[video] Writing Scared | Talking about my Amazon #KindleVella: Delilah’s Desire #writerslife #syllit

driving and thinking my thoughts & outlook that I decided to share.

Coming soon to Amazon #KindleVella: Delilah’s Desire

***Warning (This book contains several aspects of the uglier side of life; it is not for the faint of heart.) ** I say that because I don't want y'all talking about I triggered something. I'm going down a dark road - Love Like This and Sin's Iniquity style - so if you got a weak constitution … Continue reading Coming soon to Amazon #KindleVella: Delilah’s Desire

Delilah’s Desire

She developed a weakness for his father she prayed no one would ever find out. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Originally appearing as a short story on Days After Christmas, I decided to expand upon the little short and give my readers a delectable taste of naughtiness gone wild. About the book: What do you do when it's … Continue reading Delilah’s Desire