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Black’s Innocence Chapter 33

Lauren looked around to find her bag on the kitchen table. Most likely, Tyler had taken the bag out of his car and put it there. Her phone was out of the bag, which meant he had gone through her bag and found the phone in the side pouch where she usually kept it.

The flip phone was dead, but it was wide open as if someone had been looking at it… or through it.

She plugged in her phone to charge and saw her jumpsuit from yesterday was in the chair by the table. She put on the clothes she had worn yesterday quickly and then went out to the small SUV. The key fob worked and she was able to access the vehicle and get inside.

Lauren hadn’t driven in so long, she felt like she was starting all the way back over again.

Sitting there looking at the steering wheel, she couldn’t believe what had happened to her. What was Tyler up to? What could possibly be driving him to help her like this? The job? Now the home office, the laptop, and the vehicle?

Tyler Black was becoming more and more complicated.

Driving around a couple of blocks to familiarize herself with being behind the wheel again, Lauren noticed the very large apartment complex behind the townhouses of where she lived. Pausing before going in her home, Lauren looked at the monstrosity apartment building that seemed to make a large shade over the townhouses at certain times of the day.

Getting in the house she immediately went to her phone and turned it on. As if by coincidence, her phone rang.

“Where are you?” Shadow questioned when Lauren answered.

Obviously, the young woman had never been schooled on proper phone etiquette, but Lauren just equated that because Shadow had lived on the street since she was too young.

“I’ve moved to my new place.”

Her tone of voice was full of suspicion. “Where? I need to see you.”

“I can text you the address,” Lauren offered. “It’s the Charlotte Estates Townhomes.”

“Hurry up, I’m on my way.”

The line went dead and Lauren sighed relegating Shadow’s rudeness to her youth. Checking her phone she noticed there were more messages that weren’t marked as new and there were several missed calls.

She opened up her missed call logs and gasped.

Dylan had called twice from his phone number.

Checking the messages, she saw they had been marked as read.

Three Dylan messages.

“I need to speak with you. We have to talk.”

“I know this comes as a shock but I would like to speak to you, Lauren.”

“I’m back in the country and I need to speak with you, please.”

She put the phone down on the table and stepped away fully engulfed in confusion and upset.

Tyler had seen those messages and made sure she couldn’t answer her phone yesterday. Had he deliberately kept her busy with lovemaking just to keep her mind off of her phone? He knew she couldn’t think straight when she was turned on and he had used his powerful lust to gain control of the situation.

The scoundrel had deliberately kept her occupied with him so she couldn’t meet or talk with Dylan.

Would she had gone if she had really talk with Dylan over the phone?

Could their life be cleared up with just talking as she had initially believed?

And now Tyler had done all this?

To make sure she never went to Dylan?

But he had declared yesterday he would stay out of her way if Dylan came back to give her time to see what she wanted.

Frustrated, she took her phone and went into her office.

She pulled her new laptop out of her bag and signed on just the same as she would her office computer.

Tyler had put all the software on there and she could access her files at the office as well. There were sticky notes below the keyboard to help her log into places and he even had the machine to connect to her home wifi, which he must’ve arranged as well.

How’d he do all this? She had only scheduled the installed for next week, but it seemed her home was already equipped.

Was Tyler taking care of her because she was his employee or lover?

Other than sexually, Tyler hadn’t told her how he felt about her. She discounted the whore remarks he often made because that had to be some preventative measure to shield himself from something, but what?

Lauren reasoned, if she helped Tyler complete what he wanted personally maybe he could reveal more to her about himself and she could really understand how he felt about her.

He wasn’t going to outright tell her. The man was too complicated for simple honesty.

He was a lawyer. He needed tricks and control, plus realistically falling in love with his best friends ex-wife would not be something Tyler needed or wanted in his life.

Tyler ran his life like he ran his law firm. He didn’t want drama and he wanted to be the best.

She looked up the files for DevelopMoore.

Help him, help her, she figured.

If Lauren could find out how to pinpoint who was behind DevelpMoore, she could help Tyler and in turn, as his employee, he would help her.

Use him, Shadow had insisted.

Whether the young woman meant in or out of bed, it didn’t matter. Lauren could use her researching and data mining skills to stop what could possibly be disaterouos for Tyler and his law firm and his personal life.

It didnt take long for her to track the routing number for the checks written out to DevelopMoore and from there, she was able to uncover other companies dealing with DevelopMoore through a small black bank in Detroit.

DevelopMoore was heavily invested in consulting services for various companies including the company she had researched along with a nail salon, vending machines distributors, small restaurants, laundromats and lawn care services.

The more she delved, the more she found.

The majority of businesses dealing with DevelopMoore would suddenly have a very large influx of cash and then they’d trickle down to nothing until they had to sell off to recoup any cost or fall into heavy debt. What was suspicious was all of these companies ended up selling off to DevelopMoore.

She couldn’t find much information about who owned the company, where the offices were located or exactly what the company would do for these buseinesses. Just like the company she had researched she saw this was only a consultation company.

The break in her research came just before her doorbell rung and she ran to aswer it already knowing who it was.

Soon as she opened the door to Shadow, they simultaneously said, “I have something to tell you.”

She yanked Shadow inside. Today the young woman wore a dark blue hoodie and some jeans. Her pitch black hair was slicked back in a ponytail and of course, she had the matching shoes to her emsemble.

Lauren was getting used to the tomboyish style of Shadow, but this was the first time the young woman didn’t have her hoodie over her head and actually looked exotically beautiful.

At the same time she was accessing Shadow, the young woman was accessing her.

“Did you take a pregnancy test when you went to see doctor big dick?” Shadow questioned.

“Of course and the results were negative, if you must know,” Lauren answered proudly.

“And you’re still having sex with The Black?” Shadow asked, but Lauren could tell the teen already knew the answer to the question.

“It’s a long story, Shadow and I’m just fulfilling a contract-“

Shadow cut her off. “Are you having sex with someone else?”

“No,” she said offended. “I’m not that type of woman.”

“But there is someone else you love. You don’t love The Black, do you?”

Lauren felt uncomfortable at how Shadow sensed things beyond her knowledge. “I think I’m still in love with my ex-husband, but I can’t really say. He just got back in town and wants to talk.”

“The Black is letting you?” Shadow asked surprised.

“Tyler is giving me space if you must know.”

“Blacks are highly jealous men. I ain’t never seen one give the woman they fucking space. It’s a setup, Lauren.”

“How would you know? And what do you mean The Blacks.”

“The family he’s turned his back on is the family is really is like. Blacks are very possessive men.” Shadow looked around the office. “They take care of everything they covet.”

“Tyler only helped me out because I’m employed by him as well.”

“Keep believing that shit. Are you sure that test was negative?”

Lauren was reeling with frustration over Shadow’s words. “Yes, Shadow. He’s a very good doctor.”

“I don’t doubt that.” Shadow frowned but seemed to shove off whatever bothered her. “You tell me your news first.”

Lauren indicated for Shadow to follow her into her home office where she had set up her computer and had been looking at a lot of research online.

“I looked into DevelopMoore deeper and found that it’s some type of consultation company that smaller cash only business companies hire in order to bring in more business. Yet, in my finding  each time a company has hired DevelopMoore in the past five years they’ll start to make a large profit, more than expected and then suddenly they no longer own the compay.” She pulled up some public records from the IRS. “Twice the amount of profits of a usual business like them, matter of fact.”

Shadow looked at the screen intently, but Lauren guessed the teen was really only faking as if she knew what she was looking at. The girl was way too young to understand business like this.

“Who’s on the DBA?” Shadow inquired.

Lauren was a little shock by the question, but had already researched that information. “The Doing Business As is in Devaughn Moore Brown, but when I looked him up, he died about five years ago.”

Shadow eyesbrows shot up. “And now who owns the company?”

“That’s the weird part of it. No names other than his appear anywhere, even after his death. The checks are cashed in the company’s name, there was even a building rented two years after his death by the company in his name, but then it was just recently closed down about a week ago.”

“Who do people sign the company over too? Or who handles the final representation of the company?” Shadow inquired.

“Like I said I couldn’t find a thing, except a discussion board through the Better Business Bureau. The majority of people on there had fake names but one guy said about a year ago boldly he wasn’t afraid of DevelopMoore and Arianna wasn’t going to steal one more dime from him.”

Shadow gasped, “Arianna Brown?!”

“He didn’t say her last name but when I tracked down his social media it shows he died from a robbery to his home about a week after he made the post. Who’s Arianna Brown, Shadow?” Lauren didn’t like the dreaded look on the young woman’s face.

“Tyler’s ex-wife,” Shadow announced.


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