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AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m late. yes, i know and you may be mad at me, but it’s a lot going on. I’m also working on an anthology due at the end of this month. I’m going to bring out Richard, the brother who is in Tanner’s Devil – Delvin’s brother and his miserable life. I haven’t done adultery in a while so trying to make sin look good is a lot of work…

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And yes, The Shadow is in the story but I didn’t break fiction rules, so nah!


Reader questions from the comments that will be addressed in the next couple of chapters.

  • Questions we need answered; 1) Is Briceson, Andre’s or Dag’s son? 2) What’s the relationship between Andre and Roa? 3) Was it really Andre that helped her that night she was originally struck by lighting? 4) Will Delilah find out that Andre was poisoning her while she was pregnant with her son and that’s why he has a condition and not because of her? Will the marriage license allow her to marry Dag?

Do you guys have any more questions I need to address for the story?

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