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Now that we’ve gotten almost twenty thousand into the story, I need to ask a favor. I’d love to get this story professionally edited and for that it takes money. As you read for free, know and understand, as much as you are enjoying this story and would love to have the whole book on your bookshelf or in your eBook catalog, that would take me publishing this book… the right way.

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Help me and thank you in advance.

Now my comments about the story:

Tyler is very aware of what he did, but he’s been very much through it, he wants Lauren to tell him.

Lauren doesn’t want to tell Tyler one damn thing.

This makes it difficult for them to speak to each other. Communicate.

Ugh… it’s driving me crazy.


Chapter 11

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11 thoughts on “#BlacksInnocence Chapter11

  1. They definitely do have communication problems. I’m guessing he believes Lauren may have been truthful but he gets a kick out of being an ass so why change up how he is treating her now. He would not have been down in between her legs if he believed she had sex with many different men.

    1. i like you Teresa. You’d kinda figuring Mr. Black out. His complicated azz makes it very difficult. He’s quite frustrating to deal with in a writer’s perspective. As a reader, I’m like jonesing him. Being the writer and the reader of this story is very difficult. LOL.

  2. BTW, I’m shocked by the instant readership. The post has been up for only a couple of hours and people and coming in like droves to read this one. ARe you guys waiting by your phone literally for an update? LOL

    xoxo the love for the story. thanks

  3. Well dang, well done Sylvia!! But, I’m shocked he would want to “do her” (Lol) in her basement room, with him being the all-important man why not at least take her somewhere more suitable, but anyway I believe both of their bodies are in tune with each other while their minds and motives are different. I hope that he at least provide a better place for her to stay at some point, I believe somewhere down the line, all of his nastiness is going to backfire on him. Anyway, please get Lauren out the basement. 🙂

  4. I’m not sure how I feel about this chapter yet. It’s like Chon and Dorian, from Ravenous, when they first met but 100x worse.

  5. Y’all gonna make me cry with all the donations you are showering. We’re 100 dollars into donations. Thanks you so much for all y’all help

    I have an editor in mind and I can’t wait to send her the book as soon as I’m done. I think we actually might reach our goal

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