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A loud ringtone pulled Chon out of her dead sleep.

Damn! What time was it?

Looking at the clock, it took a moment for her eyes to focus and read the digital display read four in the morning. She scrambled around the bed trying to follow the odd ringtone she had assigned to important phone calls.

Had she driven?

Damn! Drunk driving was not cool!

Stumbling out of bed, still trying to scramble for her phone, she saw bright car lights in her bedroom window, just as she found the phone at the end of the bed. She made it to the window to see a yellow Aztec reversing out of her driveway, but she was sure she saw Austin driving, with Tracy in the passenger seat.

She had to be dreaming!

“Hello,” she hissed answering the phone very annoyed at being awakened so early in the morning. No business she ever ventured into had an emergency this early in the morning.

“Were you sleep, Ms. Tolbert?” Dorian Zane questioned as if shocked people slept at this time of day. And damn if he didn’t sound sexy wide awake this early in the morning. There was a deeper baritone to his voice that seemed to rumble between her legs.

Embarrassed by her train of thoughts, she snipped, “Yes, Mr. Zane, what … what do you want?”

He snorted. “My phone is fucking up.”

Sitting on the bed and gathering her thoughts, all the while trying to steady herself from the spinning room. Chon prayed she could sound calm and not utterly pissed off.

“Hello,” he said annoyed. “Are you drunk?”

“N-No…Sleepy,” she lied.

“You sound drunk to me.”

To deflect from her fib, she asked, “What is your phone doing because clearly, it’s not broke enough for you NOT to call.”

“My screen is saying there’s an error. Did you fuck up my phone with your stupid, fancy program?”

“There’s nothing wrong with the program or the apps I updated. Most likely it’s user error.” She cleared her head and forced herself to concentrate. Putting him on speaker, Chon looked at her sync function to his phone and saw there was a connection error, which meant he had most likely turned the phone off during an update. She suspected this had been deliberate.

Since she was quiet for a moment, he asked, “Did you fall asleep again, Ms. Tolbert?”

“I’m not sleeping, Mr. Zane. I was looking at the install, but I can’t sync because one of the updates didn’t go through. Did you try to erase an app?”

Why would I do a dumb thing like that?” he raged, but her gut never lied.

“Really? We’re going to act childish?”

Angrily, he growled, “Just tell me how to fix it.”

“Can you do a master reset?” she questioned.

“No. I don’t want to.”

Now he was a real ass and she wanted to kick him in the face. Reluctantly, she said, “I’m going to have to do a master…” A yawn escaped her. “Master reboot. I’ll come to the office by ten or ten-thirty when you are back from your meeting.”

“I have a nine at Newman Construction,” he bitched. “I need my phone in working order and not with this dumb message blaring up at me.”

Dammit! This man was determined to fuck up her high.

“I can be at your house by seven.”

“Six is better,” he said and the line clicked again.

She was starting to get too used to him doing that.

Tossing her phone to the foot of the bed after putting on an hour alarm, she laid back down or rather put her face down on the pillows.

Why the hell would she drink four glasses? Or was it five? Hell! She had stopped counting.

And why had Austin…

Feeling between her legs she noticed… nothing. Absolutely nothing. No harsh rubbing? Soreness?

Had they?

And the Aztec? How odd she should see two so close together and both yellow, but that man from work had not been driving it the second time? As her fog was starting to clear, Chon was becoming very sure about everything.

Had Austin put her in an Aztec last night? No! They had been in his car.

So how did the Aztec with Tracy and Austin inside, end up in Chon’s driveway?


The alarm went off!

Double damn! Chon hadn’t gotten any extra sleep.

Crawling out of bed, she just knew the contents of her stomach were going to spill out any minute.

Triple Dammit!

Grabbing what she wore last night, along with her shoes, she barely noticed how things seemed out of place around her house, but pushed this out of her mind. Right now, she needed to make the client happy, force herself not to throw up and hope she could tolerate the pounding of her head just enough to let her think a little straight.

At five-thirty, she walked out her house, but then realized her car was not around her house and she still had the valet ticket in her purse from Cliff Bells.

As she called a cab, she noticed her phone registered at fifteen percent power.

Quadruple Damn! She said to herself as the cab pulled up in front of her home on the east side. When the city had made a lot of parcels on the east side cheap with a tax annuity, she jumped on the opportunity to buy herself a ranch style home and fix it up. Of course, her house was a work in progress, but Chon loved the fact she owned property in the city of Detroit.

Halfway on the way to her destination, Dorian Zane called.

“Where are you?” he questioned impatiently.

“I’m almost there,” she said calmly, trying to keep her head steady.

“You’re late. It’s after six.”

She checked her phone to see it was three minutes past six. “I’ll be there in five minutes,” she assured Dorian.

The line clicked abruptly.

“There’s an extra twenty if you can get me to the address in less than five,” she said to the cab driver.

He nodded and she felt the car increase in acceleration.

Putting her head back, she tried to remember what happened last night. So much blackness, but…

This had been only the second time in her life she had been drunk. The first time had been at Austin’s graduation party when he fed her too much of the spiked punch and then secreted her in a hotel room. She couldn’t remember much then either.

The cab driver pulled up to Dorian Zane’s townhouse in less than three minutes.

Chon paid the cabbie and stumbled out of the taxi. Embarrassed enough, she still had on her clothes from the night before, but she’d be damn if she turned on a light to find some clothes to look professional for this man who dragged her out of bed at an ungodly hour.

Sunrise was just occurring and she dug in her purse to find her sunglasses.

Getting to the steps leading up to his home, she felt as if she had been there before, as she rested her hand on the cold railing leading up to his solid black door.

These townhomes in this area were a new subdivision in Detroit and she’d never been there to her recollection.

Climbing the stairs, she looked down at her phone, but it was completely dead.

She knocked and then rang the doorbell after a few minutes.

No answer.

Where, the hell, was he?

It looked as if the cars parked in the back and she wasn’t sure what car he drove and she didn’t feel like walking behind the building to see if he had left or knock on any more doors.

Chon knocked and rang the doorbell again desperately.

Still no response.

Taking three deep breaths, she dug down into her purse to find a backup battery praying it was there. The last time she had used it, she didn’t remember charging it. Her life was usually planned out and she knew when she would be away from a charging station for a while.

Hopefully, she hadn’t drained the extra battery dry.

She could barely see straight and it took several tries for her to install the battery because her head hurt so bad and even with the sunglasses on seeing was becoming hard. All the while, she leaned her full weight on the door to keep her balance.

Just as Chon got the battery locked up, activated and was about to call him, the door swung open abruptly and she fell inside on her back.

Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!

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