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Author’s Note:

Now that you’ve met Dr. Chance Jefferson. You can see when he was first introduced in The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard in Sin’s Iniquity. I actually really do love this book and you’re also going to meet Dwight Bowman, who will appear a little later in this book.

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There is always a meaning to a man’s madness and Tyler has something coming up that will not stop the misery from hitting Lauren. I’m sorry I had to say this and I had to bring you dread, but I had to get this out.


Black’s Innocence Chapter 28

“Ms. Lauren,” Lucas said coming up behind her.

She held the box to her chest and turned to look at him feeling flushed she had almost completely forgotten about them as she had reeled in her happy accomplishment.

“We can start bringing in the boxes and set up the bed for you in the main bedroom?” he questioned.

“Yes,” she said. “I’ll be out in a moment to help after I look around.”

“Oh no,” he insisted. “Rodger and I got this.”

Being left alone, her attention turned to the small box she held and Lauren sighed feeling she had about the best new landlords ever as she opened the box.

Inside was a pair of red panties and underneath was a note.

“Come in the guest bedroom. T.”

Her heart wanted to beat right out of her chest as she walked down the hallway to the second door from the last door. It was cracked open and she pushed the door slowly wider.

Tyler was leaning against a window sill with a white rose leaned against his chest.

Lauren hesitated before walking into the room.

“W-What are you doing in my house?”

He pulled out a similar key. “They left two keys. I took one and let myself in.”

Completely discombobulated, she walked up to him and demanded, “Give me my key, Tyler and get out.”

Tyler put the key back in his pants pocket and ordered, “Look around Lauren. Look at the room.”

She glanced around confused. The room had been transformed into a home office on a smaller scale of what she had designed in her dream home, she’d lost.

All white decor, with embedded oak cabinets in the wall and a white desk where she could meet with clients at home.

“W-Who did this?” she asked flustered wringing her fingers.

“I’m saying thank you without saying it,” he said.
Turning to him, she looked at the white rose and stepped back from him. “Why are you doing this, Tyler?”

He rolled his eyes in exasperation. “I told you. I wanted to thank you. I knew you were moving today and I got the address from Rodger last night when you gave it to him”

“You did this in less than sixteen hours?” she cried.

He shrugged. “You’d be amazed what you can do with the right amount of money.”

She looked at the rose again that was leaned up against his baby blue fit striped shirt. Today he was dressed as if he had gone into the office, but had only taken off his jacket and tie with one button undone at the top of his shirt. As always, he carried this sense of power and sexiness with him and his darkness was just a cherry on top turn on for her. “Why?” she insisted.

Lauren was learning Tyler wasn’t nice without reason and one moment he was nice and the next moment he was ripping her soul to shreds.

“Let’s just say last night because of you, I am almost through all the obstacles I needed to get through I’ve been fighting for years to do. I owe you.”

Running her finger over the edge of the perfect white desk, she couldn’t stop that feeling that bothered her clear down to her toes. Shadow’s words rung through her head over and over again and she was so tempted to tell Tyler all she knew, but that would mean telling him about Shadow. Despite how little she knew of the young woman, Lauren knew this was information she didn’t need anyone to know yet. “How did you know I wanted a home office?”

He walked over to her and set the rose by her hand on the desk, but didn’t move his hand away. Their fingers were almost touching. His other hand lifted her chin so she looked into his eyes.

“I saw the dream house you created before it was sold.”

Lauren’s heart wrenched remembering all the time, money and work she had put into making that perfect home for herself and felt it was cruel for him to bring up the subject.

He continued. “I saw your office. I showed the designer the pictures taken by the realtor and the designer made a smaller version of that office making sure the key pieces you had chosen and needed were involved in the design.”

She shook her head. “This is too much, Tyler.”

He looked down at their hands and moved his hand over hers. “I’ve never met a woman who was so unbelievably -”

The knock on the door interrupted them and she was a little glad because the touch from Tyler’s hand had started to do some things to her on the inside.

Turning to see Lucas and Rodger standing at the door, she flushed as she snatched her hand away from Tyler’s. “I’m sorry I’m not helping you guys bring in the boxes.”

“It’s fine,” Rodger assured her. “We’re done. The bed’s set up and all the boxes are in the front room.” He nodded at Tyler. “We’ll let ourselves out.”

Lucas tossed some keys at Tyler. “I moved that other package for you too, Mr. Black.”

“Thank you, Lucas.” He reached over and took her hand again firmly.

They were going to leave her with Tyler?!

Dear Lord! She knew what would happen.

“Wait!” she said. “You can’t leave.”

“Oh, we’re fine,” Rodger said. “Have a good night, Y’all. Come on Lucas. I’ll buy you a beer.”

She started to follow them, but the pressure on her hand increased and she couldn’t move.

“We’re not done,” Tyler said.

Looking at Tyler, she said, “You don’t owe me any more than a paycheck, Tyler. I was just doing my job.”

He smiled amusedly. “Your innocence intoxicates me, Lauren. I meant we’re not done from the other night.”

“Really, because you looked well sated when I left you sleeping that morning,” she retorted. “And You left previously while I was asleep.”

“Point being, I left. Meaning I was done with you at that time. You snuck out like a thief in the early morning. Or more like a hooker after a long night of being used.” He took her hand and guided her out of the guest room and into the living room. “We need to leave for a few hours. I’m hungry and then we’ll come back and finish off your fourth contract obligation.”

“Tyler, I haven’t had time to look around.” She said trying to gently pull her hand from his grip. “I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do.”

He shook his head. “I think you can wait. The cleaning and organizing have already been taken care of. I’m hungry,” he insisted and looked at his watch. “Go out the back and get in my car.” He handed her the key fob to his vehicle. “I’ll lock the door.”

Being ordered around by Tyler Black was very infuriating and she stomped out of the back of the house where Tyler had parked a dark black sports Infinity in her private alley driveway.

That was one of the things she liked about the townhouse. Having a double entrance served its purpose of people not always watching when she came in and out of her house.

Having privacy was one of the things she treasured when she was homeless.

Tyler followed her out shortly and looked approving seeing her sitting in the passenger side.

“I thought you would just take off and leave me,” he said putting the car in reverse.

“I thought about it,” she said. “I wanted to enjoy my place today, by myself.”

“You’ll enjoy it when we get back,” he promised. “You’re hungry too, Lauren.”

She started to protest, but her stomach growled loudly.

Sitting back, she let Tyler drive wherever he wanted and pouted the whole time.

They went to a high-end grocery store just out-of-town with a restaurant on the second floor. She started to get her heavy purse out of the car, but Tyler tsked in dislike.

“You won’t need your purse, Lauren. Leave it in the car,” he ordered.

She started to protest, but decided against doing so and left the bag.

When they walked into entered the grocery story a concierge walked up to them. “Mr. Black, you’re a little early.”

“I’m hungry,” he growled. “Could you please escort Ms. Jensen around and take her order for food. You can have it delivered tomorrow afternoon. I’m sure Ms. Jensen won’t be leaving out. She’ll enjoy her new place.” He winked at her. “I’ll see you when you’re done.” He pulled out his phone to answer a call while walking away.

The concierge smiled pleasantly at Lauren. “We’ll just walk around and you can point out what you want.”

Looking a little lost, Lauren admitted, “I don’t know what I want.”

“You just moved into a new place?”

Nodding, Lauren said, “Yes, but I don’t think I can afford this-”

The young male concierge held up his hand to stop her flow of words. “This is on Mr. Black’s tab, Ms. Jensen and he wouldn’t have it any other way.”

She leaned in so other’s wouldn’t hear what she had to say. “Does he do this to other… women?”

“The only other person I know on his account is his sister who comes in every couple of weeks. Mr. Black hardly ever comes here personally. He just has everything ordered and delivered monthly.”

Lauren still felt lost from all this niceness from Tyler Black. Was he setting her up for something horrific?

Last night, Shadow warned her not to fall for anything Tyler does. “There’s a motive behind everything he does. He’s a user. He’s either using you for his entertainment or he’s using you to get ahead.”

So what was this?

Lauren couldn’t classify this action.

“What do I do when I think he’s using me?” she asked Shadow.

“Use him back!” Shadow answered obviously.

Lauren started to walk around and pick out things she needed for her first couple of weeks at the house. From living on the street, she really didn’t need much, but eating fresh food instead of something out of a can would be so wonderful.

When they were done, the young man led her to the rear of the restaurant where there were some bathrooms. In a closet, he took out a box with her name on the top.

“The restaurant has a dress code,” he explained. “Mr. Black made arrangements for you.”

Lauren was still in the jogging suit she had been wearing to be comfortable in moving, so she understood she needed to change. Going into the bathroom, she opened the box to see a short black shirt, a burgundy bra, and a white shirt, plus four-inch black heels, but no stockings or panties. She checked the box thoroughly twice and she knew Tyler had everything to do with this box. A washcloth and soap were in a pouch along with lotion, lip gloss, and a comb.

She was almost tempted to go find Tyler and tell him to go to hell, but she knew if she went ahead with what he planned her fourth contract obligation would be over.

Thoroughly freshening up and putting on the clothes, when Lauren came out the concierge took the box she had put her other clothes in and said, “I’ll put this in his vehicle for you to take home.”

He led her up the stairs to the restaurant and then pointed towards the back.

She looked in that direction and rolled her eyes in exasperation before heading in the direction. Tyler was sitting at a booth in the rear still on his phone, but when she sat down, he ended his conversation.

“I’ve ordered an entree for you,” he said.

Lauren folded her arms over her chest. “Tyler, this is really too much. And you’re lying to me if you say I’m owed this.”

“You’re right, but I can’t tell you why I do the things I do.” He looked away for a moment and she was sure there was a guilty look on his face. “You’re just going to have to roll with the punches, Lauren like you always do.”

Before she could ask him what meant, a light-skinned fresh-faced slim woman came over to the table smiling like she’d seen the best thing in the world. “Pigs must be flying if Tyler Black’s out in public. With a woman no less? How much did he pay you, darling?”

Lauren was still lost in the statement Tyler had just made and wasn’t ready to respond to this woman.

“Did you pay her not to talk too, Tyler?” the woman asked. “I know that’s how you like them.”

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