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Now my comments about the story:

Tyler is very aware of what he did, but he’s been very much through it, he wants Lauren to tell him.

Lauren doesn’t want to tell Tyler one damn thing.

This makes it difficult for them to speak to each other. Communicate.

Ugh… it’s driving me crazy.


Chapter 11

Reluctantly, Lauren answered Tyler’s call.

“You aren’t in the storage container,” he said disappointedly.

“I’ve moved,” she responded.

“Where did you move to, Lauren?” he demanded to know.

“None of your business.”

There was a moment of complete silence on the phone and for a second, she thought he had hung up, but to her dismay, his voice came across clear and more firmly.


She gave him the address very reluctantly.

To occupy her mind, she used the warm water in a large bowl and washed up quickly using the same bar of sweet soap she had taken from the library.

This time she had on a sleeveless blue tunic and her thick socks on her feet. The cheap carpeting on the floor did nothing for insulation, but at least kept the extremely cold floor off her feet.

Lauren had opted not to put on any underwear and by the time she was done cleaning up everything, he was calling to announce he’d arrive.

“Park in the rear and come to the back door,” she instructed slipping on her shoes.

By the time she came to open the door, he was out of the candy apple red brand new Jaguar and leaning against the wall right outside the door frame with a backpack over one brawny shoulder and wearing a perfectly fitted dark blue suit. Did he have to look so white boy handsome all the time? Couldn’t he just look tore up and bedraggled at least once?

Annoyed her senses were immediately reacting to his looks and he had driven such an expensive vehicle in a very poor neighborhood of Detroit, she asked, “Why do you keep switching up vehicles?”

“I can’t make up my mind. I’m scared of settling again.”

“Why’d you drive that expensive thing here?”

“It’s what I’m driving Lauren.” He started asking questions of his own. “What took so long to answer the door?”

“I’m not eager to have you here, Tyler. Why should I rush?” She still frowned her nose at the vehicle. “Do you have to drive expensive cars?
“Did you have to move to such a crappy area? I gave you two grand. That’s enough to get something decent unless you just like living up to your reputation of being cheap,” he snapped back just as disgusted. “This place is no better than the storage container.”

“I moved back here because this was the only landlord that would let me move anywhere without references,” she explained. “He’s trying to look for me a better place.”

“You really need to make more friends,” he cruelly teased.

Lauren huffed and walked away from the door knowing he was following her inside. He at least had enough sense to lock the door behind him and continued to follow her down the steps looking as if he were walking through a garbage dump.

Before entering her room, she hissed, “You didn’t have to come here, Tyler. You didn’t have to call me.”

He followed her into her room and waited until the door was closed where they could use their normal voice.

“Yes, I did,” he said and pulled out an envelope, thick like the one she had received this morning.

“I don’t need your money. What you gave me was enough and I’ve figured out a way to make the money I need and never have to deal with you again.”

A cruel smile curled on his lips. “Whether you accept the money or not, I could care less. You promised me sex six times. The money was just as an incentive to give in to me willingly. You signed an agreement with me, Lauren.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him, dangling the money over her head like a mistletoe. “And I intend to collect on our agreement.” Those cold black eyes seared her soul, while his hot palm seared her flesh.

She started to snatch the envelope, but he raised it higher just out of her reach.

“After service, from now on,” he stressed.

“That’s not fair! Who’s to say you will give it to me once you’re done or you’ll take it again like you did before.”

He put the money on top of the trunk by the lantern. “If I’m not satisfied I’ll take it back,” he threatened. “That’s the only reason to not pay you, but the contract states you still have to perform prior to payment.”

She took a deep breath. “Can we just get this over with then?”

“We can, but first I’d like to know why were you following me this morning?”

Lauren’s chest tightened. “What do you mean? I wasn’t following you?”

“Carhartt jacket running across the street and ducking in party store? Don’t think I didn’t see you.”

“I wasn’t following you. I was concerned about my health. There was blood and I’m not due for my period for a couple of weeks.”

He shifted uneasily and narrowed his eyes. “And out of all the doctors, you could see you choose this one? I mean I’m sure every woman in Detroit knows about him because he’s the best gynecologist in Detroit. But were you really going to spend all your money on him, when any doctor could tell you how healthy your pussy is? I’m sure you know all the free clinics as much whoring as you do.”

Biting her lip, every cell in her body wanted to physically hurt him, but she refused to sink to Tyler’s level. Instead, Lauren moved to kneel on the side of the futon on her knees, hiking her dress up. “Do what you have to do, Tyler and get out.”

Chortling, he said, “That’s not how I want you this time, Lauren.”

Discombobulated, she turned around to him.

“Speaking of health, I should ask, are you clean?” he questioned skeptically.

“I just washed up completely,” she said self-consciously.

“Not just that,” he said. “Have you been fucking anyone since we last had sex.”

Appalled, she said, “No! I don’t even want to have sex with you, let alone anyone-”

He put his finger to her lips to stop her words. “So you’re not diseased?” he demanded to know.

Pushing his hand back toward his big body, she said annoyed, “No, Tyler. I’m not some syphilis ridden tramp you convinced Dylan that I was and you still believe I am. Don’t think I don’t know you did your best to make him think it. Dylan wouldn’t be in Africa if it wasn’t for the influence you have over him.”

A genuine smile came to his lips and he started to remove his clothing. She watched as he carefully folded his clothes and put them on top of the boxes on the other side of the room. The lantern served them enough light for her to see the definition of his body.

Albeit he was caucasian, Tyler’s naturally tanned body was nothing like Dylan’s. She knew he worked out with Dylan at the gym, but there was a natural strength and power from head to toe.

She knew Dylan shaved his entire body, but Tyler had let his black hair grow all over his chest, down his stomach to a path that led to his groin and disappeared in the blue silk boxers.

“You’re a strange one, Lauren. At one moment you’re naive and the next you’re devious like a woman. Don’t think I didn’t see that test you gave Dylan? He shared everything about your relationship with me. Didn’t think I’d note who your doctor was?”

She bit her lip at being caught keeping a secret. “It’s none of your business.”

“The doctor didn’t tell me anything about you. I wasn’t just at that doctor’s office to discuss you.  We met for business as well,” he admitted. “But he did say you had a unique case. He also asked how you and Dylan were doing. I avoided this question.”

“So you can’t call me a whore anymore.”

Tyler chuckled. “I call you a whore because it helps me justify taking sloppy seconds from Dylan. I do believe your experience with men is limited, after speaking with the doctor. There was only so much I could tell him. I can see you’ve kept a very secluded life.”

“Then why are you doing this to me?” she asked miserably.

His eyes looked up and down her body several times before he answered. “Because it pleases me, Lauren.” He approached the futon and touched her shoulders, moved up her neck and with his fingers under her chin he made her look up at him. “You weren’t part of the plan initially, but now that I’ve had you, taken your virginity, I know you are mine, Lauren and I plan to do whatever I want to you.”

Dylan had been jealous Tyler could bench press three hundred pounds like a feather, but the thickness of Tyler’s arms and thighs clearly showed the man could probably lift more.

Lauren trembled knowing Tyler could pick her up easily and bend her to whatever will he wanted, but last time he didn’t use physical force. What would he do tonight?

Tyler had to crouch to her eye level as she scooted back on the futon against the wall truly afraid.

He reached for her ankles, and took her shoes off and then her socks. Soon as he released her ankle, she moved to the head of the futon farther away from him.

Clicking his tongue and shaking his head slowly, the smile on his lips was playful. “Remember, Lauren, you have to satisfy me.”

Annoyed, she said, “Then hurry up and do what you have to do to come, Tyler.”

He moved his hands on each side of her hips and lifted her to the edge of the futon. He pulled the tunic from her body leaving her completely naked in front of him.

There was this deep hungry look in those dark eyes of Tyler’s and he pressed his lips together several times but didn’t say anything. Instead, he let his hands do the talking.

He reached up and cupped one of her breasts as if weighing its possibilities and she sucked air between her teeth feeling the familiar heat from his hands.

His head dipped down and sucked the entire aureole into his mouth.

“What are…” She sucked even more air between her teeth as her voice locked up, along with her body in mind-boggling amazement at the sensation he evoked from her.

He looked up at her and chuckled as he moved away. “You look like a fish out of the water. Why are you squeezing your lips like that? Are you even breathing, Lauren?”

She took a deep lungful of air realizing she was struggling because she wasn’t breathing. “W-Why’d you do that?” she asked shocked.

“You need to get used to what I have to do to get aroused.” He dipped his head down and his mouth attacked the other nipple.

Lauren started to make an uncontrollable fizzing noise from her mouth and then she suddenly felt really light headed. “Please,” she begged.

“Wow!’ he said amazed, looking at her legs.

Embarrassed at the evident wetness soaking her thighs, Lauren tried to push him away, but it was like pushing a mack truck.

Tyler wasn’t moving.

“Get away from me,” she ordered.

“I’m not done.”

His hands moved to her thighs and she blushed very embarrassedly as he spread her legs wide.

His fingers touched her womanhood as if he were trying to remember the feel and shape. His eyes followed his fingers.

All the while Lauren laid back full of embarrassment, but when she closed her eyes, all she could do was concentrate on what Tyler was making her feel and it was worse than the embarrassment. His hot fingers touched her labia, moving all the way up until he flicked her clitoris.

She gasped sharply feeling his breath at the same time he pulled the skin back from her most sensitive area.

“You’re quite aroused, Lauren,” he noted. “You’re going to make a complete mess of this mattress if you keep going.”

She wanted to die in shame and she looked down at him. “Please, stop this.”

“Stop what? Arousing you? You act like this has never been done, Lauren.”

“Not like this.”

Tyler chuckled as his lips moved high on her thighs. “So you’re still playing the sweet virgin. Tell me how did you do that last night, Lauren?”

She could barely think straight. His breath was so close down there, along with his fingers dipping and feeling her, an uncontrollable tremble seized her body.

Fascinated, Tyler said, “You really are very aroused. Are you really so innocent, Lauren? Were you really untouched.”

Lauren knew his teasing wasn’t going to stop and there was nothing she could do to stop him. There was not a single brain cell left in her head to fight him about whether she was a virgin or not. Tyler was going to believe whatever he wanted.

“Look at me,” he ordered.

Reluctantly, she opened her eyes and looked down at Tyler. At the same time, his finger was doing some sensual circular motion driving her senses insane making her throat produce an odd humming noise and tears rolled down her face because she shamefully loved what was happening.

Suddenly, his face disappeared right between her thighs.

Lauren had no words or reaction to describe the horrific shock she was experiencing. No book she had ever read had prepared her for what it was really like to have a man’s mouth do what Tyler was doing.

Maybe Tyler was doing this differently than what others did. He was a different type of man.

She’d always thought she’d find out about this later on after a few years of being married… not like this… not this… not this beautiful.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and the more she tried to fight the glorious sensations coursing through her body as his tongue flicked and orally stroked her to fruition, Lauren’s body jerked harder and harder against him until she let go.

The feel of her body erupting was like a powerful wave gushing from her body… literally.

Tyler abruptly moved back as she found herself splashing on his chest. His face was glistening with her essence, but that didn’t stop him from returning between her legs once the squirting calmed down and started again with his tongue.

This time she didn’t care what position she was in or how much she hated Tyler. Her fingers moved to his nape to hold herself exactly where he needed her to be.

This time, he didn’t just stay near the top. He circled around her womanly aperture and then down even further.

“Tyler!” she yelped, forgetting about keeping her voice down, feeling the stream spurt from her body.

He was expecting the load and gladly drunk her juice slurping loudly.

The sound drove her into an almost ecstatic faint.

Her heart rate was out of control, her mind was almost just as lost and she couldn’t catch her breath to save her life.

He had moved away, but his warm fingers continued to stroke her womanhood while his mouth again attacked her breast, his face drenched in her essence.

When she finally stopped coming, he stood up completely.

Her eyes started to focus again and she was able to realize he was looking hungrily down at her.

Lauren was in awe as his staff stood at attention from his body proud with a slight curve, deep brown and very inviting.

Biting her lip, she remembered how he had felt last night and wondered would there be more pleasure tonight? Had he fit all the way inside of her? Would it hurt again?

Looking up at his face, she blushed because she had a feeling he could read her thoughts.

He hadn’t bothered to wipe away what she had given him.

“Sit up,” he commanded.

She obeyed noticing her face was looking right at his crotch. Swallowing again nervously she waited for his next instructions.

“Open up. I’m going to show you how to be a real woman, Lauren.”

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  1. They definitely do have communication problems. I’m guessing he believes Lauren may have been truthful but he gets a kick out of being an ass so why change up how he is treating her now. He would not have been down in between her legs if he believed she had sex with many different men.

    1. i like you Teresa. You’d kinda figuring Mr. Black out. His complicated azz makes it very difficult. He’s quite frustrating to deal with in a writer’s perspective. As a reader, I’m like jonesing him. Being the writer and the reader of this story is very difficult. LOL.

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  3. Well dang, well done Sylvia!! But, I’m shocked he would want to “do her” (Lol) in her basement room, with him being the all-important man why not at least take her somewhere more suitable, but anyway I believe both of their bodies are in tune with each other while their minds and motives are different. I hope that he at least provide a better place for her to stay at some point, I believe somewhere down the line, all of his nastiness is going to backfire on him. Anyway, please get Lauren out the basement. 🙂

  4. I’m not sure how I feel about this chapter yet. It’s like Chon and Dorian, from Ravenous, when they first met but 100x worse.

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