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Yes, I know you’ve missed me and was a little worried I had quit. Nope, I really plan on seeing this to the end and I hope you enjoy the ride.

More to come. Still working out the story.


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Now my comments about the story:

I’m jumping from the long love scene to the current happenings in Lauren’s life. A lot is starting to happen and Lauren can’t stop what’s to come, but I hope she can endure just a little bit more stress in her life.

Reader Question: Will you jump into Tyler’s head? I want to know what he’s thinking?

Probably not. I hate to tell you but Tyler’s more treacherous than you think.

And that’s all I’ll say about that.

This post is pretty long too.


Chapter 22

Tyler had attached handcuffs to the headboard and as he led her to the bed, Lauren hesitated. He jerked her wrist pulling her body against him.

“Give it up, Lauren. Your innocent act is a sham. You’re mine and you’re going to stay mine until I’m satisfied.” His lips were so hot, pressing up against hers drawing her in his lust.

She didn’t mind Tyler’s kisses. They made her chest swell and her senses leave.

She responded with the same ardor and ventured into pressing her tongue into his mouth. He received her groaning, cupping her face in his hands wrapping his tongue around hers even more voraciously.

Trembling, Lauren moaned with him joining his symphonic lustful song connecting their souls.

He broke the kiss and yanked her on the bed.

She started to speak, but he pressed a finger to her lips and shook his head. “Do not disobey me. The only words you are allowed to speak is how much you love what I do to your body.”

Staring terrified at the handcuffs she shook her head and pleaded as much as she could with her eyes to him. Lauren was not going to freely admit she really wanted Tyler.

The click of the handcuffs to the binding on her wrist seemed so loud and she flinched as if he had hurt her.

“Don’t worry, Lauren. By the time I’m done, you’ll hate me more.” His hand tenderly caressed her cheek catching the tear rolling down. “To my response is, stand in line.”

His hands moved down her body slowly over her breast and parted her thighs.

Grabbing her bound wrist, Tyler smiled triumphantly as if he had caught a prize.

The night was far from over and Lauren braced herself as she was adjusted on the bed and then Tyler descended on his knees between her legs. His lips kissed down the inside of her thighs on each side and then tenderly lapped around the edges of her womanhood, but he never moved all the way in and after about ten minutes of him kissing around her inner thighs, lightly licking her labia and nibbling even on her perineum, Lauren was about to scream. Already she had writhed so much she knew there were going to be bruises on her wrist, but she didn’t care.

“Stop fighting,” he ordered. “Let your body enjoy me.”

She shut her eyes tightly as Tyler made little circles on the crevice of her thighs and then started this whimsical swiping motion with his tongue.

“Gesus!” she screamed.

“He won’t save you!” Tyler retorted and then literally dove down and sucked directly on her clitoris.

Lauren though her eyes were going to pop from her body if she opened them, but she opened her mouth to cry out her frustration, but the cry sounded more like several long high pitched shrieks.

She couldn’t even take a breath in. Her chest was buckled from the lack of oxygen while her spine arched so hard she was sure she was about to break her body in half.

What the hell had this man done to her and why did she deserve to be punished like this?

When he finally relented, Lauren sobbed hard.

“No! No! Please, Tyler!” she begged. “Please Please Please!”

He moved up her body and smiled. His lips glistened with her essence and he kissed her gently. She let him.

“A few more hours, Lauren,” he assured her, just as his mouth attacked her breast and his hands moved down her body to fan her lustful flames.

Lauren was screaming again. Tyler was pulling out all the stops and enjoying every second of her torturous ecstasy.

After her second orgasm just from her breast alone, Tyler moved back down between her legs and Lauren was protesting once again. Begging came naturally for her and she didn’t care.

After her third climax, she wasn’t begging him to stop anymore. She was begging him to take her, do whatever he wanted to do to her and swearing that her will was his will.

He moved up her body now, capturing her mouth but at the same time driving his shaft so deep within her, her hips were rocked back by the force.

“Lauren,” he whispered by her ear thrusting into her repeatedly.

“Yes,” she whispered back, languishing in every beautiful impact between her legs.

“Lauren,” he whispered now his voice was filling with so much need.

“Yes, Tyler.”

“Say it,” he ordered.

“I love it,” she admitted. “I love it so… damn… oh, Gesus… Yes, I love it… Tyler, yes,… take it… Take it… PLEASE… yes, Yes… YES! Tyler!”

That sent him over the edge as well and their souls intermixed with their physical, as their breathing became synchronize to their wanton release.

Tyler reached up and released her bondage and Lauren pulled her wrists to her chest, but didn’t move any farther. Her brain cells were just as fried as her will and she didn’t care.


When Lauren arrived at the office early in the morning, she quickly went to work on finishing the project she had been working on when she had last been in the office.

She got to the office before Deborah and decided to take a look around the office to see if she could see any file cabinets with information.

Noting there was no indication of children on Deborah’s desk or personal items, the majority of the file cabinets were locked, except the supply cabinets and the printing closets.

Deborah arrived smiling at her and then quickly getting to her own work.

Lauren had liked the assistant until last night. Now she didn’t know what to feel. Was she using a cherry exterior to hide what she was really doing? Was she the one that warned Lauren she was getting too close to Tyler? Why didn’t Tyler see through her bullshit?

An hour after getting to work, Lauren was emailing the report to Deborah and she heard Tyler’s voice. “Where is she?” he demanded.

Someone must’ve answered him and a few seconds later, Tyler was stomping over to her desk.

“Good morning Mr. Black,” Lauren said as pleasantly as possible.

“I see your voice is back to normal,” he snipped looking down at her wrist.

She tucked them into her long sleeve and prayed he didn’t make her take off her oversize jacket that hid the bruising.

“Follow me,” he ordered sternly.

Deborah looked worried as they walked by her desk and up the stairs.

Soon as the doors to his office closed, he demanded, “Why’d you leave?”

“I wasn’t going to wake up and see you gloat. That’s not part of our deal.”

“I would have taken you home,” he said taking off his jacket. “Or we could have spent another day together and I would have brought you to work.”

“Tyler, let’s be realistic. What do you think the whole office would say if they saw us coming in together?”

“I could give a damn what other’s think,” he said. “Why are you so concerned with what others think?”

“Despite the fact that you feel I’m a whore, up until the point I was married I was virgin and proudly touted my virginity. I also didn’t get involved in office gossip fodder and I’m not about to start now. Sleeping with the boss is definitely water cooler talk.”

Tyler snorted.

Lauren continued, “And I’ve never liked the office whore. Neither did anyone else. I didn’t work hard to be a virgin for so long to be portrayed as a whore to other people.”

“Fuck other people, Lauren!” he sneered very sneered. “People don’t give a damn about you and their opinion is just like an asshole. Everyone has one, but both of them smell like shit.”

She stifled a giggle as he walked over to her and grabbed her wrist.When she tried to wrench her hand away, he held it tightly.

“Did I hurt you?” he demanded to know, opening her jacket and then pulling it off of her and tossing it on the couch across the large room.

Since they were alone, she allowed him. “No,” she lied, but emotionally he had dragged her pride in the mud the other night. “And do you care? You’ve hurt me before.”

“Not physically. I’m not that malicious.”

“It’s for your pleasure, right Tyler?” she retorted vindictively. “Until you are satisfied.”

There was this salacious dark look in his eyes for a moment but then he looked back at her wrist and became serious.

“I’m not a monster, Lauren,” he reiterated.

“Tyler, I’m confused because at one moment you treat me like shit and the next you’re actually concerned. Why do you play this game? And why do you think I’m going to fall for it when I know you and Jeanene are getting married?”

“Who?” he asked confused.

“Jeanene, the co-worker you fucked from my wedding!”

Tyler rolled his eyes. “Woman, have you lost your motherfucking mind? Fat Jeanene? Yeah, I fucked her to get information about you but she didn’t know shit. And then I dropped her like a bad habit. How the hell has she convinced you I’m marrying her?”

She felt stupid for admitting out loud her crazy thoughts but after their last sessions, she had crazy thoughts about a lot of things.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I just thought with you telling me I couldn’t be with other people, you shouldn’t be with anyone else.”

He huffed in exasperation as he unbuttoned her long sleeve white shirt to the dark purple marks on her skin and the slight cut. “You’re a liar!” he declared as he opened up the other sleeve to reveal more marks on her wrist.

She snatched her arm away. “I bruise easily,” she explained moving away from him. “That’s why I was in so many foster homes when I was young.”

Suspiciously, he blustered, “What?! You said your parents died when you went to college. You are a liar.”

Looking back at him, “My real mother dropped me off at a police station when I was two minutes old. I think she probably had me in the car, dropped me off and kept going. I was in the system most of my life until my real father found out about me and convinced his wife to adopt me when I was in high school. Most of my childhood is lost in paperwork and he being a lawyer was able to acquire me easily. I was a one night stand. I told you I was his child. His mistake. And her family hated him for making her raise someone else’s child, but my parents saved me. The system wasn’t nice to me. Since I bruised so easily and foster children are often rough handled I looked really bad most of my life and no one wanted me.”

“What happened to your mother?” he questioned skeptically.

“I don’t know. Someone told me she dropped me off in the middle of winter with the umbilical cord still attached. The police officers kind of were like my Godfathers but a lot of them that were there that night have retired and moved away or died.”

“Good thing they aren’t still around, you’d probably have me arrested for what I did to you last time?” he teased coming closer. “You’re a good liar, Lauren. Using the throwaway baby story to suck sympathy out of me.” He chuckled. “I don’t think you can tell the truth to save your life, whore.”

She retreated until her back hit the wall by the couch rolling her eyes exasperated by his disbelief in her. He didn’t stop until both hands were on the side of her head and his body was pressing against her. Putting her hands on his chest, remembering the tattoos that were there, she used levity to dissuade the current sexual situation, “I should still file charges.”

“I don’t see how that will go well for you when you were properly paid.”

Feeling degraded and not wanting to be in the same room as him, she said, “I have work to do.”

“Really?” he questioned. “I’m shocked business comes before pleasure with you being from a long line of whores, according to your story.”

Lauren hated she had given him fuel to his whore fire by telling him the truth about her real mother. “Yes, and my boss would be very upset that I’m using company time to discuss personal affairs.”

It was his turn to roll his eyes in exasperation. “Fine, Lauren, I’ll play your little game, but I bet your boss doesn’t know how delicious you taste when you come hard.”

She blushed really trying not to become aroused by his words and mad at her body for responding to him. “Tyler!” she begged. “Please don’t do this.”

He smiled. “That’s what I like to hear – you begging.” He stepped away and pointed to the elevator. “I have the new client coming in at three. I request your presence in the conference room. Go downstairs and find something nice to wear.”

She was glad when the doors of the elevator opened and she jumped inside to get away from him.

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