#BlacksInnocence Chapter8

Author's Note: My heart really went out to Lauren. As strong as she became and did whatever she could to survive, this chapter really depressed me. Enjoy... (if you can)  Chapter 8   A week had passed, but the shame had not and the pain in her wrist from slapping Tyler’s steel jaw was a … Continue reading #BlacksInnocence Chapter8


#Kindle Readers, Free Reads Available, even if you aren’t #Prime #Select

FREE BOOK I'm okay with the free and I would love for you to be okay with taking the free. (If you aren't on Amazon, scroll to the bottom for more free options) Road To Freedom: Journey To Love by Sylvia Hubbard (Aug 12, 2015) Love Like This (Black Family Series Book 1) by Sylvia … Continue reading #Kindle Readers, Free Reads Available, even if you aren’t #Prime #Select

#BlacksInnocence Chapter7

Author's Note: Shaping up to interesting. I like how fast this is going. I mean I'm really rolling and impressing myself. What do you think? BTW, I loved loved loved all the comments on the last post. You're really challenging me and I can understand how much you dislike how Lauren is "keeping hope alive." … Continue reading #BlacksInnocence Chapter7

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#BlacksInnocence Chapter6

Author's Note: I'll be working over the weekend on the story despite the fact that I have a workshop this weekend. I hope to be done with Chapter 7 by Monday morning or maybe you'll get an early treat Sunday night. Please let me know what you really think of Tyler. I've gotten comments like … Continue reading #BlacksInnocence Chapter6

#BlacksInnocence Chapter5

Author's Note: I'm generally astounded I have over a hundred readers checking in reading this story. Wow! I'd love to hear you comment and I do try to respond to most questions about the story ... if I can. Thank you so much for going on this journey with me. Enjoy... Chapter 5   Cyber … Continue reading #BlacksInnocence Chapter5

#BlacksInnocence Chapter4

Author's Note: And here we go... I haven't written a live story in a while and I know you've all been waiting for one. I've gone through a lot of changes over the year since I last wrote a story live and I thought I could jump out of my lane, but failed a lot … Continue reading #BlacksInnocence Chapter4