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I got a lot of requests to get her out of the basement. LOL

I would love to rush this but it’s the holidays and I’m moving as fast as I can with the story.

I also would like to warn you, Tyler is a Black. I really don’t know how to explain this but Black’s aren’t very nice, especially this side of the family.


Chapter 13

“Look, I… uh… I uh found some good furniture in another place, and seeing it might take a minute to find that apartment for you, ‘cause you paid me good money, I ..uh… I got you a better mattress and some lights.”

She looked amazed. This man had not given her one ounce of generosity before. Had given him money in advance and not look like she was struggling changed him?

“Thank you,” she said. “Merry Christmas.”

He hurried, getting in a large truck and driving away.

Lauren went to the basement and went straight to her room.

Gasping as she opened the door to see the landlord had strung a real light in the room and the headboard to the full-size bed had shelves and drawers against the wall.

Putting the bags down in the middle of the room, Lauren sat on the bed and she thought she was going to die.

The mattress was heaven; So soft yet firm. She wanted to cry as she laid down on the brand new covers and sheets that were on the bed.

Jumping up, she ran out of the door to see if she could catch the landlord, but he was nowhere to be seen. She went back to her room and locked herself inside, took off her clothes and laid down luxuriating in the wonderful mattress.

This was about the best day of her life in a very long time.

Looking up at the ceiling, the landlord had put a mistletoe in the rafters.

She smiled because, at that moment in her life, she was happy. There was no perfect mansion around, expensive cars in the attached garage, no husband to lay at her side, but she was happy. Perfectly happy, all alone and content.

Something she hadn’t felt in a very long time.


Later on that night, she worked on her Chromebook. With enough minutes on her phone, she was able to use the Internet and set up her website for her business. The idea was to infiltrate these companies with a great website and then once she did a consultation, letting them know why they needed her services, she was sure to get clients.

For some reason, she constantly checked her phone to see if Tyler had called or texted her, but he had not.

Putting away her work, she decided she could not just go to sleep without trying to reach out to someone on Christmas. This was supposed to be a holiday for family and friends and most of all forgiveness.

Her first call was to Dylan. She immediately regretted the decision as she went straight to voicemail and she realized he had put her number in spam so she couldn’t even leave a message.

Thinking about today, she decided to call Jeanene.

The woman answered the phone on the fourth ring.

“Hi, Jeanene,” she said, trying to sound pleased.

“Lauren?” Jeanene asked cautiously.

“Yes, it’s me. Merry Christmas.”

“Thanks. Wow. Where’ve you been? How’ve you been?”

Lauren sighed feeling her former co-worker’s warm concerned inquiry was a good sign. “It’s been difficult,” she admitted honestly.

“I bet. After losing everything, I mean, I would think so. Where are you?”

“In Detroit still.”

“Detroit, Michigan?” Jeanene asked confused as if there were a million cities named Detroit.

“Yes, I never left.” She withheld the information about starting a new business. “Struggling like I said, but I guess kind of waiting.”

“Really? For what?” her former co-worker questioned. “I heard you can’t even get hired because of the pornography stuff in the state. You really messed up some things. And your fiancee’s sister made sure every one of your guest knew you were a liar when she returned all your gifts. Wrote a personal note of sorry from her brother and said you were the biggest liar and faker. She said she wanted to make sure you would have to leave the country to get any kind of work.”

Biting back harsh words that she wasn’t a liar, Lauren noted, “You sound like you’re close to her.”

“We talked, but only because of Tyler’s close to her.”

“And what does that have to do with you?”

“Oh dear, I didn’t mean to brag, but Tyler and I hit it off at the wedding. He took me to his hotel room and well… you know he’s just irresistible.”

Lauren couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Tyler Black? He slept with you?”

Jeanene sighed dreamily. “He’s even more perfect than Dylan. He treats me like a queen.”

“Y-You’re still sleeping together?”

“No, we’re just about to get engaged, silly. We’ve become so close over these past months and-”

“Oh dear… umm, Jeanene, I have an important call coming in. I’ll talk to you later.” Lauren hung up the phone and buried her face in her pillow.

She hated this holiday.

She hated Tyler Black.


After a good night’s sleep on her new mattress, Lauren awoke with some clarity over her situation. She was too smart to be living like this and her skills were a necessity. Having constant work in her field would be crucial to show potential clients she was still in the industry and doing a job.

Yet, the only person who would take her call was Him, despite her hatred for him.

Burning the bridge to Tyler, as much as she wanted to, would be stupid. He was a pig, an ass, a whoremonger himself and most of all a hypocrite.

A knot began in the pit of her stomach. She really didn’t want to dial his number but with no one else to help her out, this seemed the only way short of leaving the State of Michigan.

How much dignity did one have to lay down in order to survive in the world? Or survive Tyler Black?

Lauren wished she had another woman to talk with to understand everything rambling about her head.

She still stared down at the screen on her phone and took a deep breath.

Pride before the fall, right? Isn’t that what people say?
She dialed Tyler’s number, noting the time was about noon. It was after Christmas, and hopefully, he wouldn’t be busy.

Hopefully, he wouldn’t answer and she could just leave a message in a voicemail.

That knot in her belly he always managed to produce started to grow.

The line picked up after the third ring.

“What do I owe this surprise to? Miss me already?”

She wanted to throw up from his arrogance. “I missed you like pneumonia,” she shot back. “I called because I have a situation.”

“Don’t we all.”

Closing her eyes, trying not to get peeved at him, she implored, “Tyler, just listen.”

“Why should I? I charge five hundred an hour to listen to clients. What makes you think you can just call my phone and I’ll listen for free? Just because I’m fucking you doesn’t mean you can freely…”

She listened to him rail and internally cursed him. ‘Why did he have to be so difficult?!’

Interrupting his rant, she said, “I need a job, Tyler.”

“How is THAT my problem?” he questioned.

“I’m not making it your concern. I didn’t call to bicker with you or ask you for any favors just because I’m fucking you. ”

“I’m not bickering. I’m just not allowing you to waste my time, Lauren. Your job as my whore suits you fine. When I’m done, you can find someone else to spread your legs open for. Why do you need another job? ”

It was becoming very difficult to deal with his cruelness, but his inquiry surprised her. She quickly explained her circumstances. “Even though I’m blackballed from the industry, I want to show somehow I’m still working.”

Sounding completely bored, he said, “This really doesn’t sound like something I should be concerned about.”

The man was truly frustrating. “I’m not asking you for a handout, Tyler. I just need a couple of interviews pointed my way. A couple of business people who you could recommend my services too.”

“What makes you think I want to help you?”

She wanted to blurt out about how he was helping Jeanene. “I know you don’t, but you’re the only person I knew I could call that would pick up the phone, even if it was for your amusement.”

There was a long moment of quietness on the other line. When she thought he had hung up, there was something in the background of wherever he was that started chiming, which indicated he was still there.

“Come to my office tomorrow at nine in the morning sharp. Don’t be late,” he finally said and the line clicked.

Lauren didn’t know whether to be grateful or pissed off.

What the hell was his deal? She yearned to know. Why was Tyler such an asshole all the time?

Once Dylan explained, “I deal with Tyler because he’s the best in the business when it comes to negotiation. If I ride his coat tail, I’m sure to bring in seven figures just off his leftovers.”

Was Tyler really worth putting up with for leftovers?

With nowhere to turn, Lauren would have to see, starting tomorrow.

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  1. Tyler do not seem like the type to get engaged or have a steady girlfriend so I have to wonder if what Jeanene said is true.

    Not on YouTube or Facebook that often but it sounds like a good idea.

  2. Jeanene ass is lying through her jealous teeth. If Tyler hit she would have been there when Lauren rushed to his room the morning after. Furthermore, Tyler has a heart afterall. He made that landlord do those nice things. But why is the questions? Answers coming soon…

  3. Hmm his got her a comfortable bed, more for Tyler than Lauren, nice nonetheless. Also he put up some lights, I wonder if there are any recording devices up there….Jeanene is probably lying Why would Tyler want her. He go es after what he wants with a purpose, what purpose would tie them together.

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