Double Playing

Double Playing

Two men plus One Woman Equals Deception, Greed & Lust.

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Double Playing (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved

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Lady Anne, that’s what she said to call her after she had left him at three in the morning two days ago. It had been the best sex of his life after spending ten years with a woman who wouldn’t know how to suck a lollipop much less his manhood. Lady Anne was voracious for him or at least that is what she had him thinking. And now he had returned to where he’d met her hoping she would show up again having an itch to scratch. Those were her words as she had come on to him.

“Hey Bro,” James Mitchell said sitting next to him and ordering another beer for himself and his brother. “Anything nice tonight?”

“I thought you were working late?” Nathan said as James pulled the tie off, rolled it and stuffed it in his pocket.

Some people often mistaked them for twins, but actually James was five years older than Nathan at thirty-six. They both had professional jobs. James was a lawyer at a large non-profit conservatory and Nathan worked as an accountant at Compuware in Detroit. They even lived at the same address, which was a two family flat with three bedrooms each. James lived on top, while Nathan lived below, plus they owned several other properties around Metro Detroit area including a twenty-apartment complex and eighteen other multiple family units ranging from two to four.

Never knowing their father who had been locked up for life in a Colorado prison for a triple homicide and died right after James graduated from high school, all they knew was that he was part Indian and black which accounted for the brothers having a light reddish brown shade about their body, strong powerful features that looked sculptured and rock hard bodies made for a woman’s pleasure. Big hands and big feet clearly told any woman that they were packing nicely, although Nathan’s bent to the left. Hair and eyes so dark brown they almost looked black and the only thing that really set the brother’s apart was that Nathan had full lips like a black man, while James’ lips were more thin which gave him a slightly meaner and serious expression all the time, even when he was enjoying himself. Both standing a good looking six feet five and a half had been a force to reckon with growing up on the mean streets of Detroit, where a black man had half a chance to make it no matter what side of town he was from. James and Nathan were raised by the toughest black woman this side of the Mississippi who terrified every little girl who thought to come around looking for a baby daddy.

I’ll be damn if I have another baby up in this bitch before I retire!’ She’d screamed every night and she was crazy enough to kick a door down and drag naked girls out her son’s bedrooms and throw them in the street if she came home and found it.

Luckily there had only been one “mistake” by Nathan but the baby had actually died in the womb and both brothers had mourned it. James had shucked his valedictorian status from Howard University to come home for the funeral to comfort his brother.

Somehow they’d always been close because their mother had always drilled in them that it was them against the world and no matter what they needed to stick together.

“Naw, I got tired of looking at contracts and knew you’d be here tonight.”

“And how did you know that?”

James looked at his brother as if that was the most ridiculous question to ask. “You do the same damn thing all the time, Nathan. I bet Big Ben has you on speed dial because you can set a clock to your ass.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Nathan growled angrily and turned away after snatching his beer off the counter.

James chuckled and turned around like his brother to look at the crowd. “I think I’m getting too old for this shit, Nathan, plus it’s the same damn thing every dam night.”

“You wouldn’t have said that two nights ago while you were in Chicago.”

James raised a thick brown brow. “Who was she?”

“I never saw her in here before but she was certainly caking my ass like a crack head.” Nathan’s eyes rolled. “You’d been proud of your little brother, Jay.”

He chuckled because he’d been there when Nathan lost his cherry to his former ex-girlfriend. It hadn’t bothered him one bit that she had sex with Nathan because James was not one to really say any woman was his, especially since he tried his damn best to screw as many as possible before the marriage bug hit him. Nathan was only thirteen at the time and it had been hilarious to watch his younger brother enthralled by his first taste of female and knowing how Cynthia already felt, he could understand why Nathan lost his cork so fast. The second time, Nathan didn’t mind being coached by his big brother on how to make a woman feel good.

And that had not been the first time either. There were other times and other women who didn’t mind letting Nathan perfect his technique.

James knew his brother wouldn’t speak up or even try to work it right because Nathan was shy when it came to women. And when Nathan married that bitch Rosalee, that was like marrying Satan’s wife. She did everything possible to tear the brothers apart even lying on James saying that he tried to seduce her. If their mother was alive, James knew Rosalee wouldn’t have gotten two feet near Nathan much less down the aisle, but shortly after Mary Mitchell’s death, James had to leave for Japan on an important trip and when he returned, he was shocked by the news that Nathan had married Rosalee.

They stayed in the same house for five years before Nathan couldn’t stand to look at her anymore and that’s when James had allowed him to move in the flat below him. The divorce was finalized a year ago five years after they “separated” because Nathan was reluctant to end it. His brother was a good guy. He naturally had all the gentleman qualities that Mary Mitchell had to beat in James. Nathan wasn’t a bitch, but when he got involved in a woman, he threw his whole heart in it.

Since Rosalee, Nathan had been pretty standoffish when it came to sex and this was the first time he had ever expressed real interest from the way his voice peaked and his dark eyes danced just at talking about “her.”

James worried. “What’s her name?”

“She said it was Lady Anne, but I know that’s a fake.”

When Nathan didn’t say anything else, which was unlike him, James asked annoyed, “Details.”

Nathan shrugged with a wicked smile showing perfect teeth. “There’s nothing to tell. I haven’t enjoyed myself with a woman like that in a long time. Glad I did it.”

“Okay, Nathan. I need a little bit more than that. The last woman who made you smirk like that I come back and you married her.”

Shaking his head, he said, “Naw, she didn’t look like she was even into marriage. She even said that she wanted unbelievable pleasure for one night.”

“Seriously? She came off like that?”

“Yeah, but she was damn interesting and next thing I knew I was at the Athenaeum getting a room and trying to rip her damn clothes off in the elevator.”

“Shit!” James looked surprised.

Nathan shook off the lust he was remembering by taking a large swig of his beer. “I’ve never felt so… animalistic before.”

If they weren’t in public, James would have shifted his shaft around because just from the way his brother look and spoke, he could almost imagine the intensity.

“Now I know why you act the way you do when you lose control, Jay. I always thought it was crazy, but this woman had me twisted inside out and upside fucking down.” Nathan forgot about manners and shifted himself.

Several feminine eyes looked their way in appreciation but neither brother made a gesture for any one of them to join them so they all kept their distance. James was usually the one to summon, but he was now enthralled in his brother’s story. Nathan described a luscious black beauty that he had never seen before in his life that seemed to make the music stop as soon as she entered the club.

“She had to be part Cherokee, Jay, cause she had this exotic feminine softness, but strong features like us. And then she had hair down to her ass that looked like it fanned out naturally when she walked. When I touched it, I thought it was a sheet of the softest black silk I’d ever laid my hands on.” Nathan rubbed his fingers together as if he was fondling the hair right then and there. “And she had these long brown legs that were incredibly strong. When I had them wrapped around me, I even let her go and she just squeezed tighter and worked…” He stopped himself and took another swig. “I’ve been trying not to think about it these past couple of days because I don’t really think she’ll return.”

“Did you get the digits?”

“I was fucking almost passed out when she finally left. I thought I mumbled something, but she was gone when I awoke.”

“WHAT?! Damn, Nate! I’ve told you never fall asleep-“

Nathan cut him off. “I know Master, but hell, after she sucked me dry from every damn orifice, she could have cut my dick off and took it with her because I would have died the happiest damn man in the damn world.”

“You act like she was Sunshine.”

“She was Sunshine times ten.”

Sunshine referred to the woman in the movie Harlem Nights that made the money guy leave his wife in one night and the brothers usually reserved this title to very few women every blue moon. Matter of fact, Nathan hadn’t used this word in over ten years and now James curiosity was clearly peaked.

Now he wanted to meet this mysterious beauty, who had rocked Nathan’s world.

Double Playing (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved






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