The Bellini’s

been asked lots of questions regarding this family and I have to just spit it out.

with emperor’s addiction moving toward the inevitable, people are going to start asking questions.

so you won’t have to back track to find out who’s who and what the hell is going on, you need to first read Red Heart. This book has no bellini in there to save your life, but the big thing that’s going to happen to the family will start here.

If you want to get a feel of the family, you’d just have to pick up all the other books which loosely mention them and then there are some that actually speak like in Road to Freedom with Armando, plus THE BELLINI, head of the family and the disregarder of women, Dalton Bellini… which i can’t remember the book right now, but if other readers remember, put it in the comments. (You knew there was going to be a test. I’m a natural at teaching and I just love to keep you on your toes.)

Throughout all my books, you’ll meet most of the bellini’s. Here are the mentioned ones:


Armando (and yes he’ll get with Faith in Other Side of Love – see work in progress)



Kenneth and Kelsey (married, but she was actually adopted by Antonio Bellini – Dalton’s Uncle)

Antonio (uncle)

Renaldo (giggilo)

Jorge I (grandfather)

Angelina (dalton’s only sister)

Darren (Angelina’s son and his father is Richard from Tanner’s Devil)

David Rose Sanchez Bellini

Princess Maria Ferdinand-Bellini


thank reader: V.S. for her help in this list.

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