[video] Writing Scared | Talking about my Amazon #KindleVella: Delilah’s Desire #writerslife #syllit

driving and thinking my thoughts & outlook that I decided to share. about to jump into a new Amazon kindle Vella and relating to a lot of writers fears. let me know if you ever have that fear? follow my Author’s page for updates http://amazon.com/author/sylviahubbard

***Warning (This book contains several aspects of the uglier side of life; it is not for the faint of heart.) **

I say that because I don’t want y’all talking about I triggered something.

I’m going down a dark road – Love Like This and Sin’s Iniquity style – so if you got a weak constitution then please don’t go any farther.

Furthermore, I’m going to make you guys mad with Delilah. She feels she’s paying a price for what happened to her and she’s going to do some stupid stuff because we all do it.

amazon kindle vella delilahs desire sylvia hubbard

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