isn’t the case — just like with music, you can do amazing things yourself.

READ MORE: http://futureofmusic.org/blog/2010/06/21/live-detroit-davey-d-allied-media-conference-part-ii


Authorpalooza: A Conclave of Creative Connection

Sherlock Holmes gave me a cunning look (you can’t put anything over …
Preview by Yahoo

Black History: Celebrating Detroit-Based Writer Sylvia Hubbard


Pam Perry PR Coach

Street LIT a BIG HIT: Sylvia Hubbard brings in Relentless Aaron, the King of Street Lit


How Sylvia Hubbard and Motown Writers Network Uplift Detroit Authors


Sylvia Hubbard – Habitat Detroit Homeowner Story


Next Door Presenting Author: Sylvia Hubbard


Author and digital publisher, Sylvia Hubbard, discusses digital publishing


Featured Scribes

Sylvia Hubbard


Skillman Library and Quicken Loans 

Presents Skillman Author Series

Sylvia Hubbard