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Chapter 9

Arriving early to the office was a good thing for her. Chon had retrieved the journal she had found the other day and took it with her. Since no one was around, Chon thought she could find this guy’s desk and leave it there for him.

Upon getting to his work area, Chon immediately noticed everything was amiss. Someone had ransacked the man’s cubicle completely as if looking for something.

She put the journal back in her purse and slowly backed away from the desk.

“Watch where you’re going?” Tracy sneered, annoyed, holding a pot of coffee, but it was filled with water and on her way to the employee’s cafeteria.

“I’m sorry,” Chon said flustered.

“Aren’t you on the wrong side of the office?” Tracy questioned suspiciously.

“I was actually… yes,” Chon said, pretending dumb, deciding not to give the real excuse as to why she was over there. “I’ll get back to my side.”

Sitting back at her desk, she looked through the electronic directory for the employee.

Walter Stoepel.

He worked as a mechanical engineer at the company, specializing in gardening and outside water eco-systems. His work had garnered many awards and accolades.

He wasn’t married or had any kids.

She closed the screen down and worked on Dorian Zane’s business until she knew he was in his office. His office phone lit up to show he was on his schedule conference call to a European client. Some Duke that usually resided in New York, but had business in Africa and was interested in Dorian Zane designing an eco-system for a village he’d adopted.

The fact Dorian didn’t bother to check on her before starting work annoyed her slightly, but she pushed this away. Knowing he was aware of something disconcerting about her, made his ignoring her not serious; almost a relief for her because it gave her a few more minutes to gather herself and prepare to face how he was going to torture her.

The water for his tea was ready, and she had to go into the office and make it for him. She quietly entered his work area and made her way over to where the water was waiting for her. He had his electronic cigarette out and was puffing away, while she prepared his tea according to the instructions.

Would he say something to her about catching her the other day? Why was it taking so long for him to say something?

The suspense was killing her, but she didn’t say anything because she just didn’t want to face judgment just yet.

She was embarrassed to the max, but he hadn’t sent HR to her or called her on the carpet. His silence probably meant he was keeping the knowledge of catching her masturbating to himself, most likely planning on using the information to blackmail her.

“Close the door,” he ordered to her and continued his conversation on the phone.

Chon put the tea down on a coaster he had already set up by him and went to close the office door.

Just as she was walking back to the desk, clearly avoiding eye contact, he said, “Lock the door, Ms. Tolbert.”

Why her heart was racing, she couldn’t explain, but as the lock clicked what seemed loud, Chon wanted to bite on her finger. She forced herself to resist the urge and returned to the counter where she had prepared the tea to clean up her mess.

“I need more cream for my tea,” he ordered.

Gathering what she needed, Chon made her way to his desk, still refusing to make eye contact. Purposely, she had brought extra sugar and honey in case she had not added enough for him.

He looked down at the tray and then at her for which she quickly diverted her eyes.

“My assistant has just arrived, Devlin. And you know how much I’ve been waiting for her to come to work.”

She pretended not to hear a thing.

He continued to speak. “I should be at Thaddeus this weekend…Yes, I’ll make sure she does.”

Chon watched his hand hang up the receiver but still refused make eye contact with him. The need to bite on her finger was too irresistible, and she just gnawed on the tip in her nervousness.

“You’re still wearing your purse,” he noted.

She took off her bag and put it on the chair next to her. Chon looked everywhere, except directly in his face waiting for any instructions, he might have to offer.

“Thaddeus sent an email directly to you this morning and had asked for you to please respond before lunch with your reservation for this weekend,” Dorian said. “Do you understand what he is talking about?”

Chon only nodded in acknowledgment.

“Do you want this job, Ms. Tolbert?” he questioned, still puffing away at his electronic cigarette.

Now she had to meet his eyes.

Dorian was dressed neatly as always. Compared to the other mechanical engineers in the office, Dorian stood out from them because he wore a suit to work while the other’s dressed more business casual.

He also kept his hair neat, fingers groomed and damn if his lips just looked firm and…

She pushed away the trail of thoughts she was having. Why did she suddenly wonder how his lips would feel between her legs? Was she going crazy? Was he driving her crazy?

The mental torture was probably part of his torture scheme.

Damn him.

Gathering her thoughts, she said, “Yes, I do, Mr. Zane, and I’m not willing to compromise my work ethics for anything or anyone.”

He smirked. “There is the brave woman. I was wondering if she existed or is this just a farce you consistently put on hoping no one will see how terrified of life you are.”

The man was trying her like a sample, but when it came to business, Chon wasn’t scared to face anything.

“If you’re planning on trying to blackmail me to jeopardize my account you have got another thing coming. I will go to HR myself and admit to anything just to put out this insane fire you think you are going torch me with.”

Dorian sucked on his teeth and leaned forward, briefly looking disappointed. “So you’d gladly let HR know you’re a drunken purging sexual deviant.”

Chon shifted uncomfortably at his words but didn’t falter in her brevity. Her cheeks flared in embarrassment, but she stood firm. “I won’t give you the pleasure of telling them, Dorian Zane,” she declared, standing up. “I’ll tell them myself first to take the steam out of your crazy train.”

His eyes narrowed, and she could see the tan flecks almost glistening. “Obviously you don’t think that’s the only steam keeping me on your tracks, Ms. Tolbert. There’s also the matter of morals with your brother, Craig? He’d love to-”

Cutting him off, she seethed, “You wouldn’t dare!”

“I wouldn’t? he questioned coolly, putting away his electronic cigarette.

“You son of a bitch,” she hissed, trembling with anger. “My personal life has nothing to do with you. Why are you dead set on making me miserable?! What have I done to you other than making your life better?”

He shrugged with nonchalance. “It’s fun to me,” he said smirking. “There is a matter of a trust and you wanting control over it?” Clicking his tongue as if highly disappointed in her, he continued. “Your brother doesn’t think you’re competent or responsible enough for your own money? What makes you think I believe that you’re competent enough to run my life? Just because you’re making it better, doesn’t mean you can handle things. Maybe it’s all been about luck with you, and sooner or later, you’re going to fail as you have usually done in your life; Just like your pathetic mother abandoned you and killed herself.”

His words cut deep in her gut. They were so close to what Grandmother Wei had repeatedly said before she died to Chon and what Craig always reminded her of whenever Chon would ask him about the money.

Dorian’s cruel words continued, “I could give a fig’s ass how it relates to business. I’m going to do whatever I can to make your life miserable, Ms. Tolbert.”

She leaned down, gripping the front of his desk, holding the boiling hot anger inside. “What-What do you want me to do?” she asked quietly in defeat.

“Oh, there’s a lot I’d like, but first take a seat, Ms. Tolbert.”

Stiffly, sitting down, she used all her control not to let him see her cry.

“What are you willing to do for me, Ms. Tolbert?” he inquired as to giving her a chance to have something nice. The bastard thought he was doing her a favor.

“I’d like you to leave me alone and let me do my job.”

He smirked as if she had told a joke. “That’s not going to happen, but for now, give me your underwear.”

Chon’s whole demeanor was pushed to shock level. She didn’t think she even took a breath for a minute.

Had she heard him right?

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  1. Omg that Dorian is something else. I am surprised he is just now showing his true side and not before. Omg I don’t know what to say about whether Chon should continue to see where this leads because I am so over her and Austin, he is using her for his own personal gain. Men like him that’s why woman stay to themselves. But I am so glad she has goals. But I need Chon to realize she is a beautiful woman inside and I. Can’t read the next chapter. Have fun in New Year. Oh by the way when is Emperor’s Heart coming out in dire need of the rest of the story.

  2. emperor’s heart has to be released after betrayed is done and before King’s Paradise can start so I hope to start that to finish in the beginning or middle of 2018

  3. This book is very intriguing. So many questions need to be answered. How does Dorian Zane know so much about Chon’s Mom & brother? What is Tracy’s relationship with Dorian Zane? What is that no good Austin up to? It’s very apparent that Dorian is sexually interested in Chon, but goes out of his way to make her feel like scum. Can’t wait to see what past issues made him this way, very twisted mindset. I could slap him for his cruelty to Chin. He knows he can do this do her. He feeds off of her fears & determination to not Let him see that he is able to shake her. Can’t wait to find out how she will respond to his DEMAND!!!! Not to mention the answers to all my questions. You”‘re a master at Doug this Ms. Hubbard. I know there will be many twist & turns to come. Love It!!!!

    1. I should add to my title Queen of Cliffhangers and Master at Intrigue. I’m just as curious as I peel away everything about Dorian Zane. I like hate him too.

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