Episode 29 of #DelilahsDesire on the way so I hope you’re all caught up because this one was a doozy #kindlevella #wip #livestore #redherring #romancesuspense | Author’s Note

This chapter is actually named for the red herring. Yes, I told you in advance because I want you to know everything. this is fun revealing my secrets. I can’t wait for someone to just say! OMG Sylvia you’re awful! But I don’t think you guys have figured out everything yet.

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Waiting over here drinking my tea loving how you guys are just letting me reveal things and not say nothing.
Okay, LIKE, SHARE and of course FAVE if you got’em. One more chapter coming your way because I was typing a lot all the while closing up our camp.

Thank you in advance for all your support
your author Sylvia Hubbard

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