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Author’s Note:

And Tyler’s back and bothering her. Being in his head even for a second is a little hard because he’s got so much going on.

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Now my comments about the story:

Yeah, this chapter is a little adult but it was time to face Tyler’s demons.

Grown folk eyes only, please.

Sorry, it took so long, but I had to go deep… literally.

I’m wrapping the story up, so if there are any plots I’m missing please comment after enjoying your read.

… Enjoy


Black’s Innocence Chapter 40


Tyler stumbled a little, but quickly caught himself. He was dressed in the clothes he had been wearing at the restaurant earlier, but she could see he was barely able to focus and wavered on his feet. 

“You’re drunk,” she proclaimed.

“You’re quite observant,” he snapped sarcastically. “But not that observant or I wouldn’t be here intoxicated.”

Confused, she asked, “You had to get drunk to come over to see me? To talk to me, Tyler?”

Her phone rung in her robe’s pocket.

“Answer it,” he ordered, going over to the sink and getting himself some water from the facet. “It’s Dylan.”

Lauren frowned. “How-”

“Answer it,” he demanded, right before drinking one glass in one gulp. “And accept his offer. That’s an order, Lauren.”

His piercing glare and deep voice made her quiver as she retrieved the phone from her pocket and saw Tyler was right. Answering the call, she tried to sound sleepy.

“Hey, Lauren,” Dylan said. “I know it’s late. Did I wake you?”

“Not really,” she responded and looked at Tyler for answers.

Tyler wavered on his feet and nodded as if everything was going to be fine.

Dylan said on the phone, “I wanted to know if you could join me early in the morning at the gym before I go into the office.”

“Ahh, I don’t-”

Tyler snapped his fingers and hissed, “Say yes.”

“Yes, Dylan.”

“Good. we can have breakfast afterward too,” Dylan said sounding very relieved. “See you early in the morning, Lauren. Get some rest. I love you.”

“Yeah,” she said in response as Tyler took the phone from her and hung it up.

“What was that for?” she demanded to know from Tyler as he put her phone on the kitchen counter. “I told you I’m tired of playing your games, Tyler Black. I want no part in your revenge anymore.”

He kissed her passionately and Lauren couldn’t help to kiss him back. When he pulled away, he said, “I love when you’re angry at me.”

“Get out.”

His kissed her some more.

Tyler sighed in exasperation as he took off his shirt. His well-defined muscles seem to pulse.

Her fingertips itched to touch him, but she had a feeling if she did she wouldn’t be able to stop. “Wait! Why are you taking off your clothes, Tyler?”

“Because I need to undress so I can hold you, Lauren. I actually enjoy the touch of your naked body against mine,” he said this angrily as if it were obvious.

Tyler took her hand and led her back to the bedroom. “I had to drink because I hate watching him believe he’s got you again. Do you know how long I sat at that damn bar watching the two of you look like old times?” he grumbled. “Do you know how hard it was not to walk over there and snatch you away from him?”

Lauren couldn’t believe these confessions and teased him. “Why didn’t you, Tyler? Why didn’t you come and show him the control you have over me?” She stopped trying to fight the impulse she had to touch him and placed her hand on his stomach. Slowly she ran her fingertips down over his pants to feel his hardened member. 

He slammed the bedroom door after he pulled her in. “Fuck you, Lauren,” Yet his voice wasn’t harsh. He actually sounded hurt. “I’ve always lost when it came to him and women.”

“Tyler, if you want me, why don’t you just tell him so he won’t try to pursue me or better yet tell me how you really feel?”

“Why do you think I’m here, Lauren?” he questioned as if it were obvious. “I want to taste you so bad, I can’t fucking sleep.”

His words were truly arousing and she smirked a little hearing heavy desire in his voice. “But you had to get drunk to say something?” Lauren asked in frustration. “Can’t you be honest sober?”

He moved his hands to his hips, but his eyes were going up and down her body in a visual caress that was turning her on. “I became a lawyer because it was the only way to hide my true my demons. The blood in my veins comes from an evil no one wants, but gives me a power I must to control at all times.”

She moved cautiously towards him. “And if you lose that control?”

“I hurt people.”

Bitterly, Lauren inquired, “Like you’re hurting me? My life?”

Tyler moved to his knees and looked up at her. Those black eyes weren’t cold. Amazingly, they were like warm obsidian lava heating the blood in her veins and pulling her soul even closer to his. There was a sexually spiritual shift inside her as she was mesmerized by his intense glare.

“You weren’t apart of my plan for revenge, Lauren,” he said regretfully. “When he told me about you… I knew what I had to do to you, but it wasn’t you I was trying to hurt. You were just an instrument. I also knew you would hate me to your core, this was a relief though because of all the lustful things I want to do to your body morning noon and night. I didn’t need your hate and I accepted the fact it would be a means to an end.”

Moving closer to Tyler, she moved her arms to his shoulders and leaned down. While moving her fingers in the nape of his hair, she pulled his face up to kiss him. He almost trembled as their lips met.

“Is that why you went to this Duke in London?’ she asked. “To become better than Dylan in bed?”

Tyler sighed slowly and closed his eyes as his arms wrapped around her waist as his face rested against her stomach. “I went to the Duke to find a way to keep my wife. I wasn’t a good lover. I’d been so studious and driven for knowledge, I never studied the one thing I knew if I tried I could win with Dylan. I really thought my knowledge of the law would knock him down a peg or two, but I’d see a woman’s body and just wouldn’t know what to do it.” Tyler pushed open her robe. His hands moved up her body, caressing her breasts, moving over her stomach moving around to her backside and then back around to her moins, where he dipped two fingers between her womanly folds to coat his fingers with her warm essence.

She kinda liked drunken Tyler as he greedily licked his fingers and looked up at her pleased as punch. He was honestly refreshing. No games. No cruelty. Just a man who showed her how he really felt. Powerful Pure unadulterated lust for her.

“Can I please taste you, Lauren?” he begged.

Lauren parted her legs, leaned her weight forward and let him raise her thigh over his broad shoulder.

Tyler wasted no time and dipped his face between her legs, hungrily laving her womanhood like a man who had not had a drink in decades. The slurping and sucking was an aural delight, while his mouth and fingers drove her crazy. Lauren’s essence increased so much, she could feel herself running down the inside of her thighs, but Tyler’s tongue was quick to catch every drop.

Lauren’s pleasure heightened to a peak so intense, she dug her hands into his neck as her whole body shuddered, coming and spurting like a creek overflowing.

Tyler moaned just as much as Lauren, drinking her fervently and then continuing to stoke her orally so she would come again even more fiercely.

The room had started to spin and her legs were becoming hard to stand. He must’ve known, because he stopped his oral onslaught, lifted her in one swoop and took her to the bedroom. He set her on the edge of the bed and kissed her passionately

Tasting herself all over his mouth, was an aphrodisiac imploding her brain and sending waves of pleasure all through her body.

She softly moaned feeling his member harden on her stomach straining to come out of his pants.

Her hands moved down to his belt to help free his member, but he immediately pulled her hands away. “I’m not that drunk, Lauren,” he said looking down angrily. “I have two more times with you and I don’t plan on just giving them to your frivolously in a moment of weakness.”

“Because you are not weak,” she determined, pulling her hands from him and running them over his stomach and chest. “You refuse to be weak because those demons in your blood would take over, right? Would they hurt me tonight, Tyler? Would you hurt me tonight if I brought those demons out.”

Tyler kissed her with a strength so overwhelming, it rocked her soul. There was something scary about him suddenly, but Lauren didn’t stop him as he yanked her robe off with one hand, wildly kissing her and pushing her up on the bed so he could join her, lying on her body, while his other hand opened his pants.

Once he was free, in one stroke, he pushed deep into her. Instantly, she detonated by his third long hard stroke spurting so hard she splashed all over their stomachs. Tyler didn’t stop the beautiful strokes and her body took every hard pounding he delivered but even as she experienced a heart-stopping fourth orgasm, she knew he had not come with her.

This wasn’t cruelty, this was a sexual punishment he meant to deliver to her and himself all night.

He whimpered in painful pleasure getting off of the bed and gripping his hardened shaft. Using her essence already covering him, he jacked himself in less than a second staring hard at her body.

Before she could protest, Tyler seemed to leap back on the bed and pushed right back into her continuing where he had left off on her. Flipping her literally like a pancake, digging his fingers in her womanhood and then pressing those sloppily wet fingers deep in her rear.

Lauren gasped but pressed back ready to take him. Whatever demons she had brought out of Tyler, scared the hell out of her, but brought a lust so powerful to the surface of her soul she had to receive him and meet every potent strike with enthusiasm. 

He cursed her in a deep growl with his teeth grinding together as he struck forward holding her back cheeks wide as is manhood moved into her forbidden.

She had a feeling it would be a long night and she had asked for this. Her body quivered uncontrollably as she felt him fully engulf behind her.

She had told him to release the demons and now she would feel the lascivious evil that was inside of him bringing her own erotic nature to the surface.

Sexually, Lauren was compatible with Tyler mind, body and soul and she knew she was ruined for any man who tried to follow him.

Yet, tonight she would let Tyler have anyway with her body because she knew she wanted him. In that moment, she accepted everything about him. Every beautiful stroke, every wonderful touch, and every magnificent kiss.

Tyler ground in her rear with a need that vibrated all over her. Lauren lovingly received, pushing back into him letting him know her body was his to have.

And he knew as he culminated into her gripping her hips as if his life depended on it. His curse was loud, “Fuck you, Lauren!” He growled loud. “Fuck you!”


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  1. Soooooooo. When he says fuck you what he means is I LOVE YOU! I knew Tyler has a heart. That bitch didn’t know what to do with a man like Tyler that’s why she wanted Lil dick Dylan.

    1. When you know better you do better.

      Lauren did not about dick, remember, she was a virgin. Now that she has experience some real stuff, she really doesn’t want Dylan. Tyler took care of that.

  2. Expected some Dark Facade scary. The demons haven’t been revealed. It’s when they come for Lauren that Tyler will unleash the demons.
    Now secondary to the real deal in this story. When will the truly bad and merciless villains reveal themselves.

  3. Ahhhhh…Tyler love his Lauren. I wonder if he is going to follow her when she meet Dylan at the gym and for breakfast?

  4. He’s in love and won’t say it in an “conventional” way, but when the bad stuff starts to happen I believe he will be front and center. Dylan is up to something, but what and he’s not working alone….

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