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For the month of June 2022, author, Sylvia Hubbard, will be writing her work Eve’s Deception on her website.

You, the reader, have an opportunity for reading the episodic book chapter by chapter with a flat rate of ONLY $10.


And at the end, you will get the entire book delivered to you as a mobi or epub.

Sign up now and join readers from all over as we delve into the word of :

Inspiration, Intrigue, Romance Seduction and Suspense

Benefits of purchasing:

  • Interaction with the writer as she writes the story
  • Getting the first hand preview of the story
  • (As we said above) You get the final book in mobi or epub to re-read in it’s entirety when it’s complete.

Instructions: Once you pay, you will receive your password to be able to access password protected posts of each chapter. This password is for your eyes only and will be on your purchase note. If you didn’t see your purchase note, please click here. After we verify purchase, you will receive your password.

The book will be located on password protected blog posts on The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard, but the main site where all the chapters will be listed will be at sylviahubbard.com/evesdeception (in case you get lost)

About the book

Hell Has No Fury Like a Woman’s Scorn, Except when God’s will Be done

An Inspirational Sensual Romance
Losing her faith in the church a long time ago, Eve was never a big believer. When she is paid to seduce the new very handsome Godly assistant pastor of the same the church that turned their back on her mother so long ago, Eve knew this was her chance to bring down the entire congregation and send every one to hell in a hand basket!

You’re tempted but you need a teaser? CLICK HERE

Having trouble still trying to purchase? Follow these instructions

Go to http://Paypal.me/sylhubbooks/10 and put eve’s deception pw request in the notes section and then hit Send



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