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Now my comments about the story:

I know you guys are really angry about her meeting with Dylan.

But like one reader did say, she had to eventually talk to him. She needed closure …

I guess…

I mean how many times in life had you wished you had just one more convo with that ex?

I couldn’t pass it up.

And I was going to leave it at just a convo… but then this devilment hit me and … well, I’m sorry. I had to be a devil’s advocate.

… Enjoy


Black’s Innocence Chapter 36

Once all their plates were situated and they were left alone again, Lauren said trying to control her frustration. “I was heavily in debt with the annulment. You knew you left me with a heavy financial load. Weren’t you concerned about that once you got through your anger?”

He shrugged looking like a lost little boy, picking at his food as if trying to make a decision to eat or answer her question. “I did think about it, Lauren, but I knew you had savings and was making a lot of money from your job.” He shrugged again. “I figured like you’ve always done, you’ll figure it out.”

“I lost my job. I was blacklisted from my business for something silly and no one would hire me anywhere in my profession. I had nothing but bills coming out of my butt, Dylan. I didn’t have two pennies to rub together as I was living in an efficiency, which I could barely pay on and had to move into a storage container in the middle of winter.”

He had a mouth full of food by this time, but he stopped chewing and looked at her confused.

“Say something!” she demanded, slamming her palm on the table.

Dylan chewed the food out of his mouth as quickly as he could. “M-My sister told me about a month ago you were off the grid. I just thought you left the state. I figured you would work things out like you’ve always done all your life. I mean, I was consumed with myself and like I said, I thought you had lied to me.”

“And the debts?”

“I looked into them on my way back into Detroit Friday night. The majority of them were all paid off. I thought you were doing okay. I didn’t want to bring that up tonight. That’s why I never asked. I assumed you worked everything out.”

She wanted to jump over the table and choke him. “I did pay those debts off,” she sneered through gritted teeth. “But with money I had to earn in a way I’m ashamed of.”

His hand moved across the table to hold hers again. “Honestly Lauren, whatever you had to do it’s still all MY fault.”

“I slept with a man for the money,” she blurted out.

He tightened his hold on her hand. There was shock on his face for a moment and then shame. “How many men?”

“One, but for several times. I made a deal with him. I had no choice. I was hungry and so broke.” She sobbed because those many days prior to her making that deal with Tyler had been the worst of her life. Tears rolled down her cheek uncontrollably. “I didn’t know what else to do. He was the only one that would answer the phone and I had no one else to turn to.”

Dylan stood up and came around the table, kneeling on one knee in front of her. “Lauren, I can’t hate you for the decisions you made due to my stupidity. I can never hate you. You’ve been nothing but open and honest with me.“ He cupped her face in his hand and kissed her tenderly. “You did what you had to do and I accept you. I still very much love you and from here on out, I just want to start over with us. I know you can’t just forgive and forget, but I intend to make it up to you. I’ll make you feel like the queen you’ve always wanted to be. I’ll make you a wife and take care of everything for you, Lauren. You will never hurt anymore. I promise you.” He kissed her again. This time with more passion and Lauren could feel his sincerity in his kiss. “Please give us a chance again, my love. Please,” he begged.

Lauren didn’t know how to answer overwhelmed by everything. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him just to bide some time for her thoughts to get together.

Dylan hugged her back with all his might. He was shaking a little and again she was reminded of him being some scared boy. 

His whispered in her ear, “I don’t want to lose you again, ever, Lauren.”

The restaurant seemed to come to a standstill and Lauren knew all eyes were on them. She nudged Dylan away gently and he sat back in his seat, but still held her hand.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be asking you so soon to be my wife again, but that’s all I could think about as I returned here,” Dylan said.

She didn’t know if it was the conversion or the food but she was suddenly very sick. “Excuse me,” she said standing up and walking away from the table.

There was a bathroom in the back of the restaurant and she barely made it to the latrine to empty her stomach.

Her hands were shaking and her whole body just wanted to collapse.

She was reminded that she was on her period. With the food and Dylan’s confession, she could understand her stomach upset. She wished she was home sipping on some ginger tea and curled up in the chair in her room with her eyes closed.

Going over to the sink to wash her hands, she pushed herself to try to get through this date despite how she detested the food. She stuffed several of the free mints in her mouth as her brain ran full speed.

Why had she agreed to this? She had to be ten times a fool to think seeing Dylan again, hearing his words of affirmation would just make up for all the shit she had endured because of him.

Leaning against the sink, staring at her reflection, Lauren started thinking about everything that had happened and things she had discovered since her fateful day that had drastically changed her life.

Dylan assumed contraceptive meant she had lied to him about being a virgin. Would this have driven any normal man to a long hiatus away from her and demand divorce? Not according to Chance Jefferson.

Also, Dylan left with Tyler’s sister on a honeymoon, but according to Tyler, it wasn’t who he really wanted to take.

Who did  Dylan want to take on the honeymoon other than Lauren?

She turned around, leaned against the sink and closed her eyes to continue pondering.

Now Dylan was back, but he seemed totally clueless of what was going on with her. Not once had he checked on her and not once did it seem had he thought about her.

Yet, he wanted to start new and fresh.

Why did he feel she was innocent of everything?

Maybe if he knew the truth he would retract that statement?

How much was HE willing to forgive to have her back in his life?

And what about the animosity his mother had for Lauren suddenly.

What game was he playing? What was Dylan not telling her?

Burying her face in her hands, she growled in frustration. First Tyler’s game and now this. How had she gotten involved in so much drama?

Lauren walked out of the bathroom, determined to tell Dylan the truth about everything. Maybe whatever game he was playing would end.

So concentrated on getting back to the table, she ended up bumping almost into a waiter and knocking them over with their hands full of empty food trays.

She apologized profusely and then turned around to go to her table but was blocked by the large hard body standing in her way.

Looking up into the pitch black eyes staring down at her angrily she almost wanted to collapse against his body in relief, but then she stiffened. “What are you doing here, Tyler?”

He was dressed in a casual button up shirt that definitely complimented his physique. Did he have some type of stylist dressing him that made sure he looked sexy as hell in everything?

His hair was slightly damp as if he’d rushed out of a shower and with it still being cold outside, he wasn’t wearing any jacket. 

“The real question is what are you doing, Lauren?”

Someone else was coming down the hallway, and Tyler pulled her into the coat check room. There was an older lady in the room hanging coats and looked at them with disapproval until Tyler gave her a fifty dollar bill.

Without hesitation, the woman left them alone, closing the door as she left.

“What are you talking about, Tyler? I didn’t sleep with Dylan and I don’t have intentions of breaking your stupid contract,” she huffed.

“Couldn’t you even play hard to get? You could have ignored him just a little longer,” he said.

“Is that why you turned off my phone and made sure it ran dead?”

He smiled wickedly. “You forgot to add that I fucked you until morning as well.”

Lauren blushed and turned slightly away so she wouldn’t give him the full benefit of knowing he was arousing her.

“Oh, don’t act shy now,” he teased.

“Tyler, I can’t play this game you’re trying to get me involved in. I didn’t ask to be apart of it and it’s not fair you’re ruining my life. I never did anything to you.”

“And Dylan hasn’t done anything to you? But you’re nice as ass to him,” he said bitterly. “Why haven’t you told him about us already?”

“How did you find out where we were? How do you even know what we’re talking about?”

“He called me when he pulled up to your house. He was nervous about coming to see you and asked me what I should say to you.”

“You put the words in his mouth?” she asked incredulously.

“You mean that sad sorrowful display of pussy he just performed?” Tyler chuckled. “Why yes indeed. I’m a lawyer. And a very good lawyer. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t always control to narrative. I thought you’d get a kick out of hearing the words come out of his mouth you’ve been waiting forever for.”

With all her might, she hit Tyler in the chest, but she only hurt her hand. Wincing she drew her hand away and went to lean on the small table across the room from him to give them some distance. “He did mean them,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what you designed in your stupid game because you’re trying to get some kind of revenge on him or me or whoever.”

“Of course he did mean them. He honestly wants you back and feels he’s ten times the fool for letting you go.”

“And you’re just all for this, Tyler? Letting him have me?”

That wicked smirk was on his lips again. “You can’t be had unless you want to Lauren.”

She watched him intently and noted he didn’t respond to her accusations of him wanting revenge. Did he care she knew something about the game he was trying to play?

Tyler moved over to the table and put both hands on either side of her locking her in. “So tell me, do you want to be had by Dylan?” His hips pushed her legs apart and he pressed himself against her.

She wan’t scared of the arousal he seemed to culminate with his proximity. “I don’t know,” she admitted leaning slightly back resting her hands behind her.

“He texted me he was a little bit upset you avoided his kisses.” He leaned down and brushed his sexy lips against hers. “You wanted to make sure you didn’t upset me, Lauren, or do you think you won’t enjoy his kisses anymore?”

Lauren let Tyler kiss her, fully relaxing and elated he was making her feel just a little better.

“Why did you do this, Lauren?” Tyler inquired. “Why are you really here with Dylan when your body is screaming to be under me?”

She rolled her eyes in exasperation. “I’m not ready to just start off where Dylan and I left off. There’s a lot to talk about and I needed to speak to him. I needed to sort out everything I was thinking.”

“You still love him but you want to still fuck me. What a conundrum.”

She was still slightly sick to her stomach and didn’t want to have a battle of wits with him when she knew she could never win with Tyler. “I’m tired. I’m not doing this with you, Tyler.” Lauren pushed him away and was glad he moved so she could move toward the door to leave. ”You don’t have to worry. I can keep a contract. I won’t renege just because Dylan’s return.” She started to walk out of the door, but Tyler blocked her way.

“That’s what I came to speak with you about,” he said and pulled out some papers from his back pocket. “I came to fix you conundrum. I have an addendum to our contract.”

Lauren looked at him as if he had lost his mind.


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  1. I’m glad Lauren talked with Dylan, but it was not necessary to meet over dinner.

    Gosh Tyler stop being a jealous spiteful fool and claim your woman. You are only torturing yourself and it’s worse for Lauren.

  2. Tyler is playing with fire because he is practically forcing her to make the wrong decision. She finally talked to Dylan, she has heard his well rehearsed sack of excuses. She has listened to his plea, now walk away. A date is entirely too intimate. I still find it hard to believe that Dylan is back and sincere. Someone is pulling his puppet strings but who?

  3. Lauren, Lauren I know you want to find some redeeming qualities in Dylan but he is after something with his weak self. You are stronger and better than his come-on. When his puppet master shows themselves he will turn on you. Be smart an stay alert. There is more going on than your emotionally pregnant self can see through.

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