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Weaving romance around suspense is no joking matter and I applaud authors who do it awesomely and I really hope I have done justice in terms of making sure readers getting both in the story. I would say this is really the first book, I’ve fallen in love with both of the protagonists in the book. I really like how Lauren’s strong yet innocent, but I love how Tyler is powerful, Hot and has his own hidden vulnerablitlies.




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Now my comments about the story:

I loved this chapter. I would say right now this was one of my favorite chapters, but it was also really sad because it’s the beginning to the end.

What say you?

… Enjoy


Black’s Innocence Chapter 31

Tyler took no prisoner and she was positive the man was chemically enhanced for the night. When he couldn’t get enough of tasting her, Tyler was pummeling the depths of her soul.

Lauren thought she had died, come back and died again. Tyler had her so aroused, she didn’t care how long he wanted or how he wanted her.

He pulled her hair, slammed his body so hard against her she was sure her pelvis was going to feel the internal bruising days later. He maneuvered her to her knees to take her from behind and pulled her arms back so hard, she was positive they would come out of her socket.

Yet, every position, every stroke, Lauren met with lustfulness of her own. She gave her mind, body and soul to him and even then he was still hungry for her.

By midnight, they finally exhausted themselves to slumber, but by dawn, Lauren could feel his hot hands moving over her body. She groaned in protest, yet, Tyler didn’t stop.

She knew her bladder was going to call upon her but his hands felt really good on her body and she’d start to become aroused.

Her eyes finally open and she frowned seeing there was a jar of petroleum on the table by the bed. She didn’t remember putting the jar there and she was about to ask him about it until she felt his mouth once again attacking her womanhood. This time seemed different, every lick and stroke was deliberate arousing her out of her mind and keeping her breathing erratic.

She gasped feeling his finger pressed into her rear at the same time his tongue delved and swirled deep into her.

The double bliss he gave her made her body jerk and spurt in pleasure drenching his face. He quickly moved up her body hooking her thighs on his shoulders, leaving her wide open and rocking her hips back.

He hunched over to kiss her with lustful abandonment.

Lauren felt his pressure, but this time was very different. The position Tyler held her was keeping her from moving away or even shifting, giving him access to every aperture between her legs.

“Tyler,” she whispered in fear feeling a wholeness in her womb that was terrifying and arousing at the same time.

He pressed more and more until she cried out, digging her nails deep into his back.

This didn’t stop him and every stroke he deliberately rubbed across the front of her moins keeping her titillated, electrifying her body past blissful delirium.

She was going to culminate and so was he because she could feel him become thicken and his strokes deepened until…

“D-D-Dammmmmm you, Lauren,” he growled, sending rapturous tingles through her ears and into her brain.

Smiling as her body started to relax and then gasping abruptly as he slipped out of her, Lauren only winced but she really wasn’t in pain.

Tyler moved off the bed and went into the bathroom. She could hear the water running for a while.

Doing a body check, Lauren never imagined her first foray into anal sex would be so damn good.

Reading about the sex she had wanted to explore when she had gotten married and then actually doing the sex, she was really glad she had experienced this outside of marriage.

As awkward and wrong as the act itself was supposed to feel, she found herself amazingly pleased a man like Tyler had ushered her into the salacious sensual act.

The man in questioned returned and sat down on the edge of the bed next to her. “Open your legs,” he ordered.

She obeyed watching his face as he revealed the damp warm washcloth in his hand and wiped between her legs. In a situation where she thought she would feel really uncomfortable, she wasn’t as he carefully cleaned her up. She was starting to wonder if she was getting used to sex or used to Tyler? 

Lauren was unsure of which one she really wanted to get comfortable with.

“Are you satisfied?” she questioned as he used the other washcloth, which was dry in the other hand to finish cleaning her up.

He seemed to drag his eyes from between her legs to her face as if he just realized she was there. The unguarded look of sadness was on his face and she frowned surprised by the look he revealed to her.

“Never,” he said. “I will never really be satisfied with you, Lauren, but for now, we’ll eat and then sleep. In the morning, we’ll take a shower, fuck again and then I’ll leave you.”

He left the room again and she could hear him in the kitchen. Getting out of the bed and wrapping the sheet around her body, too a moment to gain her equilibrium.

The bathroom screamed her name and she answered the call before going into her kitchen.

Pausing at the doorway, she was in awe more about Tyler’s large naked body standing at the island getting the food from the restaurant packaging than the fact that someone had come and cleaned up her kitchen and oddly stocked it with utensils.

Lauren quickly wrapped her head around having him here in her house naked as the day as he was born and looked deliciously sexy. Accessing their entire day, she had a lot of questions for him, but knew many of them would not be answered, especially the ones that concerned her. Moving closer to the island as he distributed the food on the plates, she asked, “You weren’t angry at your sister for going on my honeymoon with Dylan, but you’re angry at her for doing work for your brother away from school? I’m confused. Both times she’s left school.”

He stopped what he was doing and looked at her as if she had said the most annoying statement. “I’m paying for that wench to stay in school, not Viktor. That selfish son of bitch could give two shits about her, but since he rarely trusts anyone, she’s probably his best bet in watching over his investment.”

“So she owes some loyalty to you more than him because you pay her expenses?” Lauren questioned.

“She owes shit to Viktor. That side of her family doesn’t even acknowledge her.” He gripped the counter. “Powers doesn’t care. Not like I care.”

“About her or acceptance to your family?”

“Both. Viktor didn’t see her wrapped with the cord around her neck in a garbage dumpster,” he said picking up the plates and leaving the kitchen.

Lauren followed him back in the bedroom, slowly letting the information he’d just given her sink in. His sister’s story was similar to hers, but more horrific, yet he had no problem treating Lauren like shit and cared for his sister very much.

He put one plate on the table next to the bed and then he moved on the other side of the bed.

She saw her salmon meal on the table and went to that side of the bed. “I should hate her, shouldn’t I? She stole my honeymoon experience,” she said.

“She went to keep an eye on Dylan,” Tyler revealed tightly. “He was going to take someone else. I couldn’t have that.” He sat with his back to her on the bed and she was able to see his tattoo even better and saw the dragon that went around his back the arm of the dragon came around and created an empty space as if it were supposed to be holding something, but nothing was there… yet.

She picked up her plate and sat on the bed. The food smelled delicious and she didn’t realize how really hungry she was until starting to eat the food.

“You can hate her. I won’t tell you how to feel about Powers. That’s not in the contract,” Tyler continued. “But she only went because I asked her too. Dylan’s always had a crush on her since forever, but she’s kept him at bay and has no intentions of returning his interest. She kept him close recently because Powers thinks there are redeeming qualities about me. She thinks I wont finish what I start.” He finished his food and then turned to lay in the bed with his hands up past his head and looked up at the ceiling.

This would have been a perfect time to ask him about what he was trying to plan, but Lauren decided against ruining their mood. At this moment, Tyler seemed vulnerable and upsetting him seemed insane to do.

She put her plate down and laid down next to him, with her elbow on the pillow and her hand holding her head up.

He looked at her after a moment, and asked, “When Dylan returns and he finds out the truth about your virginity, he’ll realize divorcing you was the worst mistake of his life. If he wants to start all over again, will you want to?”

Lauren couldn’t believe she was having a normal conversation with him and she couldn’t believe she had never thought about this possibility lately. It was still in her soul to be a wife, but Dylan’s wife? After all she had gone through? Could she really forgive him for a communication error? 

Tyler looked at her seriously awaiting her answer.

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly.

She was about to explain her answer, but Tyler put his finger to her lips and shook his head.

“Never explain love, Lauren. The things we feel whether good or bad means there’s love driving us and that in itself makes it complicated.” He pulled her face to his and lightly brushed his lips to hers. “When Dylan comes back, I’ll stay out of your way and it will fully be up to you to tell him about what happened between us.”

“Why?” she asked warily.

“Because it’s in the contract. And I don’t break a contract, Lauren.” He reached over and turned off the lamp on her bed. Looking down at her, he ordered, “Now turn around and go to sleep.”

When she moved on her other side and laid on the pillow in the dark with Tyler, his hands moved around her body and curved her into him.

This was the first time he had stayed to sleep and she didn’t know how to take this. At one moment, she wanted to stay wide awake, but in the next moment sex and the good food had drained her senses. His proximity lulled her into a deep sleep very soon and she treasured the feeling of security and being genuinely cared for.

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  1. It will be hard for Tyler, he loves her dearly. She hasn’t a clue. But when she finds out she will fight like a tigress for him and her life.

  2. I’m really nervous. I definitely don’t want Lauren to get back with Dylan, but she need to talk to him to clean that part of her life up. Tyler and Lauren seem like a good match, but both of them need to clean up the drama surrounding them before pursuing anything serious. There are still too many secrets and unanswered questions.

  3. Tyler is in it to win but is willing to walk away and keep up a ruse to be disgusted by her. Dylan is going to need her when he gets back. Something is a brewing…

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