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I know you guys see it, but Lauren doesn’t. Tyler is starting to develop a “weakness” for Lauren. He wouldn’t admit it if it slapped him in the face, but I’m lick… I mean like the pacing of their lust attraction. I’m trying to give Lauren enough time to really see how relationships go and I’m easing Tyler out of his hatred. This is a complicated thing to accomplish, all the while, I’m building a conspiracy that’s going to rock Lauren’s world and possibly destroy.

But that’s life. Just when things get better, life punches you in the face and say “Psyche.”

BTW, that’s my favorite show next to Monk and House.


Oh, someone sent a message to my Instagram asking me do I listen to music while I write?

When I’m at work and sneak writing, like you guys are at work sneak reading, I listen to music. Music gives me the ability to think two things at once. I can do my job, get jobs completed and productivity, but between all that, I can click over to my Google drive and hit up the story.

When I’m at home, I don’t listen to music. I actually find old shows to watch or long YouTube videos. My current obsession is van life and car life videos so I like looking at tours of vans or hearing them rant about how hard the “life” is.)  Old shows are Criminal Minds, Law and Order (on Netflix), Psyche, Monk, and House (Amazon Prime).

I try not to watch anything I haven’t seen because it’s distracting.


Chapter 19

Lauren’s heart was beating a thousand times a minute as his usual hot hand held hers while he led her over to the front of his desk. Just to be on the other side of this monstrosity of a desk with this man was a bit overwhelming. Tyler’s eyes held hers as his hands moved down the side of her body and when he felt her backside, he grinned.

“You follow instructions, very well, Lauren,” he noted.

She blushed knowing he was making a remark she didn’t have underwear on.

In one swoop of his thick arm, he knocked everything off of the desk and then he pushed her dress up, while guided her to lean back on the desk.

Innocently she said, “I thought this was about me not about you.”

Tyler smirked pulling her stockings down while sitting in the chair in front of her, with his nose being level to her crotch. “When I’m done, you’ll clearly understand this is about you.”

There was this determined look on his face as if he meant serious business and she watched as he dipped his face between her legs. To watch him taste her was more arousing than feeling him taste her. She threw her head back and moaned feeling his tongue touch the most sensitive place on her body.

He coaxed her to wetness and everything she hated about Tyler was completely forgotten as she trembled to the lapping of his tongue on her womanhood. Tyler indulged his whole face and even used his fingers to titillated her.

Lauren didn’t care as she leaned back even more on the desk and spread her legs wider giving him greater access to everything. Tyler took advantage and moved in closer guiding her ass right on the edge of the desk, while he indulged his face to perfectly fit between her legs orally attacking every nook and cranny and laving all her juices up as if his life depended on it.

His fingers were not only inserted into her womanhood, but he had managed to slip his ring finger and pinkie into her rear at the same time using her juices to easily gain access, tripling her second orgasm so hard she thought her brain had exploded.

She was very glad no one was in the office because she knew she screamed out like she was having a heart attack. She clawed the wood desk knowing she was leaving marks but not caring.

Tyler was so suave at lapping, licking and sucking on her womanhood until she was almost completely clean, while she came down from her high. Lauren’s body had a mind of its own and she sat up and slid down into his lap. Wildly she kissed him tasting herself all over his mouth and loving how savage he looked with her essence glistening all over his face.

He responded with great passion and she could feel his hardness pressed up against her through his clothes ready to burst forth. She wanted him inside of her, just like the other night pounding deep within her.

Grinding her body against him, she expressed her need and she could feel he wanted the same thing, but reluctantly pushed her body away from him and scooted the chair back.

He reached for a Kleenex and cleaned his face. “Straighten yourself up,” he ordered standing despite his raging hard-on. “Rodger is waiting to take you home.”

Lauren was clearly still aroused and confused at the same time. “Are you going to take your part of the deal?”

Tyler smirked as if he had won something. “No Lauren. I told you. This was just for you. I’m a man of my word,” he said, pushing a button under his desk for the elevator to come and walked into his private bathroom slamming the door.

She wanted to scream for him to take her, but she fought the urge, grabbed her purse and left the office the same way she had arrived.

Just as Tyler said Rodger was waiting at the car for her outside. She had smoothed her clothes down so the driver could suspect nothing, but as she sat on the seat she cursed at herself because she had forgotten her stockings.

When she dug her fingers in her thighs this time on the drive home, it was only for pure sexual frustration.

Yet, it was all still Tyler’s fought.


Getting home, she ignored the rules of the house and went upstairs to take a quick cold shower in the shared bathroom. She didn’t care about the rules of bothering upstairs tenants because Lauren was in another world and could care less, plus she knew she was moving out soon and didn’t give a damn about the landlord’s threats.

When she got to her room she stopped at the door. Something seemed out-of-place, but everything looked the same. Panicking for a moment, she ran to her hiding place behind the headboard and sighed in relief as she felt her valuables were where she had left them.

Standing up and looking around the room, she felt someone had been in there, but she couldn’t put her finger as to why she thought that.

Pushing those odd thoughts out of her head, she got ready to go to sleep.

Lying in bed, Lauren tossed and pretty much turned all night long restless to the point of frustration.

During the night, it had rained significantly and as she walked out of her door, she noticed there was a small set of footprints in the mud leading to her door from the alley. Had someone been outside during the night trying to get in?

She hurried to work with her thoughts filled with so many things, but soon it was just Tyler that consumed her thoughts.

By the time she arrived at the office business, Lauren was feeling really sour about yesterday. Having sex with Tyler was degrading but satisfying and although yesterday was about her knowing he didn’t get his kicks pissed her off for some reason.

Why should she care? He said it was all about her and kept his word. He took no pleasure in her body, but that was the problem, she had wanted him to.

All Lauren could do was think about kissing him afterward, tasting herself, feeling his need press up against her and just imagine how it would have felt guiding him deep within her, riding him to glory.

“Lauren!” Deborah said, plopping a large pile of files on her desk in front of her.

Being shaken out of her romanticized, Lauren looked up at Deborah who didn’t look angry. “I’m sorry, I have a lot on my mind.”

“I can see that,” Deborah remarked amusedly. “Second-day nerves?”

“Just everything, I guess. What is this?”

“Another assignment from your favorite boss.” There was some levity in the assistant’s eyes and a sarcasm dripping from her voice. “I sent you some files digitally if you needed to manipulate them into one database. They’re from two different companies, but if you could work the magic from yesterday, I figured you’d want the digital files for this one too.”

“Thanks, Deborah.”

“Oh, and I got a call from that place you’re trying to move into. I gave them a recommendation, but I did say you’d been working for us for about six months. I figured that would solidify you for the apartment.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Lauren said, “Thank you so much, I really appreciate the help. Let me know if I can do anything for you.”

“Girl, after yesterday, you are so much-needed around here. Despite what Mr. Black feels about you, I think you’re a breath of fresh air in his office. Maybe things around here will get less stressful.”

“Was it just his wife that caused him to be so cruel? Was there anything else?”

“Well, the woman did break his heart, sleep with his best friend several times and even falsify a pregnancy. She also tried to take everything in the divorce so he is rather bitter about her.” Deborah leaned in to speak more quietly. “Don’t take it personally. He’s been going through some things for a very long time, prior to all that with his mother and her family, which he refuses to speak about. A lot of things that happened with women in his past affect him as a person and drive his actions in the present.”

Lauren nodded and then asked keeping her voice low, “Was Dylan alway his best friend? Was he the one that slept with Tyler’s wife?”

The assistant frowned a little confused for a moment prior to speaking. “I’m sorry Lauren, I thought you knew. They’ve been best friends since boarding school at Cranbrook High School.”

Lauren now understood the real reason behind Tyler doing what he was doing to her. This was all to get revenge on Dylan?

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