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It does get worse for her.

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Despite how she feels now about Tyler she still wants him.

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Yes, I’m not answering who is the person following her.



Chapter 20

Her chest wanted to cave in at the realization Tyler’s revenge wasn’t really on her but on his own best friend!

Without letting Deborah know her upset, she feigned a smile and quickly tried to immerse herself in work so she wouldn’t think about Tyler, along with her sexual frustration.

She never thought she would have to deal with complicated relationships she had often seen on television shows, in the movie or even heard about in real life. She’d always be first to say that woman would never be her in some crazy threesome, or jealous duel.

Now she was at the center of a revenge plot with two men just because she loved the other?

At one moment she detested Tyler the more she learned about him, yet at the same time, she checked her phone literally every ten minutes to see if he was trying to arrange anything with her.

He still had four more opportunities to take advantage of her body and after yesterday she really wanted him to get everything over as soon as possible. If she stopped craving him she would stop thinking about him all the time.

On her lunch break, she was able to get some minutes for her phone and pack something for dinner tonight. She contacted the apartments that were interested in her and they were upbeat about having a unit available for this weekend.

Being distracted deterred her ability to finish her work, but she knew by tomorrow she would have a written report of the four irregularities she had found.

Tyler had not contacted her all day and it took all her own willpower not to send him a message. When she arrived home, there was a note on her door from the landlord telling her she had to be gone from the place by the weekend for violating the strict rules of the house.

Lauren really wasn’t worried. The news she had gotten about her new apartment ready to move in around the same time she was being kicked out was a blessing.

The landlord had even been so nice as to put packing tape and folded down boxes next to her door to help Lauren get her stuff out.

Miserably, everything Lauren owned fit in only two boxes. She turned the third box into a makeshift closet to hang her items inside that could quickly close down into a box when it was time to move.

By Friday, she would be ready to move out.

Lying in the comfortable bed, Lauren really had time to digest everything going on in her life. Tyler had been waiting years to make Dylan’s perfect life miserable and he had used Lauren, she was sure of it, but would he admit that?

She had been a pawn in Tyler’s scheme and he was dirty enough to do something like this.

Curling up, Lauren wanted to cry because she felt she had not deserved all of this. Out of all the men she could have chosen to marry she had decided on Dylan, without knowing he had a vindictive best friend just waiting for the man to get a perfect life and destroy everything.

The next day at work, she finished her report and then started on a new project Deborah had put on her desk that morning. She knew this was going to take a while. Tyler’s firm was auditing three doctor’s office for a buyout for a new client.

Deborah seemed oddly very occupied but at lunch came over and asked if Lauren wanted to go out. Not wanting to spend her money on anything extra that she definitely didn’t need to, Lauren refused. She was saving every dime in case something happened. She was never going to allow herself to be broke like this again.

Lauren had brought a tuna fish sandwich on stale bread and refilled her water bottle at the lobby’s water fountain.

“I’m going out for a long lunch, but I’ll be back,” Deborah said. “No guest is expected, but if anyone just shows up, they can wait in that area by my desk until I return.”

Lauren ate her lunch at her desk and made her list of things she needed to do. This brought her a lot of comfort and she was almost at peace by the time her lunch break was over.

The elevator dinged and Lauren expected to see Deborah coming off. “I thought you were going to be late,” she said and then gasped as she watched Dylan’s mother come off the elevator.

Standing up abruptly wishing she could really duck under the desk, Lauren had forgotten there was a chance she would eventually bump into his family.

She was all ready to face Dylan, but his family was a different story.

At the beginning of the relationship they had welcomed her in the fold like family, but towards the wedding date, his mother and sister had become to despise her and Lauren had a feeling because she had accepted no ones suggestion of how the wedding was going to go.

It had been her wedding and she didn’t want anyone’s opinion or suggestion.

“Mrs. Knight,” Lauren said coming hastily around the desk.

The little over fifty-year-old African American woman was in a wheelchair. She’d been like that since Lauren had met her and Dylan hardly spoke about his mother’s reasons as to why she needed a wheelchair.

Lauren just accepted that his mother couldn’t walk because she had never seen her walk and that was all to the story.

“I heard the rumors, but I had to see for myself,” the older woman said stopping ten feet short of Lauren.

Wringing her fingers nervously, Lauren said, “I needed a job desperately and Tyler was the only one that would hire me.”

“You must love torture. The only reason he hired you was to just further humiliate you when Dylan comes home to fire your ass,” Mrs. Knight snide. “You’re just as stupid as we all thought. Do you really think you can win Dylan back, after what you did? After what you are?”

There were other people in the office and they were all stopping their work to listen to this very public conversation.

Embarrassed to be called out so publicly, Lauren stood there and let the woman speak.

The elevator dinged again and Deborah stepped off.

Mrs. Knight continued to speak, “You need to quit now and get the hell out of Michigan and never come back. My Dylan will never come back to you – ever. I don’t care what you have to tell him -”

Deborah interrupted the woman. “That’s enough, ma’am. You’re Dylan’s mother, but you’re not going to disrupt our office hours with your cruelty.”

“How dare you!” Dylan’s mother seethed cutting her eyes at Deborah. “You have the nerve to talk after what you tried -”

“ENOUGH!” Deborah yelled pressing the elevator button to bring the car back up.

Lauren even stepped back, shocked that this assistant could get that loud.

“You can either leave on your own, or I’ll roll you outta here by myself,” Deborah threatened. “But you are leaving, NOW, Mrs. Knight.”

Dylan’s mother cut her eyes at Lauren before turning her chair around and going back over to the elevator. The doors opened and she rolled into the car not saying another word.

“Have a good day,” Deborah said as cherry as normal as if she hadn’t lost her mind just a few seconds ago as the doors to the elevators closed.

Lauren relaxed finally when those doors closed and looked at Deborah with a wealth of thanks.

“I’m late one day and you turn this office upside down,” Deborah said with mirth in her eyes.

“I didn’t ask for that, trust me,” Lauren said. “I’m so sorry.”

Shrugging her shoulder, Deborah said, “That’s fine. Kicking out people that Tyler has wrong is usual. He keeps me around because I’m politely firm. Take a breather and get back to work. That woman has had a bug up her ass since she was knocked in that chair.”

Lauren nodded and went to the bathroom. She had her phone with her and like a habit, she checked the screen.

Still nothing from him, but she was positive Deborah would be on the phone calling him and letting him know Dylan’s mother had upset the office.

Getting back to her desk, Lauren forced herself to get back to work. She continued to check her phone constantly thinking at any moment Tyler was going to text her, but of course, he didn’t. All day long she was on edge about seeing him and by three in the afternoon, she was clearly distressed wondering what the hell was going on and why wasn’t Tyler seeing her.

Deborah came by the desk and said, “Mr. Black sent word from the court that you’re to leave early for a meeting tonight to go over your initial report. He moved up the audit since you finished early and wanted to go over some notes he had made, but is unable to make it back to the office. Rodger is downstairs to take you home and will pick you back up for the appointed meeting.”

Lauren tried her best to keep her blush down. The last time Rodger picked her up and took her somewhere was all about her. Tonight would be different!

“Thanks, Deborah,” she said as she gathered up her large bag and coat. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Deborah shook her head. “The office is closed for the New Year and it’ll reopen Friday.”

Lauren nodded in appreciation and headed to the elevator wondering and worrying if anyone else in the office knew what was really happening between Tyler and her. Looking around the office, before stepping on the elevator, she noted no one even paid attention to her as the doors were closing.

To everyone else, nothing seemed out of the ordinary – even to Deborah. Lauren was just this new person in the office following orders by the boss that seemed very innocent.

Yet, Lauren knew the truth of the matter and tonight she was going to fulfill her third demand to Tyler Black.


Getting outside, Rodger’s back was to her and he was looking across the street with a frown on his face.

“Is everything alright?” she asked.

“Oh, hi,” he said because she had surprised him. “I thought I saw someone. Are your all set to go?”

She nodded as he opened up the passenger door to help her in. A box had been left on the seat of the car with her name.

As Rodger drove her home, she opened the box. A long black trench coat and expensive black laced underwear were inside. There was a note for her to wear black heels only.

Getting home, she hurriedly showered and pinned up her curly hair. Keeping her hair natural was economical because she didn’t rely on expensive perm treatments or special hair products to keep it straight. A bottle of coconut oil and water were her hair’s best friend.

She applied makeup to her eyes and lips.

The trench coat clearly covered her whole body and to anyone else, they wouldn’t know what she was wearing underneath.

Rodger came to pick her up on time and took her to a hotel. Not just any hotel, but the one she’d always dreamed of having a room in. The St. Royal of Detroit.

This was a very upper scale hotel near Midtown Detroit that cost a minimum of five hundred a night.

Rodger handed her an envelope as he helped her out of the car with Tyler’s handwriting on it. “Mr. Balck said not to open it until I had driven off,” Rodger instructed her.

Lauren nodded and thanked him. When he was gone she opened the envelope as fast as she could.

Tyler had written clear instructions. “Go into the hotel, tip the concierge the twenty dollars and tell him you’re instructed to go to PH-five. He’ll ask you for why and you’ll say I’m the sacrificial virgin.”

She blushed ten times and was glad Rodger wasn’t around to see her read this message or anyone else she knew.

Walking into the lobby, Lauren spotted the concierge and handed him the twenty. He gave her a suspicious look when she said the room she wanted to go to. He looked even more suspicious she asked, “Why do you want to go to that room?”

Lauren’s lips trembled in embarrassment as she said, “I’m the sacrificial virgin.”

He smirked and led her over to a curtained covered doorway. There was a private elevator and then he handed her a keycard when the doors opened.

“Goodnight madam,” he said and left her alone.

When she stepped off the elevators, she saw there was a long hallway and she went to the one marked PH-5. Using the keycard she opened the door.

The smell of lavender quickly assaulted her senses and warm candlelight was everywhere. The windows were covered and she had to adjust her eyes to the glow of the darkened room.

No one was around, but on the couch, in the living area, there was a pile of towels and a black silk medium size bag.

“Close the door and take off your coat,” Tyler’s voice ordered from across the massive front room. “Drop it to the floor, right there, Lauren.”


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