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I’m going to warn you, this is a long chapter and it will be a very long love scene. About three chapters interwoven between past and present.

I just want to let you know, I’ve made this one extra long.

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Chapter 21

Her whole body leaped in fear and excitement from his voice. Her eyes found Tyler in the doorway across the room with only a towel on holding a golden glass of liqueur with a few pieces of ice. He was fresh from a shower and she could just imagine how delicious he smelled.

This was the first time she had seen him almost completely naked in better light and spotted the ancient ferocious dragon tattoo with a Slavic god mask entwined on the body and some Russian symbols instead of scales that ran from the left side of his body over his left arm covering his shoulder and most likely his upper back. The dragon was wrapped around a tree with a sword like trunk. The artwork was fascinating and she was disappointed she was standing so far away to admire the beauty.

Dropping the coat to her feet she saw his eyes light up.

He walked to the couch and sat down. She was very sure all he wore was the towel.

Would he taste her? Would he make her come? Would he fill her up with himself?

Lauren almost passed out with her need to attain all of this and was willing to do anything for him. Trying to contain her arousal was getting more difficult as the seconds passed.

“Get on your knees,” Tyler ordered. “And crawl to me.”

Lauren swallowed the shame and sunk to her knees. Being wicked for Tyler was intoxicating.

“Slower,” he ordered.

She obeyed his every word with bated breath as to what was next. When she arrived at his feet she stopped and moved up until she was resting her butt on the back of her knees in a kneeling position right in front of him.

He leaned close to her until their faces were inches away. His eyes held contact with her and she was almost afraid to blink.

In a dark whisper, he ordered, “Tonight you’re going to do whatever I want you to do and you’re not allowed to talk or make a sound unless I say so. Nod only if you understand.”

She nodded.

He reached inside of the bag on the couch and pulled out a long silk red rope. “Put your arms up and clasp your hands together.”

Her chest lurched in fear. Was he actually going to tie her up?

Putting her hands in the position he ordered, he took the rope and tied her wrist securely. She winced feeling him pull extra tight.

Tyler smiled proud of himself and then realized she was looking right at him. “Close your eyes. I don’t want you even looking at me.” His voice was hard and cruel.

She closed her eyes, but she was so aware of his proximity.

He started to feel her shoulders, chest and then her breast. She was very aware he took his time and massage each one with care and precision. His hands seemed to increase in heat the more he touched her or maybe it was now her skin soaking up his heat and feeling like he was burning her.

Lauren took deep breaths, feeling her arousal increase and hoping soon they could finish what they started the other night … or at least he would.

His hands moved down her stomach, circled her back and rubbed on her bottom before coming back around and he took great care with touching every inch of her legs. Moving from her thighs to her calves and then back up her body, Tyler took his time as if he was trying to remember every inch of her chocolate skin.

“Your resistance is what turns me on,” he admits with a smile in his voice.

Lauren closed her eyes tighter so she wouldn’t feel the effects of his touch. 

“You are pretending to not be affected by what I do to your body, but your body can’t lie. I can smell your arousal.” He pressed a finger between her legs and pull away to languish in the wetness he had recovered. “You’re drenched.”

She opened her eyes to look as he sucked her juices off his fingers greedily. That almost sent her over the edge and she quickly closed her eyes again.

“Fight me all you want, whore,” he encouraged. “But tonight, I’m going to make you beg for everything.”

Lauren was terrified. Not for her life, but for her sanity. Tyler’s plan to drive her sexually crazy was already working.


Lauren awoke early the next morning. Pulling her wrists to her body, she coveted the fact she finally had control of her arms again. Her binding had been torn off only when she had finally given in and screamed, hollered and praised Tyler for anything and everything.

He had been right about her begging.

Feeling very ashamed of herself, she unwinded herself carefully from his body without waking him and hurried out of the room.

The trench coat was still on the floor by the door and also there was an envelope by the door with her name on it. She didn’t remember the envelope being there last night. Inside was three thousand dollars.

She knew this time, he had purposely put that amount in there. This was no mistake. Last time was one extra payment and now this time was two.

Why? Lauren’s conscious screamed to know, but she refused to go in that room and wake him up to find the reason. Seeing his triumphant black eyes and hearing his conquering growl from last night solidified she couldn’t stand to look at him right now.

Dammit! She needed the money!

The last money he had paid was helping her move and paying for her apartment for a couple of months in advance. This would help her get furniture she needed for the apartment.

After last night, she certainly deserved it. Tyler had taken advantage of every orifice on her body and dammit if she hadn’t enjoyed every single second of him pounding into her and wanting more.

She had begged.

He had made sure she did.

The glory of his smile and triumphant chuckled was beautiful and hated at the same moment.

Lauren stuffed the envelope in her coat and then called the front desk for a cab. She didn’t even want Rodger to know she was leaving late.

Getting down to the lobby, she was escorted out of the front door to a cab waiting for her. Giving the driver a hundred-dollar bill and an address, she sat back and wallowed in the humiliation she had given to.

At the time, she had been mindless in sexual passion, even to the point of crying real tears in her need to have him carry on the debauchery he did to her body.

Pulling her sleeve up she rubbed the black and blue marks on her wrist and took a deep breath. Her throat burned as well. Telling the cabbie her address hurt like hell. She didn’t want to talk to a soul.

She had the cabbie drop her off right by her entrance and warily got out as she noticed there was something jammed in her door.

The last time she had seen something jammed in her door was her eviction notice.

The cab drove off and Lauren looked around to see if anyone was around. There was nothing around in the alley and there didn’t seem as if someone had broken in her door.

She took the paper out and quickly went inside of the basement door. It wasn’t until she was inside of her room, she opened up the folded paper and read what was on there.

Someone had drawn several familiar symbols and taped a family crest at the bottom of the page.

Lauren read the scribbling underneath the symbols out loud. “If you have you seen these symbols that means you’re too close.”

Looking at the symbols again, she recognized these were the symbols from Tyler’s body tattoo.

Too close?

Who was trying to warn her? And what were they trying to warn her about? Getting too close to Tyler?

It wasn’t as if she could run away now. Tyler had three more obligations and Lauren had a feeling even if she tried to hide in a dark corner of the world, Tyler would find her.

And how close was too close? At this moment, all Lauren could smell was Tyler on her flesh.

Feeling too exhausted from the night before, she decided she really needed to wash up.

She didn’t bother to shower because she didn’t want to hear the landlord’s nagging. She did use the sink in the basement to wash up. Going around smelling like Tyler for one more second would not help her peace of mind. To help her sore throat she gargled some medicinal mouthwash with warm water.

Since Lauren had the day to herself, she cleaned her area thoroughly and sent email messages to the landlord about returning the money she had paid him.

At nine in the morning, Tyler had called her, but she pushed him to voicemail.

The note on the door bothered her and she felt maybe she needed a small break to keep her emotions in check and her peace of mind intact.

Lauren really wanted a nice meal, so she put on all her winter wear and stepped out in the cold towards the afternoon. There was a Chinese place that would be open for New Year’s Eve, by the gas station, so she headed that way looking like a bum, but not caring.

Keeping herself mentally and physically occupied was her main goal or she would drive herself crazy thinking about the sexual fool she had been made into last night with Tyler.

The wind seemed colder as the afternoon was settling so she kept the scarf around her face. While she waited for her order at the Chinese Restaurant, she went next door to the gas station to grab an apple juice. Just as she was leaving out, she was shocked to see Deborah getting out of a decent black Honda Accord. In the backseat, the car was packed with about six kids nearly sitting on top of each other.

“Stay in the car,” Deborah ordered the children. “Momma will be right back.”

They all obediently ordered as Deborah closed the car door and used the key fob to add the alarm.

Deborah walked right past Lauren without a glance and went into the gas station. Lauren walked slowly up to the car not believing all those kids were Deborah’s but they all looked alike. There were two sets of twins and two older children all ranging in the ages from about five to eight.

What drew her curiosity was these children were mixed. There was no doubt in Lauren’s mind these children were mixed with African-American descent, which was why she could understand Deborah took to being annoyed by the way Tyler treated colored women.

Feeling a little good that Lauren possibly had an ally, she went into the gas station. Since it was probably the only one opened for several blocks on a holiday, it was pretty busy, but she spotted Deborah by the Milk Cooler.

Going in that direction, she heard Deborah viciously say, “I don’t know how the hell she figured everything out. I swear I didn’t tell her anything and I know he didn’t suspect a thing.”

Lauren ducked in the aisle right before the milk cooler and kept her head low pretending to look at all the bag of chips on the bottom shelf.

“What do you know about her?” another female asked whom Lauren had not seen near Deborah and determined this woman was short and sounded African-American.

“Only that she was Dylan’s ex-wife, financially strapped and Tyler gave her a job to see her suffer around the office. I fully expected her to fail and I think Tyler did too but she figured out what even the best accountant in Detroit couldn’t figure out,” Deborah answered. “She’s really smart and I don’t know how to get rid of her. Tyler’s having too much fun treating her like shit.”

“And she’s just putting up with it?”

“The poor girl has nowhere else to go. I heard she’s so blacklisted no one will hire her in the state of Michigan and she doesn’t want to leave town.”

“So what about the money? What do you think we should do now?”

Lauren heard them moving and coming past her aisle. She walked down to the other end and moved to the front of the store where she couldn’t hear their conversation anymore.

The cashier in the store yelled, “Get outta here begging!”

Not wanting to draw any attention to herself, she left the store and went over to the Chinese place and just stood outside watching Deborah’s car.

Her phone rang. It was Tyler calling from the office. She was starting to recognize all his numbers. She pushed him to voicemail.

The assistant came out of the gas station with the short black woman who was dressed all in a bright pink coat, Ugg boots and some brown pants with a pink hat.

Lauren was too far away to see details but she took note of when the woman walked to a white mid-2000 Malibu with a busted fender, the woman walked with a slight limp.

Lauren watched Deborah get in her car and drive off before ducking into the Chinese store and getting her food.

She walked home and by the time she got there, it was pitch black, but she noted there was a piece of paper jammed in her door.

Tyler’s writing felt angry as he scribbled a warning.

‘You better not be avoiding me to get out of your contract.’

She rolled her eyes in exasperation.

While the memory was fresh in her head, Lauren wrote down what she had heard and what the other woman was wearing and driving in a small notebook she kept in her large purse.

Her stomach was growling and she ate her takeout while scribbling in the notebook. Since she hadn’t gotten her apple juice, she was forced to drink the nasty water the basement provided with her meals.

Lauren made a note to buy a water purifying jug when she moved to her new place and never drink another glass of nasty water in her life.

Simple comforts of life were taken for granted and Lauren was starting to really treasure the small things.

Picking up her phone, she texted Tyler. ‘Needed a holiday. My throat hurts too much.’

She didn’t expect him to answer back, but he did with only, ‘K.’

Laying down after eating, Lauren had a lot on her mind. Initially, she pondered her night of shame with Tyler.

After feeling her body, he took her hands and guided them on his chest. He leaned back. “Touch me,” he ordered.

His skin was so warm as she moved down his chest feeling his hair tickle her palm. She moved back up to touch his shoulders. She did take her time though even though the room was lit by candlelight, this gave her time to note the beautiful intricate tattoo covering most of his left side and his left arm.

Since her wrist was tied, this was her excuse to take a lot of time, but he didn’t move and when she had done both of his arms, she knew there was the rest of his body. Was she supposed to move the towel away? It was barely over his midsection and she could see the large protrusion, and she did everything to avoid bothering the towel.

Moving down his long thick powerful legs, she marveled at the strength he emanated.

The towel twitched.

She moved down one thick powerful leg and languishing moved up the other leg.

The towel twitched again.

Curiosity got to her and she wondered if he would allow her to see him like he saw her – up close.

Pursing her lips together, remembering all the books she read about pleasing a man, she wondered if he could really enjoy being in her mouth.

No teeth, she remembered the most important rule.

Pulling the towel away, she watched as he never opened his eyes. He was semi-hard and she gently wrapped her hands around the base of his manhood. The pulsing of his quickening heartbeat gave her some indication he was enjoying what she was doing.

That thought made her smile a little. He didn’t have to compliment her verbally. His body spoke clearly to her.

She was in control of his wants at that moment and this made her whole body glow in thrill. Brushing her lips against the tip, she relished in the familiar smell of him She remembered how he had moved the head of him back and forth over her lips and how well-defined he became.

Yes, that worked.

Slowly, she took him in, adjusting her lips around the circumference and enjoying the taste of him. Taking a deep breath, she was able to press him to the back of her throat, pull all the way out and then move him back over her tongue until he was at the rear of her throat again.

She made a rhythmic slow oral massage, making sure she squeezed her lips extra tight as she withdrew. This took all her concentration as she also held the base of him with one hand and her other hand moved up with her lips, twisted a little of the tip and then followed her mouth back down.

“Fuck me!” he seethed pushing her off just as she was getting her groove and finding a song for her rhythm.

With her wrist bound, she fell to the ground backward and looked up at him. Damn, he looked magnificent in his anger with his phallus glistening in the candlelight from her spittle.

“That Whore! was not your fucking first time ever!” he sneered shooting to his feet. “No woman sucks that! Not like that! Fuck!”

She didn’t speak remembering she wasnt allowed and her eyes couuldn’t help but to return to look at his manhood which was still quite hard.

He reached down grabbed her wrist to pull her on her feet. He stared down at her as if he was in the worst conflict of his life before his lips masterfully took hers sucking the breath from her body. Since her wrist were bound, she couldn’t raise them, but they were down between his legs and perfectly wrapped around his shaft again. While he kissed her, she moved her hands up and down his manhood using the moisture she had left there to help her out.

Tyler groaned deep in her mouth making her chest rumble.

He was excited.

She had done this to him.

His hands moved around her nape and he cruelly snarled, “You’ll be sorry you found out my weakness, Lauren. You’ll be really sorry.”

The night was far from over and Lauren braced herself for what she was about to endure.

She’d be sorry later, but for now, she prepared for the pleasure only Tyler could give her.


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  1. LOL…Why Tyler upset about getting a good blowjob? According to his definition of a whore, isn’t that what they suppose to do?

    Why you got to be adding more intrigue to this story? The twists keep getting deeper and deeper.

  2. Tyler’s weakness is good head, that’s good to know. The woman Deborah was talking to may be his ex but I can’t be sure. I don’t remember if she mentioned race. Who wrote the mysterious note? Who is stalking the girl? Is Shadow hanging around to protect her for another reason or what? So much to ponder, so much to reveal.

  3. I wonder if that’s the ex-wife with Deborah. Sounds like Deborah is up to no good and all of those kids, whose the father maybe Tyler. Questions and more questions arise.

  4. I’m amazed that Lauren has figured out that Tyler is more into than his letting on. I see the Shadow is in this book as well. How does she know Deborah? What did Deborah mean she’s trying to get Lauren to leave? I mean so many unanswered questions. Please save me from my many questions.

  5. I am loving the twist and turns but it seems New characters keep popping up. Who is the girl in the hoodie and the lady with the limp? Why is her ex-friend saying she is engaged to Tyler? What is Deborah up to? She seems to be giving out a lot of information that wasn’t asked. Hmm?

    1. I like that you’re suspicious of Deborah because she was pretty nice with too much cherry on top. I’ve always been wary of people who give me too much information and they don’t know me worth Jack. the hoodie girl comes from another book and the lady with the limp… well., you’ll just have to keep reading. Most times I’ve already dropped red herrings if I bring new characters onboard this late in the game so you know about them, you just didn’t realize you knew about them.

      From day one, (first page) her coworker said she was flat out jealous of Lauren, so why wouldn’t she put a wrench in her life by just saying something stupid thinking Lauren wasn’t f-ing around with Tyler to know the real truth? That what friends are for, in Lauren’s world.

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