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Realizing she had not slept with a serial killer allayed her fears of being killed, but this cop was a dangerous man unto himself. His size, his sensuality, and his proximity pulsed through her body emanating a powerful sexual resonance that arouse her beyond belief.

When his lips captured hers the fight inside of her was replaced with a hunger she had never known. She needed to have him inside of her, so when pulled arm arms from around his neck, unlocked her handcuffs, but then pulled her wrist behind the chair and relocked her wrist to the back of the chair, she moaned in agony.

His hands were free to move to the front of her pants, open them and rip them off.

“No panties?” he questioned with a wicked smirk.

She blushed. “I was in a hurry to leave this morning.”

“A boon for me.” His face disappeared and she almost screamed as his mouth covered her entire womanhood.

Whatever was left of any kind of moral fight inside of her, Regina lost in that instant as her soul sunk into a lust filled pool he created not only between her legs but inside her spirit. She never thought any man could make her want him more than she wanted air but this man who was still a stranger, as he ravished her with only his mouth and his hands, had accomplished just that.

With what little she could do in movement, she rocked her hips in time with his licking causing an insidious passion friction driving her wild. She was blind in bliss, threw her head back and came hard. He didn’t stop. She could hear him slurping her essence lovingly as if she gave him the nectar of life.

He growled in his own satisfaction and as she eased down from her orgasm, he opened his pants. In two breaths, he deep inside of her of pumping downward repeatedly. When he kissed her, she tasted herself all over his mouth and this aroused her more. Somehow, he unlocked her handcuffs as he stroked inside of her and she flung her arms around his neck, meeting each thrusts he delivered with her own.

His growls were growing deeper, vibrating their body until she could feel a beautiful explosion between her thighs radiating all over her body. Tears welled in her eyes at the exquisite bliss enveloping her only he could give her at this moment and this time.

Their bodies were entwined tightly. The handcuffs dangled off one of her wrists.

“So you question all the people you arrest like this?” she asked breathlessly.

He raised up slightly to look down at her. “Woman, if you’re trying to make me smile, you’re doing a good job at it.”

“I wasn’t. That was a very serious question? Is that what drove that other woman crazy about this ring? Was it hers?”

Now it was his chance to look embarrassed and he raised off of her to fix his clothes and give her time to fix her own.

“She dumped me,” he explained handing her the pants he’d thrown across the room. “I didn’t want to resell it somewhere. Most pawn shops know my face.”

After putting on her pants, she stood up and dangled the handcuffs off her wrist in front of his face. “You aren’t going to tell my mother are you?”

“Why should I? That’s up to you to tell anyone about this.”

“I’m going to see a doctor tomorrow. Should I be telling him anything? You know, about sex? With you?”

He actually looked offended. “No! I’m clean.”

She looked relieved. “Good.” And then she waited for him to ask her, but after a moment when he just took off the handcuffs and put them in his pocket she asked, “Aren’t you curious about me?”

“I was pretty sure about you. I can run pretty good background checks once I knew who you were.” He kissed her deeply stoking the fires she thought were gone. “And you’re pretty damn innocent when it comes to men.” His fingers tenderly brushed over her lips. “I’m going to have to teach you some things to please me.”

Pushing his hand away, she said, “This?! This isn’t going to happen again, Mr…” She blushed embarrassed. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Then you’ll have to see me again if you want to know.” He took her phone out of her back pocket and punched in a phone number. “Call me when you’re ready.” He returned her phone to her back pocket and kissed her neck. “I won’t come until you do.” He went to the door.

“Wait!” she cried as he opened the door, but he ignored her and just left, closing the door behind him. She hurriedly made sure her hair was fine and her clothes weren’t rumpled before she rushed out of the door, but he was nowhere to be found. She was just down the hall from the fallen officer’s wall and went back to where she saw the picture that looked familiar.

Getting her phone out of her back pocket, she saw he had called a number on her phone, but hadn’t saved any number under any name. She huffed in frustration and pushed the camera button. Quickly she took a picture of the photo on the wall.

“Hey,” Lola said rubbing her wrist walking up on her. “Isn’t that a bunch of bullshit? How could they arrest us when that bitch was attacking us?”

“Are you okay?” Regina asked, hugging her friend.

“I should be asking you.” Lola noticed the marks on Regina’s wrist. “What did that bear of a man do to you? We should surely sue then all.”

“And then explain to my mother why we’re here?”

Lola closed her mouth. “Let’s get out of here,” she encouraged linking arms with Regina and walking out with her.

Back in Lola’s car, she pulled up the picture on her phone, while Lola got the photo album out of the back seat.

“How can we find out more about this officer?” Lola questioned.

“The library is a good place as any,” Regina suggested. “There’s one near here.”

“I also got a card from an officer out of the second precinct that was down here,” Lola said flirtatiously. “He said you live right in his area and after I’m finish visiting you, I could swing by there anytime. I’m sure he could help us find any information.”

“What was he doing down at headquarters if he works out of the second?”

“He was trying to impress some Homicide detective with some information. I don’t know. I just know I spent twenty minutes in a room with him chewing the fat and gurl, I was horny as hell.”

Regina rolled her eyes because she spent twenty minutes in a room with a strange cop too doing more than just talking and was still horny as hell. Maybe her mother was right, Lola was rubbing off on her too much. They arrived at the library and pulled up several articles in digital to find what happened.

“Oh my gawd, Gina. Look,” Lola said pointing down at the album and then at the screen, drawing Regina’s attention to the present. “It’s her. It’s the fallen officer in the picture with your mother.”

“How would my mother know her?” Regina asked confused.

“It looks like they’re friends in this picture. Look.” Lola pointed to a bracelet the two women wore in the picture. “Those are friendship bracelets. Only given to B-F-F’s.”

“We never had friendship bracelets.”

Lola laughed, but then became semi -serious. “You’re going to have to talk to your mother, G. She would be able to talk to you about her former BFF.”

Regina could do that, but would her mother be honest with her? “And If I feel she isn’t telling me the truth? Then what? There’s no one in my mother’s past who would be able to help me understand what happened.”

“Maybe there’s something in that house that she took you too. We could go back there.”

Taking a deep breath, she resolved. “Fine, but not tomorrow. Maybe the next day. I’ll call you.”

“I’ll go cypher some information off my new precinct boo,” Lola promised with a wink. “I’m sure he can give me a little bit more about that fallen officer.”

“You be careful,” Regina warned.

“Or what? He might wrestle me down and handcuff me?” She chuckled wickedly. “It doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”

Regina rubbed her wrist and rolled her eyes. “You’re a crazy freak, Lola.”

“Thank you.”

They giggled together and a librarian them.


Paul took Sheryl into an interrogation room and stayed with her for the thirty minutes it took for Tobias to get to them. EMS had been called and administered her two stitches over her eye. Sheryl looked worse than she ever looked before. He was so used to her looking perfect and being perfect all the time. Now that he could compare her to Regina, he knew it was not perfection he needed. It was love. And he didn’t love Sheryl at all. He loved Regina Cody.

“Took you long enough,” Paul grumbled.

Tobias nodded in thanks and waited until Paul left them alone before he spoke. “I’m going to be honest with you Sheryl,” he said sitting down on the side of the table.

“How could you just give my ring away?”

“I honored the ring to someone who I knew would cherish it than the person who I imagined would.”

“I told you I made a mistake.”

“And I did too, Sheryl,” he said.

She looked confused.

He explained, “I thought I was in love with you. I was in love with the idea of being in love with someone who was perfect. You were, but you weren’t perfect for me.”

Tears welled in her eyes. “Is she perfect for you?”

“Yes,” he admitted with a very satisfied smile. “Yes, she is.” He leaned over and kissed her forehead. “Goodbye, Sheryl.”

When he left out of the room, he leaned against the wall in hopes Regina would call him. She had too because he was positive she felt the same. She wanted more of him, just like he wanted more of her.

How long would he wait? How long would she take?

He hated being patient.

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