Windfall 💸Brother’s Legacy Series-💓 Desire Books🔥

The Windfall Brothers consist of seven men who are in some way related to each other, but all their parents come from the same struggle.

These will all have different premises (standalone), but at some point in the book, all or some of them will appear.

Main Tropes: Billionaires, Humble Men (coming from no money) and a lot of struggle

(Writer’s Note: I’m building this page and will include more history, but if you’re that interested, read Delilah’s Desire if I’m not done. Also, companionship books will be listed on the book page for that story. There are specific tropes to each story – see below.)

Names of the men in the series (this does not include their street-adopted sister, Evie from Eve’s Deception, who has a different back story before meeting the Windfall Brothers)

Dagobert Roth | Diedick Roth | Ian | Xavier |

Book 1 – Delilah’s Desire (

Brother: Dagobert Roth aka Dag

About book:

Delilah developed a weakness for her fiance’s father she prayed no one would ever find out. Love was rocket science to Dag & he always found a way to mess things up with his addictions, trauma, and, most of all, his mouth. Dangerous times are coming. Explore the dark side of love where lust combined with desire leads to unquenchable obsession.

Tropes: May-December, Forbidden, Voyeurism

Book 2 – Desire’s Tryst (

Brother: Diedrick Roth aka Derek

About book:

Derek seeks revenge on ex-friend Maddox Ryan for a deadly fire he thinks killed his fiance, Adira. He sabotages Maddox Ryan’s philanthropy firm but discovers his former friend’s innocence. As the sabotage continues, everyone outside of their throuple becomes prime suspects. A tale of betrayal, revenge, and the complex bonds of friendship with second chances

Tropes: Reverse Harem, Billionaires

Book 3 – Desire Me (

Brother: Cirein Newt

About book:


Book 4 – Peppered Desire

Brother: Ian

About Book:


Book 5 – Xmas Desire

Brother: Xavier

About Book:


Book 6 – Carnal Desire

Brother: Hunderharr Herrick

About Book:


Book 7 – His Desire

Brother: Sturge

About Book:


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