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If you don’t know, Desire’s Tryst is the second companionship novel in the Windfall Brothers Series.


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This initial one, Delilah’s Desire, is in editing to be sent over as a wide distribution but will still be accessible to readers on Kindle Vella.

Desire’s Tryst will be coming with a bang, and I’m so here for it, so I hope you are too.

Thanks to #livingwriter and #grammerly for helping me on my journey. This is fun

Got about 2500 words in two hours. I’m doing thicker word counts since this feels like it’s going to get to over 100 chapters/episodes, but we’ll see

I want to thank author Olivia Gaines for nudging me to use professional software to write my story. I feel like Superman putting on the cape.

This is Derek (Diedrick’s story), and just like the title of this blog says, it’s going to be a monster plot with:

  • Love (of course)
  • Deceit
  • Throuples (we’re doing a complete reverse harem)
  • Revenge
  • Friendship with Second Chances

All wrapped up in an exploding HEA that I know readers will enjoy. Keeping the SHTF moment will be difficult, but I’m up for the challenge.

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About the book:

Derek seeks revenge on ex-friend Maddox Ryan for a deadly fire he thinks killed his fiance, Adira. He sabotages Maddox Ryan’s philanthropy firm but discovers his former friend’s innocence. As the sabotage continues, everyone outside of their throuple becomes prime suspects. A tale of betrayal, revenge, and the complex bonds of friendship with second chances.

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And while you’re there, get the companionship book to Desire’s Tryst, which is Delilah’s Desire and Eve’s Deception

Also mentioned is Nevada, who initially appears in His Substitute Wife…Her Sister.

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Here we go… on to chapter 2 (or in Kindle Vella land – episode 2)

How’s your writing and reading journey going? Let me know in the comments.

Chapter Update: 08/14/2023

Chapter 2 has been updated

In Kindle Vella and a Premium member link.

We’re still waiting for the Kindle Vella Link and Author notes to be released with that version, but the Premium member link version will have questions and challenges which I hope you all partake in. But we did get the image from them. (Derek looks so handsome).

Chapter Update: 08/25/2023 – In Kindle Vella (coming soon) and a Premium member link.

Chapter 3 has been updated

Author’s Note:

This was only in the villain’s head. (Something new for me, but quite fun) I know you’re curious as to how this is going to end. And how could I promise you an HEA and for who? What will happen to the baby? Will they work out the throuple in the end? Will Maddox step aside if Derek catches powerful feelings for Adira, while still staying in their lives as if it doesn’t matter? And then there’s the rest of the plot. The next episode moves four years ahead, so let’s see. Join me on the journey.

My current writing process

I’m working in LivingWriter.com on the story. I’m trying to move away from Google docs.

I like that I can add my author’s notes (keep track of what I say and offer more words without worrying about a word count like I do when I type it fresh in kindle vella platform.

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Chapter Update: 09/02/2023 – In Kindle Vella and a Premium member link for chapter 5 /

Chapter 4 should be posted by the time of this reading

Author’s Note:

Getting into the sweetness of Derek. If you met him in the previous book, you’d know he’s sweet as ever and bends over backwards to help his brothers. He also can take a licking and keeps on ticking  Incredibly strong, Derek’s a gentle giant and he loves strong, but Adira is sensing there is a piece of him he’s holding back. Check out Delila’s Desire on kindle vella to read more about that story and Derek’s brother. On to chapter/ episode 5 / Please let me hear your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE 

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Chapter Update: 09/03/2023 – In Kindle Vella and a Premium member link for Chapter/Episode 6 should be posted or scheduled by the time of this reading.

Author’s Note:

 I corrected where I said two to four years in the last episode. Thanks for that reader (one reader) for catching that. Maddox is a very complex man. Albeit he wants the lust but not the love that comes with a relationship, and if he had his way, he’d love to dip in and out of Adira’s life (literally) without the worry that she’d be alone. They’ll conversate about this more, but for now, know that Maddox knows his faults and is willing to give up on lust to have the friendship he needs. Please let me know your thoughts on Maddox. And do you think Derek suspects his friend’s lust and is playing the innocent? If you want to dive deep into Derek’s “thing,” check out Delilah’s Desire. Also, Nevada appears in other books as well. REMEMBER your likes, comments, and shares energize me to write more. We’ll be on the Monday and Wednesday schedule, but if you guys are good, I could drop an extra on Friday. Help me, help you finish the story. LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and if you have them, FAVE! Thanks in advance. 

Chapter update: 10/11/2023 | Links for:

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Author’s notes: there is so much to unpack in this episode. I’ve decided to drop a lot of history and some red herrings in advance so I don’t have to work so hard in the end, and once we bring Derek into the story, everything can move at lightning speed.

What do you feel about Adira’s addiction?

Who caught the scene from Delilah’s Desire from the hospital? Comment below

Writer’s Notes: – word count – 36,808

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