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Yes, I’m late with this one, but I was a little exhausted from actually working. I got a packed work week and I’m getting ready to do a couple of workshops as well.

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Now my comments about the story:

Ravenous… yes, the novel you should read to understand some more things about Shadow. I love my readers who have read all my books. OmG! talk about experts at my stories. You guys rock!

And I regret to inform you that you are going to hate me for this chapter, but in all fairness, Lauren needs to work out her feelings for Dylan properly. She don’t make the best decisions when it comes to her heart as you guys have seen and even though Dylan stomped on her heart he was still the first man to have it.

We all have a little lauren inside of us. Some of us are just a little stronger at resisting the heart than others.

… Enjoy


Black’s Innocence Chapter 35

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6 thoughts on “#BlacksInnocence Chapter35

  1. Son of a bbbbh..Dylan needs to be bit h slapped. Don’t even ask how I got this far. Selfishness overflowing. Me me me. Everything to make me feel better. Get rid of my guilt. Lauren is carrying Tylers baby. She has to marry him because he ssid he would not have a bastard child. He may kill Dylan when he finds out.

      1. Because those Heart’s are never wrong. someone came into the office while Dr. Chance was talking to her. He assumed it was his secretary but I don’t know. It would be easy to switch samples. Someone could want them together and out of Dylan’s life. Hos sister, Deborah,etc…. and those hearts are never wrong.

  2. One thing I’m glad they are doing is talking about what happened. I don’t know if Dylan is genuine or not.

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