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Author’s Note:

This is one of my shorter chapters, but there’s a lot to do before moving on and I wanted to pump this one out as I set up things for Lauren.

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Now my comments about the story:

First one down and five more to go for Lauren. 

Sigh… I don’t trust Tyler. In my brain, it’s kind of keeping what he’s doing a secret. I mean, I can look around the corner, but I don’t want to. I want to stay in Lauren’s point of view, but I’m leery of Tyler’s intentions.

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Chapter 10

Arriving at the law office, Lauren remembered she still had her temporary badge in her large bag and wondered if it would work in the elevator.

Shocked the doors opened, Lauren pushed the button to get to the floor where the Black and Knight Law practice was on.

Deborah sat at the desk but didn’t look shock when Lauren stepped off the elevator.

“Where is he?” Lauren demanded to know highly annoyed.

“Mr Knight is still in Africa,” Deborah answered.

Frustrated, Lauren said, “No, not him! I mean Tyler!”

“Well, first good morning, Lauren.”

Sheepishly, Lauren calmed down and mumbled, “Good morning, Deborah.”

“And secondly, Mr. Black is not here, but informed me that you would be coming today which is why I activated your badge instead of notifying security of your arrival.”

This was another type of warning, Lauren just knew it!

“Where is he? Who is the meeting?”

Deborah sighed annoyed. “His schedule is private, Lauren.”

Lauren knew this trusted assistant would do anything to protect Tyler. “Did Mr. Black say anything else, Deborah?”

“There is something else he mentioned.” Deborah reached in her desk and pulled out some papers wrapped around the familiar envelope from last night.

Lauren bristled in more anger. Tyler knew exactly what he was doing and had used Lauren’s innocence as a distraction to get the money back.

“You’re to sign this paper before I release this envelope to you,” Deborah explained.

“What am I signing?” Lauren asked distrustfully folding her arms over her chest.

“I don’t know. I only work for him, I don’t read his documents. There are privacy laws – attorney, client priveledges.”

“Tyler is in no way, my attorney.”

“Are you going to sign this or not?” Deborah asked. “He said I’m not allowed to release the envelope to you until you sign the papers.” She handed her a card. “He said if you didn’t trust what you were signing, you could use the conference’s phone and call this number. It’s another attorney that has been paid for by Mr. Black to help you understand any legal jargon for you, but he said he left a voicemail message on your phone this morning explaining the document.”

Taking the card, Lauren also found her phone in the bottom of her bag. Of course, she hadn’t heard the phone ring this morning. She kept the cell on silent all the time because she rarely wanted to use her minutes for anything or having her phone ring inappropriately when she was in the storage container could get her kicked out of her current living situation.

“Can I use your phone to just call my voicemail?” Lauren asked as nice as possible.

Deborah nodded and turned the phone to Lauren.

His message was the only one there on her voicemail.

“You’re angry with me and you have a good reason to be, but after… after what I made you agree to, I knew I had to ensure you wouldn’t run out the city and honor your agreement. So I took my money back until you sign the contract. It’s a binding contract Lauren and I’ll get to hunt you down, hold you as a willing hostage until you honor it.” There was so much pleasure in his voice as he spoke the threat. “You owe me five more times and I intend to collect them whenever I want and until I’m satisfied. I want you to understand this. I need you to understand this because I’m a man that does not accept breaking any contract. You can contact that lawyer all you want and he’ll tell you in fancy polite words you’ve sold your soul to me basically until all five times are fulfilled once you put your John Hancock on that document. Also, you aren’t allowed to whore with anyone while you’re contracted to me.”

The line disconnected abruptly and Lauren wanted to slam the phone down in her upset, but she didn’t. This was not Deborah’s fault her boss was the biggest asshole in the world.

Looking at the envelope remembering what was inside and desperately needing the money, Lauren picked up the pen and signed where indicated.

Soon as she was done, Deborah handed her the envelope and the administrative assistant folded up the paperwork and jammed it inside an awaiting envelope, just as Lauren was ripping the envelope open to see only two thousand dollars was inside.

“Wait! This isn’t the amount we agreed to,” she protested.

Deborah sealed the envelope and then walked quickly over to the building’s mail chute by the elevator, dropping the envelope inside. “I don’t know anything about what transpired between you and Mr. Black. All my instructions consisted of was to make sure you sign that document and I was to mail it immediately to officiate the terms of your agreement with him. He said afterward, I was to let you know you’ll receive the rest of payment after completion of each incident – whatever that means.”

“No!” Lauren protested. “That bastard owes me money. The money I deserve! And I’m not doing another thing for him until I get paid.”

“Then you’ll have to wait until he sees you. He said he would be seeing you soon… very soon.”

A warm chill went down her spine at the thought of Tyler’s ninth ring of hell palms on her body. Backing away to the elevator, she needed to get out of there.

According to their agreement, Tyler had five more times and maybe if he saw her there, he could make Lauren honor their agreement, right in front of Deborah if he so chooses.

What had she signed?

Damn her!

Didn’t she learn her lesson from the first one?!

Tyler had used her weakness against her AGAIN!

Getting out of the building Lauren started walking for the downtown Greyhound bus station. She could go to another town. She could get away from everything and no one could do anything about her leaving.

She could start over somewhere else and she would never have to set eyes on Tyler again!

‘I will hunt you down…’ had been his words.

What if he found her?

It wasn’t as if he couldn’t travel and he had the money to find her. She would use all her money running away and hide from him.

Yet, if she honored her agreement, she could get all her money, set up her own business here in Detroit where she knew various clients would use her services and be set for life. After her five times, she would never have to set her eyes on Tyler Black ever again.

Five more times like before with him couldn’t be that bad. If she was honest about it, the experience had actually been better than Dylan.

Lauren stopped dead in her tracks and moved to the nearest building to hold on to the side. Her equilibrium was slightly thrown off as she thought about last night.

How the hell was Tyler affecting her physically and he was nowhere around.

She gripped the envelope to her chest and looked around.

Getting a plan of action was very much needed and also maintaining a level head about this whole matter.

Now that she’d done the deed with Tyler, she knew there was no way she would get Dylan back. She bet her soul Tyler was telling Dylan everything.

Facing facts she was going to stay focus on her goal, honor the agreement with Tyler to get the money she needed to start a new life and never think about this part of her life ever again.

First thing was first, she needed to find better shelter.

She still had the shoddy landlord’s number and called him.

“I only have that basement place,” the landlord said. “I could get somewhere else if you give me about a month?.”

Not wanting to spend another night in that shelter while she found something else, she accepted the terms. “I need something tonight. I’ve got nowhere to go. I can pay and stay there until you have a better room to rent?”

“Meet me over there this afternoon about two o’clock.”

Lauren got her trunk from the storage and headed to the former basement she had rented. Despite how awful the place was, at this point she needed something for the night she could reasonably afford that wouldn’t suck up all her money.


Once she paid the landlord, he let her know he’d find a place as low as possible for her to stay in a couple of weeks, but for now, she could stay in her old residence.

When she left, she got her trunk situated in the basement at the side of the cot like a table, she plugged in her battery charger and phone and then set up her lantern.

She prayed the cell never rung with the familiar number ever again.

With the money she had received, she could have enough to get a Chromebook, hit a couple of wifi public places and get back on the Internet.

She could possibly start her business sooner than later and work everything out as she made more and more money on her own.

What if she refused the money Tyler gave her? Could she just hold him off from sex?

With a little relief, she figured out she didn’t need Tyler dangling his money over her to spread her legs.

Unfortunately, just as she had started to heat up her water to wash up an hour later, her prayers were not answered.

Tyler was calling her phone and she really wanted to push him to the voicemail or throw the phone across the room to shatter the device into a thousand pieces.

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  1. Please tell me she did at least read the document got a copy of it. Wh does she keep doing this to herself?

    1. Time and money rule when there is no money and time is a commodity as well. Lauren’s making decision on a very big need. I don’t think she’s doing this to herself on purpose.

  2. I hate that she is acting on emotions, she should have at least talked to the other lawyer, but she is struggling, and at rock bottom, but please at some point let common sense come through.

    1. That’s at the back of my mind too Missy. But getting around on the bus and not trying to use her minutes on phone calls make accessibility very difficult in Lauren’s world. Sometimes when you have to make quick decisions when you’re broke you have to make them then and live with the choices you make.

  3. What is it about Lauren that makea her so susceptible to humiliation and devastation? Why wouldn’t she hide the money to begin with? As soon as she decided to say yes, she should tucked that money in her sweater. I am glad that she is giving up on any further fairy tale ending with the ex. Tyler is good for something. I want to see what’s inside of Tyler though.

  4. She could have at least read the document. She didn’t learn anything from her past experiences. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler didn’t put some kind of twist in the document.

  5. Come on Lauren u should have read it. I feel Tyler will never let Lauren go he will keep her by any means necessary.

    PS: I brought all ur books just waiting to buy more.

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