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Now my comments about the story:

That last chapter was really fun to write and this chapter… no different. I love when the men take their time. Sigh… Let’s finish this night off. And please please tell me how you liked it. I’m dying to know.

This was a long chapter. I didn’t know how to end it during the time Tyler was there and I kind of didn’t want to just end it at the end of the scene. That’s so predictable. I kinda wanted you to get just a little bit more before I cut it off.

Busy working on Chapter 13 as we speak. OMG! OMG!


Chapter 12

Incredulously, she questioned, “My mouth?”

“I’m not going to say it twice.”

Shaking her head, she said, “I can’t… Tyler, I’ve never done that. Dylan wasn’t this crude.”

The snort of disbelief emitted from his nose as his hand moved to the back of her neck and was so large his thumb could come around and lightly rub her lower lip. His staff twitched and she could tell just the thought of what she was about to try with him was exciting him greatly.

Her heart was racing with fear. This was unfamiliar territory physically. She’d read books to prepare herself, but the idea of practicing what she read NOW when she didn’t feel fully prepared terrified her. She had relegated the idea of oral with a man with her husband, who would gently guide her through the steps. 

Yet, she was discovering nothing could have prepared her for the likes of Tyler.

He tilted her face up slightly so he could see into her eyes and brought his cock to brush against her cheek.

His manhood was even hotter than his hands.

She licked her lips trying to feel if her skin was scorched and he assumed she was giving her acquiescence.

“That’s it, darling.” He guided himself so more of the tip of him was on her lips and she felt a dribble of his essence wet the middle of her lip.

Instinctively, she sucked her lower lip into her mouth tasting him and surprised Tyler tasted just as good as he smelled. Soap, citrus, and fig.

A mischievous smile played on his lips as he watched her part her lips wide and allowed him to slide over her tongue to the back of her throat. He was patient as she adjusted her jaw to his girth and had to turn her head slightly to breath through the slight gag and finally she relaxed her throat muscles and allowed him to continue to press forward.

Just as she was about to gag again, he withdrew, pushed her back on the futon and attacked her mouth with a powerful kiss.

The hand around her neck promoted her to part her lips and receive his voracious kiss and tasting herself on his lips was even more arousing.

Did he feel that way as he tasted her?

His rambunctiousness caught her off guard and reminded her a little bit of Dylan, but Tyler kissed her with a deliberate mission for her pleasure – sucking her lower lip, running his tongue over the top and then drawing her breath into him as he kissed her fervidly. All the while his scorching hands massaged her whole breasts, moved down her stomach and ascended to part her thighs so he could move between them.

And then she felt the pressure.

Just like before, but this time there was no pain and she was left with pure pleasure that seemed to vibrate from the middle of her body to radiate out to her toes and fingertips. A bolt of hot bliss shot up her spine into her brain and she was sure her eyeballs were about to burst from her skull, but she didn’t even care. There was no pain, no unfulfilling want. Her body completely exploded, soaking the bed and all the way to their stomachs.

“What… What… W-What…” that was the only thing she could say as he stroked deep within her pounding his pelvis repeatedly against hers as if his life depended upon her.

“Tell me you like it,” Tyler ordered.

She shook her head. Fighting the urge to tell him she loved what he was doing. Each stroke he delivered brought her body to a higher plateau. She could barely see straight and all she could really do was hold on for the blissful ride he took her on.

Her fingers clasped around his thick neck and her legs moved up to lock around his waist, making his thrusts even more pleasurable. Lauren was losing her mind to everything that was happening to her and all the while she couldn’t believe Tyler was doing all this to her body.

Tyler dug his fingers into her naturally curly hair and stretched her neck so she could look up into his face.

“I can see your body loving what I do, Lauren. I was right about you. You’re a fucking slut.”

Grinding her teeth, she clenched her eyes closed. He was teasing and taunting her keeping her coming back to back knowing she was going internally insane.

“No!” she hissed.

“Say it,” he demanded now rotating his hips in a circling motion and Lauren thought she was having a stroke … and loving it.

The man meant to kill her with pleasure just to get his way.

She hit his chest in frustration just as her body gushed her essence all over him.

“No!… No! T-Ty… ler, no!’ She could barely formulate words or full thoughts as he pounded her into heaven and she bit her lip to suppress the scream of joy that erupted through every vein in her body.

“Take it, whore,” he hissed, rocking her hips so hard she thought the bed would break, but she didn’t care.

Lauren wanted each beautiful stroke until the end.

Her body was trembling with mass-energy and he was smirking as he stood above her with a condom still on. She hadn’t even remembered him putting one on and cursed herself for not paying more attention to her safety.

“You didn’t growl,” she said innocently not wanting to admit she still wanted him.

He narrowed his cruel eyes at her. “I’m not done. Turn over,” he commanded. “Get on your knees. I don’t want to look at your face when I get off.”

She pushed away his cruel remarks, suppressing the scream she wasn’t a whore. This was Tyler’s nature, she was becoming to realize. He’d only find other cruel ways to express himself if she argued with him. Getting on her knees, she felt him grip her bottom like he wanted to tear her cheeks off her body. He pulled her to him and in one easy stroke entered her all the way to the base.

Instinctively, she pressed her hands against his stomach to stop the depth, but he knocked her hand away. “Ugh…” she gasped because, in this position, she could feel every millimeter of him stroking in and out of her body forcefully. He felt very different from behind. Hotter, defined, more rigid. In this position, she could actually feel his heartbeat pulsing on her stomach hard and fast.

He countered her gasped with an, “Ahhhhh…” He slapped her ass, not once but in two quick successions never losing his stroke and Lauren was back at her point of no return.

He drove angrily into her repeatedly as if he was fighting some type of demon. “Fucking bitch! Fucking whore. Fuck you! Fuck you!”

She should have been insulted, she should have stopped him, but every syllable produced a harder and harder stroke bringing unexplainable mental pleasure from his rough treatment and then…

Lauren’s word turned inside out as she could literally feel the cells inside of her brain pop and her body seemed to become deprived of all oxygen. He injected a high into her that she swore raised the bar on any synthetic drug she could have possibly thought of taking.

The man gave her unbelievable bliss and she wanted to damn his soul to hell as he snatched out abruptly while she was still coming.

Lauren collapsed on the bed and briefly noticed he dropped the condom to the floor, but she didn’t see him take it off.

Was she so oblivious to her own safety not to take note when necessary?

This was Tyler’s fault again.

Curling up in the bed with her back to him, pulling the dampen covers over her nakedness, she closed her eyes and hoped he left very soon.

She could hear him cursing under his breath, moving about the small room and then a moment of silence. She prayed he didn’t say a word to her, but also wondered what the hell was he doing.

Looking at her?

Getting his clothes together?

Pondering life as he knew it?

Worried he had hurt her?

No, Tyler wouldn’t care about the mental and physical hurt he had inflicted on her body.

Albeit his rough treatment and despite how physically strong he was, he really hadn’t hurt her. Matter of fact, she hated to admit the slap on her rear had been too damn perfect and stoked her arousal even more.

The door to her room closed and then she heard him go up the steps and out of the basement door.

Only then did she open her eyes and look quickly over by the lantern to see the envelope laying there. She got up and put on all her clothes.

From sleeping in the storage container, sleeping naked was not even an option for her anymore, plus from the sex, the sheets and even her makeshift pillow was damp.

She picked up the envelope and counted out the money. Another two thousand. If he kept this up, he would pay her off before their sessions were over with.

Maybe he made a mistake.

Of course, Tyler wasn’t giving her a bonus.

She needed the money, so she wasn’t going to complain.

She would hold on to the money and if he asked about it in a couple of days she’d throw it back at him.

She used the sink by the washer in the basement to do a quick wash up before lying back in bed with her Carhart coat on because all her sheets and blankets were stained with sex.

Lauren laid down on her futon after wrapping her hair holding the envelope close to her.

Tomorrow, she would go to another library and work on her business project.

She really was starting to accept the fact she couldn’t go back to wanting her old life since she had been with Tyler.

Dylan would never accept her and once the cat was out the bag and she had a feeling Tyler would make sure it was known, Lauren would be a fool to try to be in Dylan’s life.

Knowing she had four more times to be with Tyler and she could go on with her life gave a sense of peace.

A peace she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Maybe if she fully accepted her situation she could allow Tyler to teach her things she really didn’t know about men and when she got into her next serious relationship, she would be able to know when a man felt she wasn’t a whore or being unfaithful. She would also be able to please him and please herself.

And it was reassuring to know her wedding night wasn’t just her fault. She had loved Dylan and couldn’t figure out why she had not felt pleasure. Dylan must’ve been a little new as well. He had done absolutely NOTHING what Tyler had done. 

Rubbing her finger on her lip, remembering Tyler’s manhood being in her mouth, she was fascinated how she had even enjoyed giving him oral pleasure. The books really couldn’t describe the feeling and as she thought about everything she couldn’t do her feelings justice.

Yet, from being with Tyler, Lauren knew her own inexperience probably kept her from properly being with Dylan. Now she really knew what she wanted and vocalizing more seemed to help the man and herself.

She laughed in embarrassment. Dylan must’ve thought she was stiff as a board because that’s exactly how her body had been on her honeymoon night.

Now that she knew the real deal, could sleeping with Dylan again give her a different perspective?

Next time, whether it was with Dylan or any man she loved, Lauren just knew things would be so much more wonderful.

Yet, she would never let Tyler know this… ever!

Getting her diary out, Lauren tried her best to chronicle what had happened tonight. She wanted to remember everything so she could better understand herself and IF she decided to get married again, she could make the perfect wife. If anything she would use this as a learning experience and not a complete waste of her time.

When she still couldn’t sleep after writing everything down, she pulled out the contract and tried to focused on each article of the agreement. The majority had to do with her allowing Tyler to do anything he wanted to do until he was satisfied, but he had deliberately use extra-legal jargon as if to throw her off. Before she knew it, her eyelids started to get heavy and she was passed out in exhaustion.


The next morning Lauren decided to find a store that was open. She had to walk two miles away because mostly everything was closed for the holidays, but she needed minutes for her phone and supplies. For the next couple of days, she wouldn’t have any laboring assignments so she’d be stuck in her room.

Briefly, as she walked she wondered what Dylan would be up to. He had come to mean a lot to her since they met. Not just a husband to be, but Dylan had been like her best friend, who she told everything to. Deep inside, he was still her first love and despite what he had done, she missed him and remembered their last Christmas together.

She’d gone to his place prior to him getting home and decorated his apartment with a real Christmas tree, lights everywhere and lots of presents just for him.

Lauren had also made a perfect Christmas dinner for two.

Unfortunately, he’d brought Tyler home who soured the occasion talking bad about the decorations, how he didn’t like dark meat (which she felt was clearly directed at her) or talking business loudly on his phone.

She had thought she’d spend a romantic night with Dylan, but Tyler looked as if he didn’t want to leave, so she choose to get out and drive home.

Dylan promised her more Christmases, but as she looked up at the falling snow now, she realized there would probably be no more special Christmases like that ever again in her life.

She went to the gas station across the street after leaving the store with all her bags and bought a coffee. The attendant said she couldn’t drink it inside, so she took her bags and went out the door to drink her coffee.

A familiar red Honda Crossover pulled up at the pump and Jeanene got out lumbering about the vehicle. Lauren hadn’t seen her co-worker in so long and just as she was about to say hello, Jeanene dumped a bunch of change into Lauren’s cup of coffee.

“Merry Christmas,” she said.

Lauren was disgusted and turned away so her former co-worker couldn’t recognize her.

When Jeanene went into the gas station, Lauren hurriedly picked up her bags and headed back to her place.

Just as she arrived, she was shocked to see her landlord walking out of the basement door.

He looked a little flustered at seeing her.

“Merry Christmas,” he said nervously.

Lauren did a mental check to make sure she knew she had all her money on her and there as really nothing valuable left in her room. “Hi,” she said. “How’s the apartment search coming?”

“It’s coming,” he said offhandedly, partially blocking her entry into going inside.

She was cold and tired from the long walk, and if this man had something to say to her, she hoped he spit it out fast. In a little way, Lauren was worried maybe one of the tenants had complained about sex noises coming from the basement late at night and the landlord was there to throw her out.

With the way her luck was going, Lauren wouldn’t be surprised.

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