Her Substitute Husband… His Boss… Private Access


Perhaps three is NOT a crowd…

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(Season 1, 2, 3 & 4)

For the summer of 2023, author, Sylvia Hubbard will be re-publishing her popular Amazon Kindle Vella serial saga Her Substitute Husband… His Boss on her website

If you missed it on Amazon, YOU, the reader, have an opportunity for reading the episodic book chapter by chapter with a flat rate of ONLY $10.


And at the end, you will get the entire book delivered to you as a mobi or epub.

Sign up now and join readers from all over as we delve into the word of :

Intrigue, Romance Seduction and Suspense and the best bromance reverse harem you could ever read

Benefits of purchasing:

  • Interaction with the writer as she re-posts the story
  • Getting the first international preview of the story, and if you were a North American reader and didn’t’ want to read it on Amazon Kindle Vella, first time seeing it available
  • (As we said above) You get the final book in mobi or epub to re-read in it’s entirety when it’s complete.
  • All Seasons One through Four (and possibly Five) will be included in this payment. That’s over 370,000 words for only $10. (It’s a Saga folks) – Chapter One through Three will be free on the site

Instructions: Once you pay, you will receive your password to be able to access password protected posts of each chapter on SylLitReads.com.  This password is for your eyes only and will be on your purchase note. If you didn’t see your purchase note, please click here. After we verify purchase, you will receive your password and link.

The book will be located on password protected blog posts on SylLitReads.com for the $10 fee. The main site  of the book with companionship stories list and where members of The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard can see all their chapters will be listed will be at sylviahubbard.com/hersubstitutehusband (in case you get lost). Please make sure you are following this blog by clicking here 

About the book

Perhaps three is NOT a crowd… Shae & Dylan were married as soon as it was legally possible. 20 year later & the stress of life came crashing. Desperately looking for a job, Dylan’s willing to accept anything to provide for his family. and desires to make his wife happy. Zigmund finds himself pulled by the dark erotic beauty & opens himself to something unexpected but sensuously delectable. Yet, will this be a carnal adventure they want forever?

#reverseharem #darkintrigue #romance #suspense

You’re tempted but you need a teaser? CLICK HERE (first three chapters are free)  and then you can decide if you want to be a full member or just get the book.

Having trouble still trying to purchase? Follow these instructions

Go to http://Paypal.me/sylhubbooks/10 and put HSW pw request in the notes section and then hit Send / If you are a member of this website you don’t have to pay, please go to your member post look for the instructions or contact us



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