Chapter 5

Chon internally hissed as she opened her eyes to stare up at Dorian Zane, who was looking down at her as if she was the one that had gone mad. She wasn’t hurt, but more or less embarrassed and just still a lot hungover.

He was fully dressed and looked ready to go to his next business meeting all clean and shaven. Damn him for looking so good so early in the morning when she probably seemed like a train wreck.

His eyes briefly moved down her body where her dress had hiked up past mid thigh, yet his eyes quickly moved back to hers. “Why the hell aren’t you answering your phone?” he demanded to know.

She used the door to help herself up since he didn’t offer to help her to her feet. Why should he? He’s Dorian “fucked up” Zane.

“You’re drunk!” he accused, watching her intently.

Fixing her dress before standing upright, holding back on the porch to give herself some distance from him, Chon said as calmly as possible, “Not anymore and my phone died.” When he didn’t move out of the doorway to let her in, she asked, “May I come in?”

“Why?” he asked suspiciously, folding his arms over his broad chest.

“Your phone. I’m here to master reset your phone, Mr. Zane.”

He held up the phone. “I figured it out without you. My phone works fine.” He slammed the door in her face.

Chon stood there for a moment as if the door had hit her face. Shock didn’t come close to what she was feeling.

She wanted to cry. Half drunk, sore, frustrated and felt dirty all over – inside and out; she just wanted to cry.

This man had finally accomplished what he was after.

To drive her crazy.

Slumping on the steps, Chon sighed with a shudder trying not to allow the tears to run down her face.

Most likely, she looked like a hot mess, but that was the least of her worries.

The taxi had left, and her phone was almost dead.

Digging in her bag for her phone, she saw there was thirty percent battery left of the extra battery.

She put it on low power and then went into her call log to find the cab company number. Just as she was about to call a taxi, her phone rang.

Looking at the screen, she was tempted to push Dorian Zane to voicemail.

He’ll know he won, she told herself.

Taking a deep calm breath, she answered in a cordial tone, “Yes, Mr. Zane?”

“Are you still loitering on my property?”

Rubbing the back of her neck to remove some tension, she said, “I was about to call a cab.”

“How long will it take?” he asked annoyed. “I really don’t want you out there, so my neighbors can see you.”

Chon had never had an evil thought in her head about anyone ever – until now.

Now all she could think about was doing serious bodily harm to Dorian Zane.

“I’ll… I’ll walk to…” She couldn’t really think straight or lie seriously. “…Away.” Pulling herself up to stand and going down the stairs, she looked down to see the corner was only three houses away.

She heard the line click and knew he hung up.

Looking back at the black door to Dorian Zane’s house she compared it to the black heart beating underneath that man’s chest. If she had a spear, she would want to drive the blunt tip in between his rib cage really slowly just to watch him suffer.

For some reason, why did she remember how he gripped the door knob so tight until she thought knuckles would turn white when she fell in the doorway.

Why did she remember his eyes seem to glow and dance when he looked down her body, and then he shuddered? Yes, shook as if he was fighting the urge to do something.

And he licked his lips slowly before pretending to be angry?… She noticed that.

Why had she noticed? Why was she recollecting these memories?

Why did she have the urge to walk back up those stairs and demand he open the door?


And if he did, then what?

Clearing out her screen, Chon started to call a cab again as she wobbled down the street wanting the pain in her head just to stop.

As she was about to give her location to the taxi dispatcher, Dorian Zane called in on the other line.

“Can you hold a moment ma’am?” she asked and clicked over before the woman gave her consent. “Yes, Mr. Zane?” she asked this time through gritted teeth.

“Are you gone off my block yet?” he questioned.

“Does it matter? I’m off your property, sir.”

“Does it matter?!” he sounded highly offended. “I think I should advise human resource you’re drinking on the job.”

Incredulously, Chon said, “I’m not even supposed to be working today Mr. Zane, you didn’t even want an assistant, and there wasn’t even a real problem.”

“And I just made it all up to drag you out of bed at an ungodly hour? Is that your defense as well?”

A beep on her phone indicated she was running low already and the other line had hung up. “I really do have to go, Mr. Zane. I need to call a cab.”

“You haven’t called one yet?” he questioned in shock.

It was taking every last bit of control not to scream obscenities at him.

Staying cool as a cucumber, she said, “You keep calling me for no particular reason. Now please hang up-“

The line clicked.

Hurriedly, she redialed the cab company and requested a car to pick her up. They needed an address, and she still used Dorian Zane’s address with intentions of flagging down the taxi.

By this time, her feet hurt along with her headache and the increase in nausea. She wanted to scream, but she was so damn tired she would do anything to get to her bed faster.

A brand new slick black Audi pulled up in front of her with tinted windows. The engine raced before the passenger window near her slowly rolled down, and she could see Dorian Zane inside of the car.

“You’re still loitering around my property, Ms. Tolbert,” he scolded.

She looked down the street to his home three houses away. Finding it hilarious the man was still out to get on her nerve even though he knew he had won, she teased, “Your property line and your perception have something to be desired, Mr. Zane.”

He paused a moment before offering, “Would you like a ride?”

She hesitated even though she heard the doors unlock and knew he wasn’t joking. Had the man spent the entire morning driving her to the brink of a nervous breakdown and now all of a sudden he wanted to be kind? There was every reason to hesitate.

“Any day now, Ms. Tolbert, or are you still too intoxicated to make an educated decision.”

Chon opened the door and sat inside on the warm, soft leather passenger seat. A groan almost escaped her at the wonderfulness of how everything felt. The interior was just as immaculate as the man. She bet his house was a guide to being anal.

“Don’t sweat on the leather,” he complained. “And I hope you don’t stain anything.”

She pursed her lips closed as he put the car in gear and took off.

He handed her the phone. “The app update is still buggy,” he complained.

Chon knew how to fix the problem and even organized his front screen for optimal use.

“So I take it your night with a friend was enjoyable?” he questioned.

“I wish I could remember,” she mumbled.

“So you often over drink like this? What? Monthly? Weekly? Daily?”

She smirked knowing he was a smart ass. “Actually no, Mr. Zane. This is the second time in my life, I’ve ever gotten drunk. And oddly it was with the same person. I had ordered sparkling water. My… Friend ordered the wine and kept it coming all night.”

“So he wanted you drunk?”

Wanting to believe something good about Austin was becoming more and more difficult as she forced herself not to think about whatever happened to her last night. Austin had yet to return her phone calls or texts, and she had a feeling he was going to avoid her like the plague until he needed her again.

“A glass loosens me up, and I was under a lot of stress.” She shrugged. “I guess I needed a lot of loosening.”

“Trying to blame your stress on me is deflecting the bigger problem.”

“I’m not a lush,” she defended herself.

“How many did you have in all?” he asked accusingly.

She shrugged guiltily, “I stopped counting at four, but I knew I was drunk at two.”

“So you do remember something from last night?”

“Steps, candles, me and…” She blushed, nibbling on the tip of her index finger.

“What?” he inquired.

Was she crazy to tell him anything? Why would she give him more ammunition to get rid of her? “Mr. Zane, our conversation about my personal life is very inappropriate.” She straightened up and became very serious. “I don’t mix business with pleasure.”

“You’ve never dated a client? I find that hard to believe seeing how you’ve moved up so quickly.”

Chon knew his words were deliberately insulting, but she was not going to go for the bait. “I’m good at my job. I would never agree to do something unprofessional. And as a side note, I don’t take the things my client does personal either.”

“It looked like you were taking things personal out on my steps.” He smirked. “I even thought I saw you cry.”

She snorted very ready for a subject change. “My eyes are tired,” she said, taking off her sunglasses.

Suddenly, she realized she had not given him directions to her home.

So where the hell was he driving too?

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  1. Dorian is being very evasive, but I hope somewhere in his black heart he is looking out for her…..I hope she realizes that Austin is a snake and really question what’s going on right in front of her.

    1. i hope this about a lot of people. I think that’s what drove me to write this story. everyone else can see another person is a snake except the one that really needs to see it.

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