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Author’s Note:


The following chapters were HARD AS HELL TO WRITE. As you notice there was a bump in the writing, meaning I wasn’t pumping out chapters that hard.

In writing, I’ve learned every scene counts toward moving the story forward. when you’re writing live it’s even more difficult to accomplish.

(I need to make a video about this struggle)

I think that’s why people say that my books move fast but have so much going on, because of everything matters.

okay, enough complaining.

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Now my comments about the story:

This was a short chapter and then I started working on Chapter 30 and needed to come back here and do some more.

The suggestions of who could’ve walked up to the table was quite interesting, but none were right, unfortunately. I can’t believe I’m still keeping you guys on your toes.

I like Tyler’s sister. I might put her with a Bellini.

That is all.


Black’s Innocence Chapter 29

Lauren knew this wasn’t the woman from the gas station and she didn’t look like Tyler’s type even though she was brown-skinned but mixed.

“I’m Powers January,” the woman said. “I’m Tyler’s sister.” She sat down at the table. “Is your shock in knowing he has a partially black sister or shocked that he has a sister at all?”

Lauren was shocked she was meeting Tyler’s sister and a little bit more shocked the woman was a strong mix of African American and Russian.

“Lauren Jensen,” she introduced with her hand outreached.

The woman frowned, skeptically shaking Lauren’s hand while looking over at Tyler. “Dylan’s ex?” She looked back at Lauren with mirth in her pure black eyes. “Is my brother hosting your pity party or entertaining himself with his morbid sense of humor?”

Tyler spoke up looking none to please to see his sister. “I hired her, Powers. I needed a database expert and she’s good at what she doesn’t. Why aren’t you in Chicago finishing school?”

The woman snorted. “Why are you spying on me? You don’t drag me out of New York because you’re always worried about me. I’m grown, Tyler. I can do what I want.”

Tyler leaned in on the table. “You didn’t get kicked out this time? Is that why you were in New York when you should be in school.”

She slammed her fist on the table. “No, I didn’t get kicked out, big brother, but Vik asked me to come work for him and I was doing some work for him.”

“I could give a rats ass what our brother would like you to do. Why do you insist on believing he cares about you? He just wants to use you.”

She looked at Lauren and frowned before looking back at Tyler. “Viktor is not her, Tyler, plus getting an opportunity to head up the medical research with Madison Oliver is an incredible opportunity you would not understand. I’m over Viktor’s interest in her business. He’s donated a lot of money to her research and I mean to work with her. Do you know the opportunities I could have a chance to discover? She heads one of the leading companies in the cosmetics business for the U.S.”

“Not acceptable. I don’t care if he was giving you the opportunity to study with Madame Currie; You’re going back to school.”

Lauren who had never had a sibling had always been fascinated by the relationships between brother and sisters. This was Tyler’s little sister and though he sounded deadly mad, the woman was not intimated in the least bit. Matter of fact she seemed to love the fact that Tyler was angry.

Powers stood up and nodded to Lauren. “It was nice to meet you, but if I were you, I’d get as far away from my brother and Dylan as possible.  Tyler’s insane and Dylan’s holding on to my brother’s coattails because he’s a weak ass motherfucker.”

Her rawness shocked Lauren slightly, but there was a lot of Tyler’s style in the sister.

Tyler shot out of his chair and looked as if he were going to choke the life out of Powers.

Yet his sister didn’t flinch from her brother’s anger and she kept on talking. “Unfortunately, both are hell-bent on revenge and this one has the nerve to give me advice.”

“Go back to Chicago, Powers or I will drag you there.”

Lauren watched as the woman just smiled and had the audacity to lean in and kiss her brother’s cheek.

“I will tell Viktor you said hello.”

“Fuck him,” Tyler sneered.

Powers walked away and Tyler eased back into his seat. “Now where were we?” His whole demeanor was back to how he was prior to his sister walking up.

This man was a total emotional conundrum.

Lauren’s mind was reeling. “I think you said you were going to tell me why you did the things you did for me?”

“Or I was going to ask you to scoot closer to me and put one leg over mine.”

She looked around the restaurant. No one was paying any attention to them and there was a long tablecloth to shied anyone from seeing what he wanted her to do.

Was that why this skirt was so short that he wanted her to wear?

Slowly, she lifted her leg over his spreading her thighs apart.

His hand moved down to the inside of her thigh, but he was looking forward as if nothing under the table was happening

A waitress came to the table with water not suspecting anything between Tyler or Lauren. “Your order is being prepared in the kitchen. Is there anything else you’d like to order to drink?”

“Yes,” he said not moving his hand from her thigh. “I’ll have a rum and coke.”

“Yes, Mr. Black. And you, ma’am?”

All she could think about was Tyler’s hot hands on her bare thighs.

“Ma’am?” the waitress asked.

“W-Water,” Lauren said because her throat was suddenly so dry as Tyler’s hand moved another inch up her thigh.

The waitress frowned and looked down at the glass of water she had set down in front of them.

“She meant more water,” Tyler said.

When the waitress left, Tyler looked at her. “When Dylan comes back, what are your plans?” he questioned casually.

Dylan was the farthest thing from her mind. “Who?… Oh, Dylan…” she said breathlessly. “I… I guess I will work from home. The office… I know how you don’t like the office disturbed by personal…” His fingers were lightly rubbing over her skin. “I was going to cross that bridge when … when I got to it.””

There was a swirl of levity in his eyes. “I affect you more than you want, Lauren.”

“N-No,” she denied more to herself than anyone.

He shrugged disregarding her fib. “So tell me what did the doctor say.”

She looked down at his hand slowly rubbing her thighs lovingly. Looking back at him, after drinking her entire glass of water, she said, “I’m not pregnant.”

“That’s good news, right?”
“Yes, Tyler. You know I don’t want to have babies out-of-wedlock.”

“And neither do I, Lauren, so I thank our good fortune.” After he toasted the air, he drunk all his liqueur and then slammed his glass down on the table. “We despise bastard children.” With his other hand, he moved her panties to the side with one finger while he used another finger and inserted the digit deep into her.

Lauren gripped the table and bit her lip.

Tyler leaned in close. “Go ahead and bite that lip Lauren, because later on, I intend to nibble on your other lips.”

His hand stopped right in the middle and then she felt his finger moved over her most sensitive part.

Only the gripping of the edge of the table in front of her was any indication of what she was feeling.

“What else did the good doctor say?” He insisted on asking as if he wasn’t circling his finger just around the edges of her labia.

“He told me I was making a mistake sleeping with my ex-husband’s best friend.”

“Chance is wise beyond his years when it comes to sexual matters.” He smirked. “But that’s only because that baby bat of his has gotten him into more trouble than it’s worth.” This made him chuckle just as he rubbed all his fingers from her perineum to her clit and then back down again. “What else?”

She had to close her eyes for just a moment to gather her thoughts. “H-He said I could have a job whenever I wanted double my salary-“
He cut her off. “Forget it. You’re not leaving me. I was honest when I said I would pay you three times your salary.”

“But, when Dylan returns… I can’t…”

He moved two fingers between her womanly lips and slowly moved them up. “You’re so wet,” he whispered. “Why do you think I had that office built for you, Lauren. Your talents are too valuable to me. I’d be a fool to lose you in my practice.”

All she could do was nibble on her lip.

“You’re so fucking wet, Lauren,” he whispered again. “You really do love what I do to you. I know you deny it.”

“I-I hate you,” she seethed.

Tyler chuckled. “How does the saying go? There’s a thin line between love and hate, Lauren, but no matter if you won’t admit it or not.”

Keeping a poker face so no one around would know what was happening below the table was becoming more and more difficult.

“You do enjoy practicing conception with me, Lauren, don’t you?”

Remembering he only thought of her as a whore, she relaxed. If she denied this allegation, he would just use this as an opportunity to call her a whore, but what if she gave in?

Moving her hand high on his thigh, she said, “Yes, Tyler, I love practicing conception with you. Your lovemaking has taught me so much for my future husband to be.”

His hand suddenly gripped her thigh with a lot of strength. Not enough to hurt her, but enough for to realize her words had done something even he had not expected.

The waitress chose that moment to come back with another glass of water and Tyler growled, “We’ll take our food to go. Have it delivered to her address immediately and put the bill on my tab.”

Lauren was confused until Tyler jerked her out of the booth, to her feet and almost yanked her down the stairs. He ordered his car pulled around immediately and when they were both inside and he was driving away, she worried she had really made him angry.

“Are you upset with me, Tyler?” she questioned.

“No, sweet Lauren,” he said putting the pedal to the metal. “You’ve made me extremely horny and I’ve decided to fuck you now in every orifice available instead of waiting for later.”

Lauren cringed terrified holding on to the seatbelt as Tyler drove like a bat out of hell to her new address again.

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  1. Good grief Tyler…why you salty? Lauren is nothing but a whore right? It shouldn’t matter who she has relations with after the agreement is over. Lol…Is screwing her in every orifice suppose to turn her off from wanting another man?

  2. When did the sister get back in town? Wasn’t she out of town vacationing with Dylan? It’s funny Tyler is upset that she mentioned marrying someone else. Taste of his own medicine

  3. Tyler is playing with fire indeed by pretending to be repulsed by Lauren. Now when did the half sister ditch Dylan. Does that mean he is on the way back?

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