[Video] 1 on 1 with Jane – #authorinterview #writerslife

It was great to be on the show and I’m so honored I was asked!

I’d met Jane at a literary function and from being on another show, I was asked to be on hers.

She had an awesome home set up and took taping very serious.

It was a great experience and I’m humbled by the opportunity to be apart of her broadcast.

Let me know how you liked the show in the comments and please like this video!

4 thoughts on “[Video] 1 on 1 with Jane – #authorinterview #writerslife

  1. Liked your interview. I knew you have quite a bit of books you authored but not that many. Your are blessed, keep doing what you do.

    1. thanks Teresa. slowly getting my mojo back after a lot of personal setbacks and just literary & technical issues. pray for me and thank you for supporting all my literary endeavors!

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