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.We sold books. OMG! You sneakreaders! You just trying to really make me really finish something huh?

Well, I’m going to. I really want to know how this story is going to pan out. I’ve been keeping myself from thinking about the story too much and just let it play out when I write.

Lauren has a hard decision to make and I’m really interested in what you guys would tell me what she would choose. I can’t wait to get to the upcoming chapters.

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Now my comments about the story:

More story that deals with Shadow. I should say if you haven’t read Wicked Chances than you can’t really understand what
Shadow is going through right now.

And then there was BLAQUE…

… Enjoy


Black’s Innocence Chapter 34

Lauren was starting to put assumptions together. “So this makes sense. Arissa’s been building this company, with her brother’s help to con people out of their business but also to hide embezzlement.”

Shadow added, “And it looks like to launder money.”

Lauren continued, “Her brother died and Arissa is still running things most likely hidden from Tyler.”

“It makes sense, a little,” Shadow said, with some doubt in her tone of voice. “She hates Tyler, but more herself for trying to see if there was greener grass. This is an elaborate plan. She knew what Tyler desired above all things and being divorced from him, I’m sure she is working on making sure his dreams don’t come true either. This plan we’re thinking that’s happening is very complicated and needs a lot of working parts.”

“How do you know so much about her, Shadow?” Lauren demanded to know.

“Like I said, my uncle talks and I ear hustle like crazy.” Shadow skimmed through some of Lauren’s notes. “I’m not saying she couldn’t have pulled off this plan off. Arianna can manipulate people, and she’s rotten apple to the core, but that logic just doesn’t sit well in my soul. How did the brother die?”

Lauren found an obituary at a funeral home. “It looks like natural causes?”

Shadow took out a small notebook from a side pocket of her jogging pants and wrote down some information. “Speaking of not too bright, you got me to thinking and investigating Deborah. I started stalking her. Following her around; seeing what’s going on with her. Obviously, she’s excited about something about to happen because the chick shaved her legs and went to get her feet done. She bought several new outfits as if she’s going to be going out.”

“Were those all her kids?” Lauren questioned.

“Yes, and she aborted about three, plus two she gave up for adoption. Looks like if a man just blows on her she’ll get pregnant,” Shadow sat down in a chair. “She also does a lot of freelance bookkeeping for small businesses.”

“You think she could be in with Arianna.”

“I know she is,” Shadow said assuredly. “They met up at some gas station over here by the Chinese Restaurant, far away from both their neighborhoods as if they don’t want anything traced to them, but Deborah’s got more layers and I’m peeling this bitch like an onion. Can you scoot over?”

Lauren was hesitant but then acquiesced to allow Shadow the privilege to use her computer.

The young woman seemed proficient and quickly brought up some websites and other information.

“Have you seen this woman?” Shadow questioned.

Looking at the screen, Laura saw all the pink and immediately recognized the woman. “Yes, she’s the one at the gas station with Deborah before. This is Arianna?”

Shadow nodded and started typing in more information into the search engine.

“What did you find out about Deborah?”

“She’s lived in Detroit all her life. It’s understandable she has jungle fever. Her mother was a crack head. According to her high school report card, she’s a whiz with numbers. Unfortunately, Deborah’s stupid when it comes to finding baby daddies. They all seem to leave her after conception, but I have a feeling, she’s trying to make sure this time she gets what she wants.”

“And who does she want?”

Shadow only glanced up at Lauren before returning to her typing.

Lauren had a feeling Shadow had no intentions of answering that question right now or didn’t know. “So Arianna is using Deborah because the assistant still has ties to the law firm and Tyler?”

“Or it could be the other way around,” Shadow said. “Deborah could be using Arianna.”

“But why? Deborah has been showing her loyalty all these years to Tyler. Arianna could be seducing her.”

Shadow printed some things off on Lauren’s computer and took them off the printer. She folded up the paper and secured them in her side pant’s pocket. “Haven’t you heard the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer?”

“Why would Deborah be upset with Tyler? The only time I saw her upset was when she seemed bitter for him firing all those people.”

“Or she got them fired to get them out the way,” Shadow challenged. “Maybe being bitter is her true nature and all the other stuff is a fake. Just look into it more for me. You got the eyes around the office for a moment. Do what you can, okay?”

Lauren nodded.

“And I’ll get that paperwork I need to you by this afternoon.” She checked her watch. “I gotta go. My uncle’s been suspecting too much shit.”

“If you have this much freedom away from him, Shadow, why don’t you just keep on running?”

Shadow sighed tiredly and walked into the front room. “Unfortunately, he’s the only one keeping me alive from someone who’s been wanting me dead from the time I was born.”

“You’re just a child,” Lauren said appalled. “Who would want you dead?”

“The woman I think might be my mother,” Shadow confessed sadly, peeking out of the front curtains. “I’m leaving out the back.”

Lauren looked out the front curtains to see if she could see anything strange like Shadow obviously saw. No one was outside and no cars parked seemed strange.

“I don’t see anything, Shadow,” she said turning around, but the young woman had disappeared yet again.

Shadow really lived up to her name.

The front doorbell rung and Lauren looked back out of the front window. The grocery truck had just pulled up and they were delivering her food.

She let the delivery people in and ushered them into the kitchen. They dropped the food off and Lauren tipped them before they left.

Lauren got her phone from her office and returned to the kitchen to start unpacking the food. The majority of her dishes she didn’t need because Tyler had someone stock dishes for her.

She gathered what was in one box as her kitchen and stored this in the closet of her office.

Letting go of her “old life” was a little more difficult than she thought.

Speaking of her old life, she looked at her phone and decided to call Dylan.

Holding her breath until he answered seemed forever, but when she heard his soft silky voice over the other line with a lot of excitement on the other end, she slowly let her breath out.

“Lauren, I’m so glad you called back and I want to be the first thing you hear from me is I’m sorry. I’m sorry I ever hurt you like that.”

She wanted to cry because days after her honeymoon those words were all she ever really wanted to hear from Dylan. Now so much had changed and she knew there was so much more she needed than just an apology, but the desire to be a wife had never changed for her.

Hoping to be anything in Tyler’s life was ridiculous. She was a realist and the dream of being a wife in his world despite the fact she was sleeping with him, was never going to happen.

Yet, if Dylan knew the truth about her, about what she had done in order to get money and about how she had been living, would he accept her? Could he accept her?

Did she want to just settle with Dylan though?

Tyler had shown her body and soul things Dylan never had. She knew sex wasn’t everything in a relationship, but Tyler made her really want to have that kind of relationship with a man, along with mutual love, compassion, and selflessness… something she knew never to expect from Tyler.

Unfortunately, compared to Tyler, Dylan was not up to par with her physical expectations.

“Can we have dinner tonight?” he asked. “Just to talk.”

“Dylan why are you calling me now?”

“Well, I thought we could talk about all that at dinner. I’d rather see you face to face rather than try to answer all the questions you have over a phone. Please, Lauren. I really want to see you. I’m really am sorry for what I’ve done to you.”

She thought about that comment Shadow had made about Tyler’s wife and regretting seeing if the grass was greener on the other side.

Had Dylan gone out in the world and tried others only to realize he wanted to come back to her?
“Fine, I’ll see you tonight for dinner. Seven?” she asked.

“Perfect. Text me your address.”

She agreed and hung up. After texting him the address, she wondered if she should let Tyler know she was meeting Dylan for dinner.

There was nowhere in the contract she couldn’t see other men, but she couldn’t have sex with other men until the contract was over with.

After she finished putting up the food, she decided to work a little bit on the doctor’s office account for Tyler so she could give him the preliminary. She saw she could see his work calendar from her email and knew he had another meeting with Dr. Jefferson by the end of this week. A sudden cramp came to her stomach and she looked at her calendar.

What a coincidence for her cycle to come, but actually, it was good timing since Tyler was going to take a break from her and it’ll give her a lot of time to think about what she wanted to with Dylan. Her menstruation was usually a four-day affair, so that was plenty of time to think.

She found a nice black dress in her closet and put out all her other clothes she was going to wear for the “date” with Dylan.

Just as she was about to go to the bathroom to start a shower, her doorbell rung.

Who could this be? Very few knew her home, so why would anyone just ring her doorbell?

With caution, she looked out of the peephole wondering who the African American woman was on the other side of the door


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  1. Say it ain’t so…Deborah done shaved and got her feet done for Dylan? What’s up with all them kids Deborah having? Shadow is right, all a man got to do is blow on her to get pregnant.

    I wanted to smack Lauren in the back of her head for allowing Dylan to come over for dinner, His ass do not deserve to step one toe in her home after what he done. Gosh…I hope she doesn’t get sucked back in to pleasing Dylan.

    1. and Teresa, I swear I think you just sit awake and wait for me to post. I ain’t nevah seen no one get to the post as fast as you do. OmG! It makes me happy, but I worry about you. LOL.

  2. I have so many questions 😊: Why would Lauren give Dylan her address? She would had offered to meet him at the restaurant.

    Who does Deborah want? Is it Tyler or Dylan? So many twist and turns. What else is Shadow working on? She seems to be pushing her own agenda as well. Why is Lauren still also naive? You would think she would begin to be suspicious of everyone after everything that has happened to her.

    Even though Tyler has treated her badly I really think he loves her and is trying to help. Also, it seems like they should have exceeded the contract by now. Right?

  3. Poor Lauren is still so damn dense. There ain’t no way in hell I would tell Dylan where I live. She has a dang car now. If he can’t talk over the phone then there is nothing to talk about. Dinner is too damn intimate, lunch or coffee at Starbucks more like it. Shadow is possibly Blaque’s kid? 👀👀👀

  4. Wait, if that were true then that means Blaque slept with Dorian, right? Cause she isn’t Onyx’s kid right? Shittttttt, the plot thickens too tough.

  5. Wait hold up!!! I’m missed something! I thought I read that Onyx and Dorian ( Ravenous) were Shadow ‘s parent . Now I’m forced to go back and re- read this!!!!

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