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Author’s Note:

This is one of my shorter chapters, but there’s a lot to do before moving on and I wanted to pump this one out as I set up things for Lauren.

BTW, I want you to know we’re at almost 18 thousand words. Most of you are reading for free but you can always show your support and buy a book from me. There are over a hundred readers and you’re coming back religiously so I know you like what you’re reading. And you’d love for me to just sit back and write, but in reality, there are these things called bills and children who eat like food is free.

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Now my comments about the story:

First one down and five more to go for Lauren. 

Sigh… I don’t trust Tyler. In my brain, it’s kind of keeping what he’s doing a secret. I mean, I can look around the corner, but I don’t want to. I want to stay in Lauren’s point of view, but I’m leery of Tyler’s intentions.

What do want to hear what you guys are thinking


Chapter 10

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11 thoughts on “#BlacksInnocence Chapter10

  1. Please tell me she did at least read the document got a copy of it. Wh does she keep doing this to herself?

    1. Time and money rule when there is no money and time is a commodity as well. Lauren’s making decision on a very big need. I don’t think she’s doing this to herself on purpose.

  2. I hate that she is acting on emotions, she should have at least talked to the other lawyer, but she is struggling, and at rock bottom, but please at some point let common sense come through.

    1. That’s at the back of my mind too Missy. But getting around on the bus and not trying to use her minutes on phone calls make accessibility very difficult in Lauren’s world. Sometimes when you have to make quick decisions when you’re broke you have to make them then and live with the choices you make.

  3. What is it about Lauren that makea her so susceptible to humiliation and devastation? Why wouldn’t she hide the money to begin with? As soon as she decided to say yes, she should tucked that money in her sweater. I am glad that she is giving up on any further fairy tale ending with the ex. Tyler is good for something. I want to see what’s inside of Tyler though.

  4. She could have at least read the document. She didn’t learn anything from her past experiences. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler didn’t put some kind of twist in the document.

  5. Come on Lauren u should have read it. I feel Tyler will never let Lauren go he will keep her by any means necessary.

    PS: I brought all ur books just waiting to buy more.

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