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Author’s Note:

And if you didn’t think it could get worse for her, it just did.

Yeah, Lauren’s perfect life has hit the lowest of the low and somehow I gotta find a way to make things just a little better. Sigh…

Sorry, this one took a long time to post, but I was doing some hymen research and I had to go back and pull a character. I needed to know if he’s accessible.


Chapter 9

“Fine, Tyler,” she said, quietly her voice cracking in misery.

Her back was to him, so she didn’t know what was going on. All she knew was that the room was deathly silent for a long time. Lauren skeptically looked over her shoulder and was sure she saw Tyler was stunned, but since he was partially standing away from the lantern, she couldn’t be sure.

She put the money in her large bag by the trunk. Needing to know how soon, she asked, “When?”

“Now,” he said without hesitation. “The others will be upon my arrangement. When I say so.”

It was her turn to be shocked. “Now?” she asked incredulously looking around at the small space. “How are we going to do something now? I’m not laying on a cold floor with you on top of me.”

He smirked mischievously. “Pull your pants down and use those baby wipes I just saw in your bag to clean yourself.”

Lauren looked appalled as if he had asked her to strip naked and dance for him.

Folding his thick arms over his chest, he said simply, “Any time now.” He tapped his foot impatiently.

Still shocked, she asked, “You’re ready now?”

“Want to see?”

She turned away. “No!”

“You’re going to see it eventually.”

“I don’t want to see you, Tyler!”

“Will I have to wipe you down, or will you be doing it yourself.”

Shooting invisible darts at him with her eyes, she snapped the baby wipes out of her bag and went around a tall closet box. Pulling down her jeans and new underwear, she wiped herself.

“You might as well take everything off below your waist,” he ordered.

Lauren pressed her face against the wall and closed her eyes. What the hell was she doing? She started sweating and became to feel anxious

The thought of giving him back the money tore at her soul.

“Can I keep my shoes on?” she asked, after taking off her underwear and pants.

Tyler snorted. “I’m not fucking your feet.”

She almost wanted to throw up at the disgust filling her. Taking a deep breath to push away the nauseating feeling, she forced her feet to trudge around the boxes, to stand in front of him. She was grateful he hadn’t removed any of his clothes and she was also glad the sweater she wore was long enough to come down to the middle of her thighs.

He sucked on his teeth and looked at her from her feet to her head. “Did you clean yourself thoroughly?”

Impatiently, she spat, “Yes!”Her nerves were almost shot and she was actually starting to sweat, even though the room was cool. She was wringing her fingers and even cracked her knuckles from the harsh and anxious pulling she was doing.

Tyler almost looked amused as he moved to her and then abruptly turned her around so she faced the waist-high boxes behind her.

His hands rested on her back to press her down over the boxes and then started to lift the sweater over her backside.

“What are you doing?!” she asked confused looking over her shoulder at him.

He pushed her face forward so she wasn’t looking at him and answered, “Getting what I paid for.”

Lauren turned around to him completely, gasping. “I’m not some slut you can bend over-”

He cut her off, “No, you’re a whore I just paid for, but I don’t mind deducting for bad services. Shut the hell up, Lauren. It’s hard enough knowing I’m fucking a whore, but trying to get it up for Dylan’s sloppy seconds is taking a lot of effort.”

His words cut her to the bone and she tried not to tremble as she felt anger and shame all over, realizing he was right.

Turning back around, getting back into the position he had put her in, she took more deep breaths trying not to sob.

He hiked her sweater up again. Inside she was dying and crying, but outside she forced herself to remain like steel.

Lauren was very aware of his hands, though soft to the touch they were abnormally warm and firm as one gripped her rear and one moved between her legs to spread her thighs.

Weeping escaped her lips and she bit down taking a deep breath, bracing for the pressure she knew she was supposed to feel. Remaining very stiff for a long moment as she waited, she didn’t feel anything again!

After a moment, she asked, keeping her face straight not wanting to look at him, “Are you done?”

“I haven’t even gotten started, why would you think I was done. I haven’t touched you yet?”

She didn’t want to openly compare her experience, but she had to let him know. “I didn’t feel a lot when I was with Dylan. I just figured-“

He cut her off, “You can stop talking about him, Lauren. That’s not helping me.”

A little sarcasm leaked out, as she replied, “I didn’t know I was supposed to make this easy for you.”

Snorting, Tyler said, “That’s the woman I’ve been waiting for.”

She wondered what he meant by that, but decided not to respond, because his thumbs gently moved down the edge of the aperture of her backside. Biting her lip, she wanted to bury her face in the box, not realizing until now how exposed she was to him. He could see everything! Things even she had never seen herself.

Could she just die now?! Could her heart just stop so she could die and never have to look at Tyler’s face ever again? This would be the only way she could get over this shameful act.

In annoyance, he huffed, “You’re stiff as a board and it’s hard to get through your strong ass butt cheeks.”

Blushing profusely that he had the nerve to point out exactly what he was looking at, Lauren found herself caught off guard and then felt lots of pressure!

More pressure than she’d ever felt before in her life and then the most excruciating pain, but before she could react at the shock, euphoria overwhelmed her and then a hard thrust, followed by a growl, came from Tyler.

Was he coming? Would this act be as fast as her wedding night?

She remembered Dylan growling and then rolling off of her.

Yet, that euphoric pressure was still overpowering her making her grip the boxes and dig her nails in the cardboard. “I-Is that it?” she panted, too afraid to look at him.

Tyler growled again and his hand came around to cover her mouth as his body thrust again and again and then he pounded deep into her, grinding his hips against her backside. Each stroke created a fierce formidable pounding in her chest until she could barely breathe… this was nice.

No, not from Tyler.

He pressed the back of his face at the top of her spine and stiffened up tight against her. She waited, gripping the box and waited.

After another moment he moved away and turned around closer to the lantern to look down at himself. She looked over her shoulder to watch him, while she moved her fingers between her legs to feel if her insides were about to fall out.

At the same time he hissed a curse, she looked down at her fingers and gasped at the blood.

Tyler whirled around to face her. He had straightened his pants and she saw the condom in his hand and he must’ve seen the blood too.

“What the hell is this?!” he growled. “Some kind of joke? You knew I was coming? You planned this?”

Confused, Lauren asked, “Planned what?”

“This!” he hissed grabbing her wrist with the blood on her fingertips. “You’re still trying to play the virgin card? You think I’m a fool? There’s no such thing as a thirty-year-old virgin!”

“I’m not playing any games!” she said, forgetting to whisper.

“Really?” he said, pushing her wrist at her as if he were disgusted in touching her.

“I’m not a virgin. Dylan and I… we did it on the honeymoon. I swear. I don’t know… I don’t know why I’m bleeding.” She reached down to get another baby wipe from her bag.

Tyler snorted tossing the condom on the floor. “His annulling your sorry ass was completely justifiable.” He left out of the storage container abruptly looking as if he had done the vilest thing in the world.

His words and look in his eyes really hurt and Lauren sunk down to sit at the trunk because her legs had become unstable. She was very confused and her eyes drifted to the condom he had dropped on the floor. There was no blood on the condom, but she remembered seeing the blood on the top of his shirt by his groin. There were some thick fingerprints of his on the condom to indicate he had touched her and touched the condom.

Otherwise, the condom was dry and looking around everywhere else, there was no torn package around.

Reaching into her bag to get the wipes, she noticed the envelope was missing from the bag.

Tyler Black was a bastard! A straight-up bastard! 

Forgetting about the condom, she tossed everything out of the bag to look for the envelope. HE TOOK HER MONEY!

Silently she raged as tears of shame and degrading rolled down her face.

Terrified the administration of the storage was going to come knocking at any moment, she cleaned herself up, threw away the condom and all the wipes in a grocery bag she kept for trash and then dressed fully. She turned the lantern off and sat in the dark paranoid all night and only falling into an exhaustive sleep until morning.

Running after Tyler for the money he owed her tonight would have been pointless, but she knew where he worked and would find him. He owed her money and she was going to get what was owed to her for the sacrifice she had made.


When morning hit, Lauren’s body clock woke her and she packed what she needed and got out of the storage container praying she would be able to come back tonight.

Soon as she had awoken, she did a body check. She didn’t feel different physically, except there was a tenderness between her legs, but she did feel very different mentally. Unlike her honeymoon night, Lauren was very aware she had sex the night before.

Reaching down between her legs, she felt herself all over and visually checked her fingers. There was no blood and her period was a couple of weeks away.

Her brain was literally trying to recall everything that had happened from the previous night. From Tyler’s hot hands to the pressure… all the pressure and then… the pain really hadn’t been that bad and the slight pleasure actually made up for what had happened, until he had growled.

Did all men growl before they orgasmed? She wondered to herself as she walked up to the library.

The library opened just as she arrived. The librarian was there and smiled at her. “We’re only opened until noon. It’s nice to see you this morning. This is a rare treat. Not working today?

“The holidays are tight,” Lauren said with a shrug. “I wanted to catch up on some research.” She signed up for a terminal. Since she was the second person who had signed up for a computer, Lauren was able to choose a terminal far away and out of the public sight.

Getting to an incognito Chrome window, the first search she went to was: ways a woman can lose her virginity.

Lauren discovered a case of a woman keeping her virginity because the man was not long enough to break the hymen or some women even regrowing their hymens.

The document stated with repetitive sexual intercourse, the hymen regeneration was slowed down.

Yet, from her own memory, she remembered there had been no blood on her wedding night.

Could Dylan have not been long enough?

Deep in thought, Lauren tried to remember from her research that had gotten her blackballed from her profession how long should a man be?

The librarian came around and screamed abruptly behind Lauren.

Startled, Lauren jumped out of her seat as the librarian shut down the computer.

“Get out!” the librarian screamed. “Get out of here now!”

Ashamed yet again, Lauren grabbed her stuff and ran out of the library.

Would her luck ever change?

Would anything ever just go her way?

This library was the last place she could use a computer near her.

All of this was because of Tyler! He had ruined her life!

And even when he was not around, he was still ruining her life!

Going to the bus stop she decided to go to her doctor’s office. It was ten in the morning and she knew the doctor usually started taking appointments at eleven. He should be arriving soon at the office and she could wait outside to see if she could just talk to him.

Thirty minutes she was standing across the street from the doctor’s office where a bus stand was. She sat inside to shield her from the cold wind whipping about her. She had a clear view of the parking lot. The administrative nurse had arrived and five minutes after Lauren had stepped off the bus, a dark blue Lexus SUV with dark tinted windows pulled up, backed in a parking spot, but had not gotten out.

She figured it was a patient waiting for their appointment time and opted to wait in the car instead of the waiting room.

Lauren appreciated the Carhartt jacket. She had on about three pairs of socks, to pairs of pants and four shirts, plus a sweater.  This was the majority of the clothing she owned, but layers worked in Detroit when it came to the river wind and just the low temps the weather could drop too suddenly.

Fifteen minutes to eleven a diamond grey Ford 200 pulled up with the doctor inside. Her heart surged because this was the first good thing which had happened to her in a long time. She could get her questions answered and even get proof she had been a virgin to shove in Tyler’s face.

Getting up to walk across the street, she saw the Lexus door open and Lauren stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the busy street.

Tyler?! What was he doing there?

He approached the doctor and they shook her hands after Tyler gave the doctor his card. They started to walk into the doctor’s office together.

A car honked and Lauren turned the other way and bolted back across the street and ran into the party store adjacent to the doctor’s office.

Why was Tyler at her doctor’s office and talking to her doctor? Her brain screamed.

She could wait until Tyler came out and then go into the doctor’s office.

“You can’t wait in here!” the store owner sneered.

Lauren’s baby toe was about to fall off. Waiting at the bus stop for Tyler to walk out was going to kill her and at this point, she couldn’t afford to get sick.

Tyler owed her money and she knew eventually he would get to his office and she’d demand her money. Maybe she would just renegotiate their contract, get as much as she could, pack whatever she could in her trunk and then get the hell out of Detroit.

There was really nothing now to keep her here. Dylan was never going to take her back after he learned what she had done with Tyler and with her luck, she was probably blackballed from every library in Detroit.

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