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Author’s Note:

The last chapter was the highest read chapter other than the initial chapters. Wow and wow! You guys really went to town on that one and we haven’t really gotten to the good parts.

Funny how a story comes to you when you least expect it and then you’re like oh my goodness that is a good story and then you come up with the  twist and you’re like oh my goodness this is gonna be the best story AND THEN you find a way to inject another awesome storyline underneath the extra most bestest* storyline ever and you’re like OH MY LAWDT!  I GOTTA GO CHANGE MY UNDERWEAR!

Yeah, that’s where I am.

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Now my comments about the story:

So you think you know what’s going on, huh? For those of you that don’t or didn’t read the comments from Chapter 16, then you don’t know what we’re talking about.

Let’s start with first, I will confess The Shadow is in town. If you’re trying to figure out the timeline this is after she’s been kidnapped which only means she’s working for the person we shall not name.

If you’re a Shadow fan then you know, like one reader said, Shadow doesn’t like to do anything unless it’s helping herself so although she is working for someone else, she is trying her best to get out of her situation and be left alone.

So it gets complicated from here because if I say anymore then you’ll just know what’s going on and no I won’t answer the question on whether she’s there for Dylan or Tyler. You’ll have to figure that out for yourself but in about five chapters you’ll pretty much guesstimate what’s really going on.

And it doesn’t look good for Lauren


Chapter 17

Turning around Lauren was shocked to see Tyler running up to her with the report she had just given Deborah in his hand.

“You did this?” he demanded to know shaking the report at her as if she had done something wrong.

Hesitantly, Lauren admitted, “Yes.”

“All by yourself?” he questioned skeptically. “No one helped you out?”

Frowning, not liking his accusatory tone of voice, she answered. “All by my lonesome, Tyler. I’m not just a stupid whore.”

He snorted. “It’s nice to see you’re recognizing your strengths.”

She bit her lip wanting to say something about his cruelty and the fact that he wasn’t recognizing she was a whore. She was trying to be sarcastic. “Tyler, I did the report. What’s the big deal? I was given a job. Did I fail some parameter or out of this world expectation?”

“Do you understand what you just found?”

“Lots of discrepancies on a human part and not the computer,” she answered.

He grabbed both her shoulders forcing her to look directly up at him. “Lauren, you just found close to five million dollars being stolen right under the company nose.”

It was her turn to snort. “Wow. Lucky them,” she said dishearted. “It’s not as if any of that money is going to be put in my pocket, Tyler. You hired me to do a job and that’s what I did.” She tried to push his hands away in disgust but as usual, he didn’t move away. “Why are you grabbing me so roughly Tyler? What did I do wrong?”

He immediately released her as if touching her was disgusting. “I want to see you tonight.”
“I’m tired,” she lied.

“It’s for your benefit. Not mine,” he promised.

“Like today in your office was for my benefit?”

He pressed his lips together as if he was holding himself from saying something.

Sighing, just knowing he’d throw the contract in her face, she asked, “What time?”


“I’ll just be getting home. It’s a long bus ride from here.”

“My driver, Rodger, can take you.”

Rolling her eyes in exasperation, she asked, “You have a driver? I thought you were picking out a car?”

“I haven’t made my mind up yet. I told you I’m fickle as hell and I can’t drive my car downtown all the time to park in time for court. I keep him on tap.”  He whistled at a high pitch and a dark blue brand new Chrysler 200 pulled up beside them.

This was too much! Tyler was too much.

“Take my car home,” Tyler ordered. “Rodger will drop you off and then pick you back up at seven to bring you to me.”

“Really, I’ll just take the bus and rush to get ready,” she said shaking her head.

He pulled her close to him with his very serious look in those soulless eyes. “Do you really think I have time to play your ‘I’m going to pretend you don’t like what I do to you’ game, Lauren? Here? Out in public? Are you daring me to reveal what your body does when you really want me?”

That was a clear threat, enough to make her tremble and although every fiber of her being wanted to defy and challenge him, she had a feeling he would do something extreme and be damn that they were in public eye.

Handing her bags to the driver, Lauren huffed and started to get in the back of the car.

Tyler said her name.

She whipped her head around and glared at him with her most displeased look.

“Don’t forget to not wear panties again and this is all for your pleasure.”

Lauren really wanted to tell him a thing or two that would be for her pleasure including castrating him and cutting off his hot ass hands so he couldn’t touch her, but her tongue was tied from his embarrassing statement.

Could she just poke his black eyes out so she wouldn’t have to see the triumphant look in them all the time?

Getting in the car and not looking at him was her best defense; especially if she wanted to keep her job, yet she was very aware he didn’t stop watching her until Rodger pulled away.

Giving the driver her address, she sat back and relaxed. Did she owe Tyler a thank you for giving her a ride home?

Lauren didn’t want to thank Tyler for anything.

“Are you ill?” Rodger asked.

He was a huge black man in his late thirties that looked like a retired cop.

“No,” she answered.

“Does he owe you some massive amount of gratitude? Or are you blackmailing him?”

“The only thing I owe Tyler Black is a kick in the nuts,” she hissed. “I hate his guts.”

He frowned looking confused in the mirror at her. “I haven’t seen him give up his car ever. Not even to his own mother. He had her catch a cab instead of taking her home, even though I was available.”

Lauren frowned. “I can’t figure him out either, Rodger, but he drives me insane.”

Rodger chuckled and continued driving. “Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone can figure out Tyler Black.”

As he pulled in front of her house, she instructed Rodger on how to pick her up tonight and went inside.

She was low on minutes and decided not to get on the Internet prior to Rodger returning. Instead, she hid her valuables behind the headboard since she was going to be leaving her place for most of the night to spend with Tyler.

She had checked her email at work and saw two places she had looked at a couple of days ago had contacted her with an affordable move-in rate. They were close to the bus line and shopping, which was why she had chosen them, but most of all they were decent places to stay.

Being able to up her standard of living was the only good thing that was happening from her decision to be with Tyler sexually. Moving to a safe comfortable environment where she could walk around naked and barefoot if she wanted would be the ultimate place to stay.

With two more payments from Tyler, she could see herself getting out of this place, getting a better laptop, some business cards and getting her website up and running. She would be able to start her life all over again and with a job, if she could keep this one, there was going to be a certain peace in her life.

The job with Tyler seemed secure after today and Lauren considered even after their sexual deal was done, she wouldn’t mind staying there working and making a steady income so she could keep her standard of living no matter how her business went. She was sure she could handle Tyler’s business side since he was rarely in the office.

If Dylan returned, there would be no animosity or need to see him. Her job would consist of getting the reports, working the information and keeping a low profile. After a while, she might ask can she work more from home so she could run her own business and just make their law firm one of her clients.

Funny how she realized she didn’t need some perfect house, car, and husband to be happy. Peace of mind was priceless and even more valuable when one acquired it for themselves.

Taking a cold shower because there was no warm water today, she hurried back to her room and looked through the bags of clothes to see what she could throw on for tonight.

She noticed there were more clothes in the bag other than what she had chosen. At the bottom of the bag was a small box about the size of a book and addressed to her.

Opening up the box was a note inside with only one word, “Tonight.”

She was very aware who wrote the message.

Under the note was a very expensive red bra, so dainty she could almost see right through the fabric. The material was the softest silk she had ever touched.

How had he planned this already? The man was insane.

She also found a red maxi style dress that flared out at her hips with matching shoes in the bag – all her size! The items had a note pinned to them that only read, “Tonight.”

Lauren took out her good makeup and used the small broken mirror by the washing machine to bring out her eyes and accentuate her lips.

Rodger returned on time and took her back to the office but to the rear entrance.

“He’s meeting us here,” she inquired to Rodger with disappointment.

He nodded. “This is where he told me to bring you. He said to use your badge to gain entrance.”

Lauren was confused and walked to the metal door with no door handle. There was a metal badge swipe on the side and when she waved her purse, the door popped open and she walked into the building.

The door was right near the elevator she had been taken in earlier by Deborah and when she stopped in front of the elevator the doors opened. Stepping inside, she looked up at the camera and had a feeling Tyler was looking right at her, sitting at this humongous desk, with his feet up and a look of mirth in those black hole eyes.

The elevator didn’t stop at the floor she worked on. It went up one more level and then opened, but the other doors of the elevator on the other side opened, and not in the hallway. These doors led right into his office.

She was shocked how he had private access to leave and go as he wanted, but in a way she was glad because this meant once their “arrangement” was over and done with, she would hardly ever see him.

Soon as she stepped off the elevator into his office, she spotted him at his desk just getting off the phone.

“Are you hungry, Lauren?” he questioned.

His coolness disarmed her and she could tell he had changed clothes and possibly taken a shower.

“Is this a date?” she asked warily.

“You can’t answer a question by asking a question,” he snipped.

“I’m hungry,” she answered.

He pointed to the far corner of the room on the other side of the couch by the large windows where two chairs and a table were set up. “The food was just delivered. Shall we eat?” he asked standing up and moving over to the table.

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  1. You are the “extra most bestest” to quote Little Caesars too. You got my blood pressure up. I’m running around in circles trying to figure out your twists.

  2. Dammit Tyler… Dammit Lauren… He is a sweet meanie. I wonder did Dylan convince Tyler’s ex that it was best to be with the same race and seduce her with his lil weenie. Or was she a money grubbing whore out for the next best thing, looking for the come up? You got me stumped. His wife couldn’t be the Costello chick so who is she and what does Shadow want? What’s up with the old co-worker? Dammit… So much to figure out. 😢👀🙈🙊🙉

    1. I like that sweet meanie. LOL.

      You guys made me go back and question the storyline, but then I see how you came up with your deductions.

      Story spoiler yes, Tyler’s wife became a money grubbing whore, but her mistake was that she got greedy and thought the grass was greener on the other side.

      His wife is not the Costello chick, which I can understand why you would think it was Sharlie.

      thank you for keeping me on my toes.

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