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Author’s Note:


Still, in the write hard to hell chapters and I don’t think I’ll be getting out of them until about … never.

A lot of things are taking place like knowing a little bit about Shadow, and who was that girl in the store with Deborah and another side to Tyler Black.

He’s confusing the hell out of Lauren.

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Now my comments about the story:


Chapter 30 delves in giving the readers what they have been waiting for. It’s bringing starting the deeper connection between Lauren and Tyler where it’s not just sex anymore.

But of course, Lauren still doesn’t realize her power over Tyler in this chapter.

This chapter was really hard to write because Tyler is going through some things that he can’t tell Lauren and she doesn’t know everything he’s feeling, or thinking or going to do next.

This was fun.


Black’s Innocence Chapter 30

Arriving at her home where he’d parked previously, he came around and opened her door.

“You’re scaring me,” Lauren said standing out of the car.

“You should be, knowing you’ve aroused me, Lauren.”

Remembering how his sister didn’t take his anger so seriously, she decided to take a chance with him.

Lauren put her hand on his chest and looked up at him innocently. “Can I ask a favor tonight, Tyler  even though I know this will be all about you sexually torturing me?”

He narrowed his eyes suspiciously “What?” he growled.

“Can I have permission to taste you?”

He grunted. “Get in the fucking house and go take a shower, woman, before I fuck you on the hood of this fucking car right now.”

She rushed past him and into her home. Immediately she noticed someone had been cleaning up her home. The smell of Lysol and bleach was in the air, but she didn’t stop in the kitchen where she first entered from the rear. Going straight to the bathroom, she noticed fresh towels had been set up and had even placed out some body wash and lotion. And on the counter, there was the white box with the ribbon still wrapped around. Inside the panties were still there and she noticed they were a match to the bra she had been given earlier, but she had an idea Tyler only wanted her to wear the panties to bed

Other than the towel, it was the only thing she could wear clean after her shower.

She would question him later as to how he’d managed to get her house together prior to them coming back.

Shadow’s word rang out. ‘Use him back!’

When Lauren stepped out of the shower and walked into her bedroom with the underwear on and only a towel wrapped around her upper body, she was startled by the candlelight all over the room.

On the bed, someone had sprinkled white rose petals over red silk sheets and pillowcases.

He wasn’t on the bed. She found him sitting in a chair on the other side of the room. He had a glass of gold liqueur in hand and three more buttons of his shirt were undone.

“Our food arrived and I’ve put it up,” he informed her. “We’ll eat later.”

She didn’t move from the doorway because she was really in awe of what he’d accomplished in so short of time.

“I thought you were hungry,” she said quietly.

He took a sip of his drink. “Some hunger takes precedence over others.” Putting the drink down by his foot, he said, “No more casual talk once you enter this room, Lauren. So is there anything else you wish to ask?”

“How’d you clean my house while we were gone?” she questioned. “That bathroom looks immaculate.”

“Cleaning services I have on call didn’t mind a middle of the night job for the right amount of money,” he explained easily.

“Do you throw money at every problem you have?”

“No, but it does make my life easier with some situations.”

“Are you going to hurt me more, Tyler?”

He paused a moment sitting back in the chair. “Depends on the type of hurt you’re asking about.”

“Physically?” she said.

“I do owe you a spanking for defying me,” he remarked.

She gasped. “You aren’t seriously thinking of putting me over your knee and hitting me on my butt are you?”

He smirked. “The thought did occur to me seriously. You opening defied my wishes, Lauren and I have rights to your body. It’s in the contract that if you-“

“Tyler! I’m not a child. You can’t seriously be thinking of slapping me on the ass as punishment!” she railed.

“Like I said I thought about it, other than that nothing else physical, but if you’re asking am I going to take all this away and have you living worse than where you’ve come from, the answer is no. If you need to know if I have something more plan in the scheme of things that involves you, then yes. Should you run? Probably, but you can’t. You won’t.”

“You don’t know me,” she said bravely.

“You like what I do to you, too much, Lauren and I like doing what I do to you,” he admitted.

She could see his manhood pressing against his pants.

‘Use him,’ Shadow’s words echoed in Lauren’s thoughts.

“Drop the towel outside the room and come here,” Tyler ordered. “It’s going to be a long night.”

Lauren dropped the towel and walked over to him. Being naked with Tyler felt right and she didn’t worry about being cold, because she knew his incredibly hot hands would warm her body.

Just as she reached him, he reached around with both hands and palmed her rear. His face buried in her stomach and she could feel his hot lips kissing all over her stomach.

His face moved to her side and so did his kisses while his hands rubbed her back, butt and thighs.

His tongue trailed around the edge of the red panties and then licked up to her belly button again.

She could see he was really enjoying himself with her body and this turned her on even more.

“Why are you so fascinated with me wearing red panties?” she asked.

He looked up at her and smirked. “That certainly wasn’t a casual question.”

Lauren shook her head.

“Mama came back to the family with me in tow unwilling to give me up. I reminded her of the only man she had loved but could not have. They put her up in a house with other mistresses. Sort of like a kamepa.”

“What’s that?” she asked, resting her hands on his broad shoulders as he continued his caress to her body.

Now his hands were on her breast and when he sat straight up, he could suckle a nipple deep in his mouth. He did so prior to answering her.

“More or less a chamber where men could visit their mistresses without their wives knowing,” he explained. “My mother was sent there to clean and cook for the women, while I was ordered to stay out of sight all the time. If I was seen by the women they would torture me and beat me… As I got older, my mother made me learn chores. I had to be useful or I would be gone and she didn’t want that. So my biggest asset was that I was small enough to crawl under their beds and clean. Sometimes, I got under there and the woman would come in with their mastera. I would hear the sounds of their lovemaking and then they would drop their panties to the floor.” His fingers moved to the edge of her underwear.

Lauren closed her eyes briefly as his hands moved over her hips and then the front of her thighs. His thumbs rubbed up and down titillating her most sensitive spot and then his lips pressed up against the lace red fabric.

“I was never allowed to touch them, but for hours I would watch these panties as I listened to the sounds of pleasure above me.”

His tongue snaked out just as his fingers moved the panties aside so he could lick between her womanly folds.

She had to hold on harder to his shoulders to keep her balance.

“And when they were done and gone, I would walk out of there and the women would laugh at me and pinch me because they knew the sounds had aroused me.”

He hooked his fingers in her panties and spread them out so he could pull them down evenly from the back and the front.

“Do you know there is a mastery to taking off a woman’s panties, Lauren?”

Hers fell to the ground at her ankle and he pulled her close while lifting her leg to rest on his shoulder.

She was too sexually flustered to answer.

He continued, “There is also an art to arousing a woman with your mouth.”

With that, he dipped his face into her womanhood and showed her his artistry. Lauren moaned so loud as she felt her come run down her leg.

He planted small kisses on the inside of her thigh as if in reward for giving him what he desired. Moving her leg back down, he leaned back in the chair and opened his pants. “Pleasure me, Lauren. Just like you promised.”

She moved to her knees and smiled because this was what she wanted.

He lifted up as she pulled down his pants and underwear. His natural essence was intoxicating and Lauren really just wanted to dive right in, but she had read so many books about this, she knew the course of action was to take this slow. Using her hands initially, she touched all over his strong muscular legs and thighs and then followed with her mouth.

He watched her the whole time.

She loved the taste of his skin and laved up his thighs until she came to his scrotum. Gingerly, she used just the tip of her tongue to lick slow circles all around and in the corners of his thighs before returning to the warm sacs. Gently, she sucked them into her mouth filling her cheeks and then swirling her tongue around them.

He gripped the side of the chair hard as she released them and then started at the base of this manhood.

Lauren took her time, making sure her mouth missed no inch of him. Kissing and licking, trying to wrap her lips around his thick circumference and just enjoying exploring his body just using her hands and her mouth.

Time was gone and when she finally pulled his shaft deep down her throat, Lauren was in that moment of making this man feel so good. Showering him with oral praise and letting him know he was all the man she would need.

Taking long strokes with her mouth and filling him all the way down her throat took work, but work she was loving and feeling good about.

He’d become harder and she knew he was on the precipice of coming. For some reason, Lauren really did want to taste him.

“Lauren,” he warned breathlessly caught up in her oral pleasure.

Tyler tried to take control and pull at her to move on his lap, but Lauren slithered down on her knees again to fully take his luscious sacs back in her mouth, while her fingers pressed on his perineum. She then in one swoop swallowed him again deep in her throat and gurgled her pleasure as the tip of him swole and it was Tyler gripping her shoulder and cursing her.

The taste of Tyler Black was just as arousing, filling her mouth with a load she almost couldn’t keep. She had to swallow as another load quickly spurted out while his hips jerked up into her face.

He had sweated a pound away and she happily smacked her lips at her accomplishment.

Quickly, Tyler recovered. “Get on the bed, Lauren. I’m going to fuck you ten ways sideways.”

Standing up and leaning to him, she lightly kissed him on the lips. “Good.”

With that, Lauren sauntered to the bed, moved the covers aside and waited for him.

If she couldn’t walk straight tomorrow, she’d be alright.

Right now, she wanted to get fucked by Tyler Black.

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