Chon’s phone rang. Speak of the devil?

   “Did you make a requisition for the budget?” Dorian demanded to know.

   “Yes, sir,” she answered politely. “Our Wednesday meeting will answer all of your questions, but since you weren’t in a talkative mood today, I decided not to bug you.”

   “Do you always do as you’re told?” he sneered.

   She thought he would be happy about not being disturbed, but obviously, the man was hell bent on being miserable and ornery. “No, but for our initial meeting I’m letting you think you’re winning,” she shot back.

   “You don’t want to have a battle of wits with me, Ms. Tolbert,” he said sourly. “I’m not a nice person.”

   “As if that’ll be a surprise. Are you calling to make my life miserable or question my job?”


   “The requisition is for you. If you look at the itemized list, you’ll see that. I did request an extra color printer/fax for my desk because I don’t trust the main office printer when it comes to making sure you have any presentations you need right away.”

   “Are you trying to impress me?”

   “Is it working?”

   The line disconnected abruptly, and she had a feeling it wasn’t by mistake.

Brushing this aside, she continued driving. Most of her clients were suspicious at the beginning of what she was doing, but eventually, they relaxed and was impressed by her skills. She had a feeling Dorian Zane would be impressed, but he wasn’t going to make it any easier for her.

   Chon was just about to reach the exit of the garage when out of the blue a man came running in front of her car. Slamming on her breaks just before she was about to hit him, he looked behind him as if someone was chasing him and then he kept running between the cars.

   He was Caucasian, with the rug on his head slightly displaced, and she thought she saw a bruise on the side of his face, but couldn’t be sure because of the dimmed lights in the parking garage.

   Chon watched as he jumped in a bright yellow Aztek SUV and drove off in front of her as if a fire was on his ass. Checking around her to see if there was someone around, she checked her mirrors before driving off again.

   Going about a couple of feet, she looked at her rear mirrors again and saw that the man must’ve dropped a notebook in front of her car.

   Getting out of her car, she picked up the notebook and at the same time thought she heard a clicking noise coming from her right where the man come running. The same direction he had looked back in terror.

   On top of the Composition was a taped business card. The frazzled man was a mechanical engineer for the firm.

Chon would just leave it on Tracy’s desk when she returned to work. The man would be grateful she had returned it even if it was a couple of days later.

   Getting back in her car, she drove home to tackle Dorian Zane’s work email, while doing more research on her business. Before getting out of her car, she stuffed the composition on the side of her seat knowing she’d remember to take it in with her when she returned to work, rather than putting it in her bag or taking it in the house.

   She had been putting together a business plan to present to her brother. Even though she was close to making the money on her own, it would still be nice to prove to her brother she should get her hands on the money Grandmother Wei left her.

   At five pm, Chon took an emergency client for a wig sew in and was getting ready to leave for her dinner date with Austin at seven-thirty when her phone rang again.

   “Yes, Mr. Zane?” she asked when she answered in a very monotonous voice as she headed to her car.

   “What did you do with all my old emails?” he questioned accusingly.

   “I pushed them over to archive,” she explained calmly. “I sent you an email explaining what I did, that way your inbox stays new and –“

   “Are you driving?” he asked, cutting her off.

   He must’ve heard the loud roar of her engine when she had started up the ignition.

   “Yes,” she said embarrassed.

   “Isn’t it too late to be out?” he asked with disgust.

   “I’m going to dinner with a friend if you must know, Mr. Zane.”

   The line clicked, and she sighed mentally exhausted. The man was insane. Chon worked with a lot of creatives, but by far this was the worse and rudest client she had ever encountered.

   Arriving at the restaurant in Downtown Detroit, Cliff Bells, Chon left her car with valet because parking was just as expensive in that area. This place was “their spot.” Austin had taken her to this restaurant on their first date.  

   The low lit jazz club with delicious food always did something to her and Austin knew this.

   He waved her to their table near the back, and she smiled happily going to him. When she was close enough, she saw he was on the phone and said, “Yeah, we’ll be there. I promise.” He hung up the phone, standing up to greet her.

   Chon allowed him to pull her into a hug and kiss her wetly again before sitting down with him.

   “You look delicious,” he said.    

   Asking who was on the phone completely disappeared as she took in his compliment. “Thank you,” she said politely.

   They ordered their food, and she only asked for sparkling water. Alcohol made her do things she didn’t want to do.

   “Oh no,” Austin insisted to the waitress. “Please bring her white wine.”

   She drunk the first glass while listening to Austin drone on about how he was better than Dorian Zane and how he needed to get in on this large scale project.

   “They’re building a damn small size city right in the middle of Detroit. Dorian Zane’s just being greedy by taking this project on all by himself,” Austin grumbled. “He could have shared the success with other engineers. Selfish bastard.”

   Once she finished her first glass, he ordered another drink.

   By the time the food came, Chon was very comfortable and relaxed with Austin rubbing her high on her legs and kissing her neck. His kisses tickled her skin because his shave sucked, but this was just another thing she knew she had to accept about him, similar to his wet sloppy kisses.

   For a moment, Chon noticed Austin seemed to be worried or anxious by some text message and someone at the bar, but when she tried to follow where he was looking, Austin would deliberately draw her attention away with his kisses, compliments, and touches. The bottom her her lip was starting to become very dry, and she knew she was going to go through a whole bottle of lip moisture by the end of the night.

   She had gone through four glasses of wine and was drunk and ready to go to sleep.

   “Let’s get out of here,” he whispered in her ear.

   “I-I should go home,” she insisted, knowing her words were slurred and giggled at hearing how silly she sounded.

If meticulous Mr. Zane had been there, he would have been thoroughly disgusted with her, but she didn’t care what that cruel bastard thought. She didn’t want to think at all – especially about Dorian Zane.

   “Nah, you don’t want to do that,” Austin refuted, helping her up and on with her coat. He playfully danced with her, rubbing his body against hers and kissing her hungrily.

   “I’m drunk,” she admitted out loud, but more again to herself. “I should get a cab.”

   “It’s okay, Chon,” Austin whispered. “You know I’ll take care of you. Just like last time. Remember, I took care of you last time.”

   Her thoughts were disoriented. “But Austin… what if Craig finds out we see each other?” she worried, trying to think logically.

   “Craig will never know. He never knew before.” Austin kissed her on her neck and shoulder, while continuously rubbing her with his hands on her lower butt and back. “Damn, you’re thick and beautiful.”

   Chon could feel by the way his hands pressed to her body hard as if he wanted to tear her clothes off right here in public and drive into her, Austin was aroused.

   They took his car, and she leaned her head on his shoulders promising to wake up when they got to his home.

   Austin’s voice sounded far away as she started to doze off, but Chon was sure he was talking on the phone again.

   “Yeah, I’m coming around now,” he insisted. “And this will guarantee I get in on it, right?”

   She wondered what was going on, but four glasses of wine made it difficult to be even remotely lucid. Letting the sleepiness take her, she let herself drown in the blackness knowing she had a while before she woke up.

   For some reason, his home felt closer. She was sure she had only been asleep for a few minutes and not the usual forty-five minutes from Detroit.

   He helped her out of the car, and she briefly wondered why he was parked in front of the house and not in the attached garage?

   “Come on, honey,” Austin said, helping her up the stairs.

   Chon didn’t remember him having steps to the front of his home, and all around her, everything seemed dark.

   “Did you move?” she questioned confused, shuffling her feet.

   He scooped her up, and Chon was sure someone else opened the door for him as Austin carried her inside a candle lit room that smelled tropical.

   Just as she was about to point out she never remembered him using candles before, Austin laid her on the couch or more like dropped her.

   She tried to right herself knowing her dress had hiked up well past her mid-thighs. For some reason, proper lady like behavior was more important than her being too drunk to function.

   Austin stopped her hands from pressing her dress down by voraciously kissing her, but his overly wet kisses were now starting just to annoy her. Pushing him away, she said, “I should go… Go home.”

   He sounded desperate. “No, Chon just wait. I’m going to make you feel good.”

   She shook her head. “I can’t do this… Austin. I shouldn’t. Not like this.”

   “Is she clean?” Another voice hissed that seemed to come from behind the couch.

   “I said she is,” Austin answered impatiently, pulling up her dress and yanking her panties down with her stockings.

   “Who is that?” Chon asked Austin as she tried to look around but the room was so dark, and her vision seemed foggy.

   “No one, honey. It’s just the radio,” Austin coddled, kissing her neck. “You’re beautiful. Relax, Chon. I’m going to make you feel very special.”

   Damn, he said her name so perfectly, and she did relax as she felt a warm cloth move between her legs.

   Austin, clean her?

   What was…

   “Get out!” a deep voice hissed.

   Austin seemed to disappear for a moment.

   Chon could barely see, but the candles seemed to have gone, and she felt her legs spread.

   Chon laid back and relaxed. This was hopefully going to make her feel special just like Austin said. Special than any other time? She couldn’t remember when it seemed special with Austin, but as usual, she always hoped.

   Just the attention… That’s what she needed right now. Some tender loving care and she was willing to lower morals and feel the guilt later.

   Austin usually just laid over her and wiggled in.

   She waited, but then when she only felt the weight on her thighs and waist, and a wide shadow moved downward, she started to suspect…

   What the hell?!

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading these three chapters. I was really hooked after Chapter 1. Mr. Zane just seems like an arrogant anal dictator and Chon just blows him off which infuriates him. Loved the way this chapter ended can’t wait to read more.

    On Aug 7, 2017 8:29 AM, “The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard” wrote:

    > @SylviaHubbard1 posted: “Chon’s phone rang. Speak of the devil? “Did > you make a requisition for the budget?” Dorian demanded to know. “Yes, > sir,” she answered politely. “Our Wednesday meeting will answer all of your > questions, but since you weren’t in a talkative mo” >

    1. thx Crystal. I’m actually enjoying the story all over again and for the life of me can’t remember this story and what happened so this is feeling like it’s all new. I remember why I stopped. My computer blew up. I mean blew up and I thought I lost the file and started another book so I never came back to it. I was so upset and distraught because I thought I’d have to literally pull the book piece by piece from Wattpad, which I did but was so disheartened I never did until now when I just said, look I gotta finish these books (Betrayed and this one).
      I started this one first because it needs to be done with.
      I really do appreciate the comments and I hope there are more to come. Chapter four just posted and don’t forget to share with others you know would enjoy it.

  2. Omg what had Chon gotten herself into. That asshole Austin just left her there with some stranger. Omg I’m so scared and excited and scared again for her. I don’t know what to think.

  3. I’m sad that Austin is doing that to her, and she don’t feel one hundred percent with him anyway but just going on familiarity…..I will continue reading sitting at the end of my seat!!!

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