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Thank you for your patience. There was a story scheme I needed to work out with Chapter 25 that I didn’t realize until after chapter 27 and had to go back and add here.

Lots of story and I hope a lot more questions to answer.

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Now my comments about the story:

This is a pretty long chapter and it gives a dark presence to Tyler.. darker than what he is. People think they know him, but they don’t. There’s a lot of layers to this man I’m discovering.

Again I apologize this took so long. There was a lot of the story in this chapter and I wanted to make sure it all made sense.



Black’s Innocence Chapter 25

Tyler loudly smacked as he released her nipple and didn’t move until she had closed her shirt. Lauren just wanted to die of embarrassment and couldn’t even look past Tyler to see who was in the room.

Chance voice said surprisingly calm,” I started to push the elevator to go down, but then I remembered I didn’t get the contract on your desk to read over.”

Neither had heard the elevator doors reopen or had noticed the elevator had not left the floor. They had been so consumed with each other.

Tyler looked back at Lauren to see she was properly dressed before he stood up and went to his desk to grab the contract.

“I guess that’s the reason for the odd flush?” Chance questioned Lauren.

She put her hands in her face wanting to die of shame.

“So I think I should see you at my office tomorrow morning?” the doctor suggested.
“It’s a Saturday,” she noted.

“I’ll make special hours for this.Nine am in my office.”

Tyler said determinedly, “She’ll be there.” He handed the contract to Chance and once again the doctor wished them goodbye.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, Tyler came over to the couch to sit beside her. His hands immediately went to the front of her dress as if to start exactly where he had stopped.

Lauren shot off the couch. “No!” she said adamantly.

His brow raised with levity glistening in his eye. “Are you refusing me, Lauren? There are provisional punishments for refusal.”

She looked at him as if he had lost his mind. “Do you know how embarrassing that was, Tyler?”

“So what. He’s a doctor and I’m sure women have told him worse situations than sleeping with their boss.” He patted the area beside him to encourage her to sit back down.

“I’m going to work and then I’m going home. I need some space.” She walked to the door which would lead down the stairs to her desk.

“Lauren,” he said not getting off the couch or even looking her way.

“What?” she snapped.

“I’ll pick you up about eight thirty for the doctor.”

“I don’t really have to go,” she flubbed out nervously. “I could put it off for another week.”

“No, I think you should go,” Tyler insisted still not look her way. Oddly, he was looking down at his lap. “And while you’re there, he’s going to insist upon a pregnancy test. I’d advise you to take it.”

“We’ve been using protection.”

He turned around to find her standing by the door. There was this odd smirk on his face. “We have, except once.”

Frowning, Lauren questioned. “When?”

He stood up looking even more amused and walking to her. “You don’t remember? Our last time we were together? After we woke up? Did you see me leave the bed and get a condom?”

Lauren’s legs wobbled as she was barely able to remember all that had happened.

Gripping the doorknob for support, she forced herself to remember all that she had chosen to forget from the intense night of lovemaking.

She’d been so horny and then after they’d made love the first time and passed out, all she remembered vaguely he’d unloosened her hands from the handcuffs and they fell into some odd exhaustive sleep with his body still on top of her.

Yet now as she forced herself to replay that night, there had been more… a lot more.

She’d awaken feeling light-headed and instead of panicking, she had started to lovingly rub his back. Prior to slowly waken up he was already voraciously suckling her nipples, giving oral loving all over her body and heightening her arousal again.

Tyler chuckled and whispered, “About time,” as he moved up and captured her lips. At the same time, he pressed inside of her.

The pressure increased inside of her and she gasped feeling him grow. She couldn’t stop her eyes from fluttering and then rolled back as he continued to stroke deeper inside of her.

Lauren could feel her entire body in the grips of a massive seismic tidal wave rocking her soul.

She was glad they were in a hotel room because she screamed, cried and hollered at the top of her lungs as if this was her last time breathing and she didn’t care. If she was going to die, this would be the happiest moment of her life despite hearing Tyler elated.

Lauren never thought sex could feel so damn good with someone so damn bad.

As she fell unconscious, she hated Tyler Black even more because she had a feeling no one would ever make her feel like this ever again.


When she had awakened and snuck out of that hotel room, she had forced herself to forget all the details but now as her mind rewind, Lauren wanted to throw up. She was so mad at herself for being so damn foolish and allowing herself to just trust Tyler every time they had sex.Protection wasn’t in the contraction, according to the parts she had read, which had only been her obligation to the agreement. 

“Have you lost your mind?” she screamed at him after slapping him, open palm on the side of his face.

Tyler smirked, rubbed his face and then coolly said, “Probably, but you’re going to that appointment.”

Taking a deep breath to calm herself down, Lauren turned away from him using the city skyline to calm herself down wishing she was anywhere else except in this office with Tyler Black.

“You aren’t coming with me,” she determined. “I can go by myself.”

“The hell I’m not,” he protested.

Turning to him sharply, Lauren said, “Tyler, I swear I’ll tear my hair out if you come and I’ll act a fool in front of Dr. Jefferson.”

He looked suspiciously at her. “You like him?”

“Of course I do, but like a brother. He’s cared about me like a sister.” Folding her arms across her chest, she said, “I’m an adult, Tyler. I’m just as concerned about my welfare and I’ll be even more concerned as long as YOU are not around me.”

“How do I know you’ll really make the right decisions I want you to make?”

Narrowing her eyes, she said, “I do not want to have kids out-of-wedlock. I’m not going to. Babies like that are…” Her voice trailed off and she turned around again before Tyler could see the pain of past hurts and regrets.

He finished her sentence. “Babies like that are left with the umbilical cord still attached at a police station.”

She swallowed her pain and looked away. “I want to be married when I have kids. I want to be someone’s wife. I won’t do that to my children.”

“You feel very strongly about it due to your past,” he concluded

She tried to secretly rub off the tears that had escaped her eyes. “I especially wouldn’t want to have your bastards.”

“That’s my girl.” He came over to her and leaned against the window with his arms cross. “But if you don’t want me to go with you, I still will send Rodger to you in the morning to pick you up and take you.”

She tried to offer another way. “I can-”

Tyler put a finger to her lips to quiet her speech while he shook his head back and forth slowly. “I will not argue with you on this, Lauren. Do as I say and I won’t make your life more miserable.”

She pushed his finger away. “I’m not going to kiss your ass because you just want to make sure I’m not having your bastard.”

Tyler moved to his desk. “I figured that would be the next step in your miserable life anyway. Ten kids out-of-wedlock, living on aid, praying for death for the next thirty years of your life. Is that what whores do?”

“Ten?” she questioned, knowing he was exaggerating.

“Okay, five.” He sat down and put his feet up on the desk.

Lauren was starting to realize when Tyler wasn’t serious about something. Was this a mechanism to avoid certain subjects?

“Needless to say,” he continued tapping his pen on his desk. “According to the contract, no matter what, I’m responsible for contraceptives and I’m angry at myself for losing control. It won’t happen again. I don’t want a whore’s child.”

Folding her arms over her chest trying to pretend his silly name calling didn’t hurt her feelings, she asked, “Why are you an ass most of the time?”

“Because it helps people not to get close to me. I’ve learned closeness can kill you.”

“I see we both learn something from our past.”

“Your past and mine is nothing alike,” he seethed disgustedly.

“Why because you’re working so hard to be apart of a family that don’t want you and I was accepted into a family easily?” she sneered back.

He put his feet down and leaned forward in the chair. There was this sudden deadly aura about him. The air in the room seemed to grow cold. “You don’t know anything about anything about me?”

“I know enough. I understand the tattoos and why you turned your back on your family.”

“Who’s been talking about me to you?” he demanded.

“No one-”

Tyler shot out of his chair and literally leaped in front of her in one step. “Don’t motherfucking lie to me, Lauren. Who’s got my name on their lips in your ear?”

She pressed her back against the window and swallowed. “Just talk… Things I picked up… from people.”

Narrowing his eyes to slits, he stared down hard at her putting both hands on the side of her head. “Well, whoever is just talking to you, why don’t you tell them they have no idea who I am and why I do the things I do and you or they do not need to know anything more than what I allow you to see.”

Ducking under his arms and moving as far away from him as possible towards the door, Lauren said, “I’ll see Rodger tomorrow.”

“Good and you’ll see me tomorrow night,” he ordered. “I wasn’t satisfied, Lauren, so you’re still on number four.”

She would argue with him right now because getting out of the room was more important. Whatever was in his past he clearly didn’t want anyone to know any more than what he needed people to know.

She didn’t want to bring that dark side of Tyler out ever again.

Once this was over, her contact with Tyler would be little to none and that would suit her just fine.

She was not going to get attached to him and she was not going to care what others were going to do to him.

Getting to her desk, she saw Deborah cut her a strange look.

Looking back at her work, Lauren pretended everything was fine. Working for a minute was hard as her mind swirled around what she should do. Reaching in her blazer side pocket, she found the paper Shadow had pressed in her hands.

Unfolding the paper, Lauren revealed a phone number and decided to put it in her phone’s contacts so she wouldn’t forget.

Although she didn’t want to get attached to him and she didn’t want to help him out, at this point, if Lauren was too close to Tyler, then maybe she should find out exactly what could get her killed. 

Towards the end of the day, Deborah was called away from her desk and had to go up to Tyler’s office. It looked like she was going to be a while and that gave Lauren ample enough time to go find the employee file cabinet. The other day there was no reason to look through them, but today, after Shadow countered what Deborah said, Lauren felt this information needed confirming.

Shadow had been adamant about not trusting anyone, but how could Lauren trust this little girl if she didn’t know what was coming out of her mouth was the truth.

Lauren knew the employee files were unlocked. Deborah unlocked all file cabinets at the beginning of the day and then locked everything down by the end of the day.

Getting to the cabinet with the employees, the last drawer was reserved for past employees who no longer worked at the law firm.

Oddly, the drawer was quite full for a small firm. From looking at business data all the time, Lauren could make the determination this place had an unusually high amount of past employees, but as she flipped through the files she was disturbed that there were little to no firings. Most employees had been let go due to never showing up to work. As if they had decided to stop coming.

Yet, the majority were women and from their attached employee badges they were colored, just as Deborah had said.

Lauren looked at the files all the way through just to see if she could spot that woman she saw with Deborah.

Nothing looked like the woman at all and Lauren was disappointed by this, but was more bothered by the fact Deborah lied to her about the employees being fired. They were let go after not showing up for work, which was what Shadow had pointed out.

She came back to her desk, just as Deborah was coming back down the stairs.

“Are you clocking out now or staying late to work?” Deborah questioned.

“I’m wrapping things up,” Lauren answered.

“Really?” Deborah looked confused. “I thought with you helping him get the doctor’s account you’d stay and work late on it to impress him.”

Shaking her head, Lauren said, “I can pretty much get everything finished by Monday. He didn’t’ give me a deadline.”

“Are you sure about that? I’d sure hate for him to fire you? He seemed sure you would finish everything tonight when I just met with him.”

Lauren wasn’t crazy. Tyler hadn’t given her a deadline for the doctor’s files, but he didn’t say he wanted to see her tonight.

Sitting back in her chair indecisive, she pulled out the files and started to work on them.  Tyler always sent mixed messages and although they still had a sexual agreement together, she wouldn’t put it past him to fire her for not doing her job.

Deborah walked back to her desk and quietly finished the rest of her day.

Lauren watched the administrative assistant leave along with all the other people from the office.

She looked at her phone and Tyler hadn’t sent her a message.

Should she call him?

She decided not to.

Since her phone was in hand, she decided to initially text her landlord and ask him if she could take the bed.

Secondly, she texted the number Shadow gave her. “I need to meet with you. I need to understand why you know so much?”

Unfortunately, there was not a quick reply from either one of them and in disappoint, Lauren put the phone down and concentrated on what work needed to be done.

If she at least completed the majority of this work tonight, she could then just run the report Monday morning if he came in on a tirade.

Lauren turned on her desk lamp as the sun started to set. The last bus left the terminal about nine p.m. If she worked until eight, she would be able to make it over there in time.

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  2. Chance is a contradiction to freaky deaky mind. As big as he is, he is such a dork in a way. That’s why he always makes a great big brother. Tyler is something without a label. I don’t think he is as bad as Shadow makes him out to be. There is an ulterior motive to wanting to fit in.

    1. I’ve been asked when Chance is going to get someone.

      1. I haven’t found anyone who’d really want that.
      2. And I think with Chance being such a really nice guy and his admired size, I gotta mess him up a little. Toughen him up and find him someone whos not intimidated by the fact that every woman is going to throw themselves at him.

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