Writer Question: How Do You Write So Fast? #amwriting #writetips

Girl_writes_3Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed with life, so I haven’t written as much, but I still write and I have managed a technique that helps me write fast and when I go away from the writing for a second (or a while I can come back and start where I left off).

Writer’s Question:

Clare Dargin feeling concerned.

Romance authors how do you manage to write so fast? #IFeelInadequate #IAmTooSlow

My first response was:

One word as a time.

writingWe tend to get overwhelmed by word count, but really it’s just initially getting into the feel of writing and making sure you stay consistent with the task. If you overthink anything you end up thinking yourself out of doing everything.

I then responded with the technique:

I write on paragraph at the beginning of the story. Four sentences and then start chapter one underneath that paragraph. From those 4 sentences, I’m able to construct a beginning, middle, a crap hits the fan moment and the partial solution to the problem I’ve created. Even if go away from the story I can come back and pick it back up anytime.

The writer then responded with:

Clare Dargin
Clare DarginWhat if you hit a wall and the character’s stop talking to you — so to speak?
I responded with:
Sylvia Hubbard
Sylvia Hubbard Become the protagonist. You gave them a problem in their life. What can you do to make it worse or better?
Again, it’s an overthinking situation, but placing walls or removing walls create story paths for your protagonist to take or not to take. Either way, it’s going to get you to your destination…THE END.
Clare Dargin
Clare DarginThose are great suggestions! Thank you!
And I do hope this is a great writing suggestion for you too!
You can also check out some videos on YouTube I’ve done about writing.
Happy writing!

3 thoughts on “Writer Question: How Do You Write So Fast? #amwriting #writetips

  1. Sylvia I heard you at Oakland U, loved your presentation. I have finished my Non Fiction History of , “The Truth about Great Lakes Indians”. I am a non technical person and need to get the book published. I need a someone to Edit, format, cover art, an agent? E book agent? Help!

    1. oh good lawd, you need the whole gambit. For editing, I can recommend Tenita Johnson https://www.facebook.com/TenitaBestseller/?fref=ts

      If you’re looking for a publisher or agent, you should pick up up Jeff Herman’s Guide. http://amzn.to/2e5PUgN

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