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The Written Butterfly NewsletterFrom Author Beth D. Carter

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My Meanderings…
                    Ever try to eat a clock?…It’s time consuming!

For those in the United States, I hope y’all had a wonderful 4th of July! It’s a wonderful night in Las Vegas because almost all the casinos have their own version of fireworks. All you have to do is find a high spot and watch the show. 
Summer has hit southern Nevada, and it’s hot. I get a lot of “How do you stand the heat?” Well, nicely because I won’t have to worry about harsh winters. It’s only about 110 degrees F June through September. After that, it’s a mild and beautiful winter. We get the changes of the leaves, the crisp coolness of the air. 
On a publishing note, I had a FREE READ released! It’s part of the Those Who Survived series. And did I mention it’s FREE??? Every book is a standalone, and not necessarily connected. Only the first two (Come With Me & Believe in Me) are story related. 
Here’s the blurb for Heaven For Us:
Jo was one of the lucky ones. She survived the virus that decimated eighty-five percent of the world’s population and now searches for a sanctuary in a ruined world. She trusts no one, keeping to herself, until she meets Luke and his daughter, Casey.
Suddenly she’s involved, and emotions she thought she had iced over long ago invade her self-imposed isolation. The more time she spends with Luke, the more she wants him, leaving her conflicted. Does she stay with him? Or will she continue her trek to find a heaven among the apocalypse?

FREE read!

Jo wasn’t looking for heaven, but it came in a six-foot tall protective dad. 

Book 1 in the Series!

Lainey was one of the lucky ones…until Nolan threatens her safe world.

Book 3!

Bestseller Book 3!

Welcome Sylvia Hubbard!Her Substitute Husband...Perhaps three is not a crowd… Shae & Dylan were married as soon as it was legally possible. 20 year later & the stress of life came crashing. Desperately looking for a job, Dylan’s willing to accept anything to provide for his family. and desires to make his wife happy. Zigmund finds himself pulled by the dark erotic beauty & opens himself to something unexpected but sensuously delectable. Yet, will this be a carnal adventure they want forever? Second #KindleVella by this Author1. Can you tell us a little about your book?My current Kindle Vella is called Her Substitute Husband… His Boss, which is about a married couple that decides to invite their boss into their bedroom. Mayhem, Intrigue, Throupling and Suspense ensues as they find what if this will make them or break them.
2. Was there a specific part of this story that you absolutely loved writing as well as not enjoyed writing?
Getting the throuple together outside of the bedroom was the most fun part. The seduction, intimacy and foreplay were titillating as a writer. The hard parts of the book were writing the consequences of their actions. I had to go down some dark roads to get things done.
3. Do you have a favorite line or scene in the book?
When Zigmund and Dylan were out discussing the terms of their relationship “together” with Shae on the beach. Their words were carefully crafted to give Zigmund the upper hand but make Dylan feel like he was winning. I love how manipulative Zigmund always was to make things work in his favor.
4. Is this book part of a series?
It’s a standalone with companionship books involved (with interacting characters), which just means a lot of the side characters in this book have their own stories in my back catalog.
5, Did you do any significant research for this book?
I was already in IT Support, but I did have to research a lot more game coding, QA duties and software Developer jobs to understand the real world of IT beyond the scope of my own career. Also, Shae repairs expensive bags as a side hustle and I had to learn a little bit about it so she could speak with authority and understanding when talking about her business with Zigmund.
6. What future projects are you working on?
With this Kindle Vella (after over 100 episodes) coming to an end, I am gearing up for a paperback wide release with an ebook website exclusive book to see how readers take supporting authors on their website. It’s called Eve’s Deception. It’s about a young woman seeking revenge against a church who wronged her mother. I will also be returning to Kindle Vella in July with another story called His Majesty’s Secret. (I’m a bit of a James Bond fan, but this book will be much darker and erotic).New Release!Steamy Reverse Harem!Interracial RomanceSensual Erotica Bully Romance!YouTube Video!See all her books here!About SylviaAbout author: Award winning Detroit Author & Founder of Motown Writers, Sylvia Hubbard has independently published over 55 romance suspense books in the over 20 years she’s been in the literary business. As an avid blogger, podcaster, social media manager & digital strategist, Sylvia has received literary recognition for her community literacy work, plus has had eight Bestsellers. She is also a speaker, literary encouragement doula & busy mompreneur expert.         Where to Find Sylvia on Social Media:

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