Her Substitute Husband… His Boss, romance intrigue but not what you think #sylLit #kindlevella #episodicstorytelling #serialized

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The book is over 366,000 Words, which is why is coined a Saga. On the wbsite it is broken down into various Seasons (boooks) which is broken down into 60 – 75,000 words.

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Prepare to get “the blessings of reading delicious, juicy, edgy, scrumptious and wait what just happened” story (per reader sez)

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About the book:

Perhaps three is not a crowd…

Shae & Dylan were married as soon as it was legally possible. The stress of life came crashing down after 20 years. Desperately looking for a job, Dylan’s willing to accept anything to provide for his family. Most of all he desires to make his wife happy.

Zigmund finds himself pulled by the dark erotic beauty & given the chance, he opens himself to something unexpected but sensuously delectable.

Yet, will this be a carnal adventure they want to take forever?

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Author’s Note 11/01/21

06/22/2022 – Saved the book in a word doc in my One Drive Cloud (this is for me to know and keep up with). The Final book totals along with the authors notes came to a word count of 345,119 and a page count of 660. Yes! It’s a Saga and I’m not done, but it’s done… for now.

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That’s pretty bad azz if I say so myself. And what’s so awesome is that it’s an enjoyable read. Here are some of the comments readers made at the end

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1. Losers don’t deserve a woman like her
2.The Rhyme and Reason
3.There’s a FIRE
4.He Tries
5.Things Need to Change
6.The Impudence
7.Never Keeping Secrets
8.Nothing To Worry About
9.We Shouldn’t Talk About This
10.Can I Borrow Your Wife?
11.Alone with the Boss
12.The Cause of Dylan’s Misery
13.A Hot Mess… And All Her Fault
14.Ear Hustling in the Office
15.Was It the Job or The Boss?
16.Getting Her Husband’s Permission
17.Something Must Be Wrong With Dylan
18.The Best of Both Worlds
19.He Couldn’t Wait to Get Her Home
20.More in Love With Him
22.Real Friends
23.Finagle, Fake and Fail
24.Worry, Work, and Wanting
25.Get What He Wanted
26.The Warm Up
27.Dinner with Dessert
28.Every Girl Needs a Weapon
29.Dylan Might Lose Everything
30.Was it Worth The Sacrifice?
31.Aurally Knocking Her Socks Off
32.Giving Her Something She Can Feel
33.Peppermint Mocha
34.Quench His Thirst
35.What He Always Wanted
36.How Far Can I Go With Your Wife?
37.Her Wish is His Command
38.He is a Monster
39.Groom and Glow
40.Can’t Take the Hood out the Girl
41.It’s not Shady, when it’s the Truth
42.Asking Questions Will Get Her Killed
43.A Better Chance of Escaping Hell
44.Getting out of There Alive
45.Was The Boss Really on Board?
46.Can’t be in Control all the Time
47.Torch Lake
48.Shae’s Turn
49.Shae Let Go
50.She was the Nexus
51.If Glorious came in a Package
52.That Wasn’t Lovemaking
53.Not What She Expected
54.It Might Be Over
55.It’ll Take Five Minutes To Pack
56.Your Gut Is Wrong
57.Can’t wait for Dessert
58.The Luckiest Woman in the World
59.Feeling Like A Pampered Queen
60.The Visitor to Torch Lake
61.To Lock Her Up or Not?
62.People Don’t Change Overnight
63.A Moment Alone With His Wife
64.Zigmund was Right
65.Sorry Sad S.O.B.
67.Monsters Need Love Too
68.Loving His Demons
69.Dylan Could Manipulate too
70.Dylan’s Not Stupid
71.Something Powerful
72.Shae Prepares for the Night
73.Preparation for the Perfect Night
74.Zigmund’s Dirty Deeds on The Table
75.The BIG Night
76.Zigmund Definitely Loves Dylan’s Wife
77.Oh Damn! & F&^k!

78. Being Overdramatic and Too Sentimental, Right?

79. Letting Zigmund Have What He Wanted

80. Onyx Knows

81. Doing Whatever It Took

82. Is Shae To Blame?

83. A Better Man As a Husband

84. The Big Presentation

85. Kicking A Man When He’s Down

86. Caught

87. A Different Normal

88. What Dylan Loved

89. Shae’s Awakening

90. Facing the Past

91. Uh-oh

92. Zigmund’s Fury

93. the End for Them

94. Twenty Years For Zigmund?

95. What Was He Supposed To Do?

96. Dylan F&^ Up Again
97.Zigmund’s Wife

98.Shae Gets A Minute
99.Will Dylan Man Up?
100.Zigmund makes Demands
101.Moving to The Next Level
102.The Next Chapter in Their Lives
103.Shae’s Last First Kiss
104.Onyx May Need A Minute
105.Dylan Gets A Minute
106.Shae Understands Her Assignment as Zigmund’s Wife
107.Minerva Can’t See Dylan Anymore
108.Shae Needs to Take The Win
109.The Truth Will Set Minerva Free
110.Hoping For Something That Would Never Happen
111.Shae and Dylan Move On
112.Onyx will Get What She Wants… Or Will She?
113.Minerva Gets Her Life Back
114.The Temptation of Dylan
115.The Past is Coming for Them All
116.What had Minerva done to Dylan?
117.Zigmund IS Up to Something
118.After the Ball, Shae WILL Address Her Concerns
119.Leave Well Enough Alone
120.Anje’s Trip to Germany Explained
121.On The Way To the Ball
122.Not Just A Ball!
123.Did Dylan Just Punch Zigmund?
124.Zigmund Needed To Learn A Lesson
125.The Addendum – Part One
126.The Addendum – Part Two

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