Chapter 7

Being overwhelmed at the thought of Austin using her or getting married or being alone for the rest of her life,  Chon stopped and ordered two combination plates at a Chinese restaurant before going home. She also picked up a pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream, a large bag of chips and a big bottle of pop.

Watching her weight had never been an issue for her. Being a comfortable size fourteen, but at least a healthy thick woman, Chon knew her weight wasn’t a factor in being attractive to men.

It wasn’t just any man she wanted to be attracted to her. She desired Austin to be drawn to her. Her heart had always wanted Austin.

Chon was a good girl, and good girls just stayed with one man, right?

As she worked late into the night on a client’s order, she ate all the food and ice cream and drunk every last drop of soda. She even had a medium pizza delivered and ate that as well.

All the while, she cried miserably knowing this was going to be her life.

The next morning as she crawled away from her work area with the dried out pint of Chunky Monkey stuck in her hair, Chon trudged to the bathroom.

Staring at the toilet, she knew what she must do.

Falling to her knees, she pushed her index finger to the back of her throat and waited. It had taken three tries before her body gave in.

It was going to be a long day.


   Arriving at the firm early, Chon went into Dorian’s office glad to see her delivered requisition. He wasn’t due until ten in the morning for their meeting, so she had more than enough time to set up the new coffee machine and stock his unique teas.

Afterward, she organized his files on his desk and then replaced his chair with an ergonomic furniture, which would cut down on his need to visit the masseuse and chiropractor so much.

After clearing Dorian Zane’s voicemails and inboxes, she made sure his client presentation handouts were ready and prepared the conference room and fully stock for his eleven o’clock.

At 9:55 a.m., her phone pinged to let her know something had changed in the schedule. She gritted her teeth to see Dorian Zane had gone in and canceled their meeting and replaced it with O.H. Just two initials.

Was that a person? A place?

Maybe the kinky club Austin had mentioned?

Looking through his past events in the calendar, Chon noticed there were lots of dates scheduled for O.H. No details to specify and no way of knowing whether this was personal or business. Checking through contacts, she saw the only phone number in his list with an O was for someone named Onyx.

Was this a company?

She researched online and found nothing.

She wondered if she should dig further around, but decided against being too nosey.

If this was personal, she didn’t care. Dorian Zane’s personal life was none of her concerned. She had three more weeks of this torture with this man, and she wasn’t going to immerse herself in looking for business, not of her concern.

Since Dorian still had an opening at six this evening, she fitted herself into his schedule.

To keep herself distracted, she tried to spot Austin around the office. If she caught his eyes then maybe she could get him to talk to her.

It didn’t seem as if Austin was trying to see her. He moved around like he was going somewhere important or went over to Tracy’s area.

Too embarrassed to confront him in front of everyone, Chon decided to give up on her sorry attempt to “spark” something between them or just open up a dialogue about what the hell had happened the other night.

Chon concluded, Austin had yet again used her body for his selfish needs, and that was going to be the end of the story for them.

At eleven, her phone notified her “boss” had arrived in the conference room. Dorian Zane hadn’t bothered to come back to the office.

She camped herself outside the conference room and waited with an arm full of paperwork and files, needing him to give her instructions on what he wanted to keep, to throw away and to archive.

While biding her time, she cleaned out her purse and looked around the office. She briefly noticed a plain clothed officer walked into the firm, going over to Tracy’s desk. Stretching, Chon ear hustled the conversation.

“Can I help you?” Tracy asked with that same annoyance in her voice she had addressed Chon yesterday.

He flashed his badge. “I’m looking for a Walter Stoepel? I believe he’s a mechanical engineer here? I’m Sergeant Salacious Heart, with Detroit Police Department.”

Tracy looked at his badge as if she couldn’t believe who he was.

He certainly wasn’t dressed like a police officer, even a plain clothed police officer. From head to toe, dressed in all black, he wore a long mackintosh coat of leather. He was tall and looked dominant. He had dark features that would chill anyone to the bone and looked like he was angry, all the time with a permanent frown on his brow.

“Walter didn’t come in today,” Tracy said.

“Did he call in?” the officer asked.

“No,” Tracy answered.

“What about yesterday? Did he come into work?”


“Look ma’am-”

Tracy cut him off. “Maybe you need to speak to our human resource director.” She sounded irritated, pointing towards Debra’s office. “I’m not privy to discuss employee attendance records.”

He went in that direction, and Chon watched him reintroduce himself at Debra’s door.

Walter Stoepel? Why did that name sound familiar? It was the mechanical engineer that she had almost run over in the parking lot. That was the name on the composition.

Why would a police officer be looking for him?

She lost her train of thought about the mechanical engineer as the door to the conference room swung open, and Dorian Zane came out of the office looking like he was stepping out on the man’s business suit runway. Damn, did he always have to appear so good looking?

Standing beside Dorian was Thaddeus Newman, a very brilliant construction business owner in Detroit and Abigail McPherson-Stone, a very prominent internationally known architect.

Chon would be crazy to interrupt their conversation, and she waited patiently until Thaddeus and Abigail started to walk away, but Thaddeus noticed her.

“Hey, aren’t you the bedraggle assistant from yesterday at the hotel?” he asked.

Abigail looked Chon’s way and smiled with pity.

Embarrassed to death, she knew most likely Dorian had described her that way, and she had been too exhausted to see Thaddeus and Abigail yesterday probably who had been in the lobby.

“Yes, unfortunately, that is my assistant,” Dorian confirmed with his voice full of regret.

Thaddeus walked up to her and extended his hand after introducing himself. “In just the two days you’ve been working with Dorian, I  can tell you’ve been extremely helpful for him. I thought nothing could organize his life.”

Abigail chuckled. “Oh stop with the evil looks Dorian. You remind me of my husband.”

“Not yet,” Dorian grumbled. “Ms. Tolbert, could you please escort our guests to the lobby?”

“But I-”

“Now,” he ordered cutting her off taking the handful of paperwork she held. “I’ll take care of this mess before you get back.”

She was terrified of what he was going to do. Along with the paperwork, he took her phone and walked away.

Abigail introduced herself on the elevator.

“Oh, Ms. McPherson-Stone, I’m a big fan of your work,” Chon said sincerely. “That project in Dubai blew my senses!”

Smiling, Abigail was an amazingly lovely Nubian woman, with unique coppery auburn shoulder length hair. She wore light makeup to accentuate her features and had to be about Abigail’s age of almost thirty.

“Thank you, Ms. Tolbert.”

“I insist you call me Chon.”

“And I’ll ask you call me Abigail. It’s an honor to work with Dorian Zane and if you’re the one that has been making his life easier these past couple of days I can certainly also thank you.”

“My wife and I are having a small dinner this weekend and would love to invite you,” Thaddeus said. “It’s my anniversary, and I’ve reserved Gaston’s for the evening with some friends.”

She remembered Austin talking about Dorian Zane’s kinky boy club. Thaddeus did say it was him and his wife, yet just to be sure, she asked Abigail, “Will you be there?”

“Of course. My husband, William needs the cynicism to curb his boredom,” Abigail teased.

Chon passed Thaddeus her business card. “Can you text me all the details and my email is on there for your use, as well.”

Thaddeus thanked her just as the elevator doors opened. “We can take it from here, Ms. Tolbert. Have a good day.”

She couldn’t push the button fast enough so she could get back upstairs. Arriving at his office, she wanted to scream at the do not disturb sign on the door and when she tried the knob, the lock was on.

Returning to her desk, some of the files she had been carrying were lying on her desk with a note to archive.

She didn’t know what happened to the other files and paperwork and most importantly she had no idea what happened to her phone.

The frustration was starting to build, but she fought off the urge to get upset. Dorian Zane was trying to drive her crazy.

She picked up the files and added them to the locked archive cabinet and then went back to her desk to make sure the voicemail and inbox were clear.

After a while, Chon started drumming her nails on the desk in annoyance. According to his calendar, Dorian Zane was in his creative time and was not to be disturbed under no circumstances.

But he took her phone! Her life was on that phone.

Going to the cafeteria, she first decided on just a bag of chips to munch on all the while watching Dorian’s office door.

The man was getting on her nerve deliberately.

“Chon,” Austin said, stepping up to her.

So distracted by Dorian’s games, she had completely forgotten about her ex-boyfriend situation.

“How are you?” he asked warily.

“How should I be, Austin?” she retorted with attitude keeping Dorian’s door in her visual, just past Austin’s arm. “My ex-boyfriend who’s marrying another woman takes me out to dinner, gets me drunk, takes advantage of me, tucks me in bed, drives off from my house in another mechanical engineer’s vehicle, with his fiancee in the front seat, and then avoids me like the plague.”

“Hold up!” Austin said in a panic. “Wait! Chon! What car? What? Tracy?” He looked flustered.

“I know what I saw,” she said, bravely putting a hand on her hip as if she knew what she was saying.

“What are you talking about, Chon? You know how you get when you drink too much? Remember last time you were accusing me of having other people in the room? You saw things that weren’t true.”

Chon chewed on her index finger in frustration. “But you still took advantage of me, Austin. You used me.”

Austin refused, “I didn’t take advantage of you, Chon. You wanted it. You were begging for it.”

Why did he sound disgusted about that?

“I was drunk!”

“And you didn’t have a problem with being drunk last time or this time. I think you damn near thanked God this time. I heard you say thank God you were drunk.”

She wasn’t a religious person, but at no time had she ever remember being vocal during sex with Austin.

“Why are you getting so…” She paused seeing Tracy coming out of Dorian Zane’s office and hurriedly walked away in the direction towards the bathroom.

“What?” Austin looked impatiently.

“Why are you getting so upset about it?” Chon questioned. “You remember everything. I don’t have that luxury, so why don’t you refresh my memory.”

Tracy suddenly came around the cubicles as if she was coming from her area, she trilled, “Hi, Aussie, are you ready to go?”

Austin backed away from Chon, his gaze filled with disgust.

Why the hell was he looking at her like that? What had Chon done to deserve this?

“I’m ready,” Austin said as if in relief for the interruption and walked away from Chon, not giving her another glance.

Chon felt like she needed a huge bag of chips and a triple size serving of chocolate chip cookies.

Getting two more bags of chips and three candy bars from the vending machine, she gathered everything and went to her cubicle. Dorian’s phone was still on do not disturb mode, and his door was still locked.

For two hours Chon stuffed her face with candy and chips.

Every once in a while she would cut her eyes over to Tracy’s desk area and see Austin and Tracy, who had come back from lunch stealing kisses and flagrantly laughing with each other, rubbing their relationship in Chon’s face.

The bitterness of seeing them happily together made Chon want more junk food until she knew eating all of this was just wrong.

Going to the bathroom, Chon locked herself in the stall and cried. Tears had started to well in her eyes at the thought of what she was going to do to herself and how miserable she was because of it and how sad she was going to feel afterward.

Why the hell had she been so weak with Austin?

How could she exactly know what she wanted as a businesswoman, but in her personal life, she was all messed up?

Making sure no one was in the bathroom, she pressed her index finger down her throat. This time it didn’t take as long, and she felt the hot release of her excessiveness leave her body.

Guilt about returning to her old habits enveloped her and made her sob even more.

Stop your crying, she told herself. The last thing Chon wanted was Mr. Dorian Zane finding some fault about her and her job and her excessive overeating. She needed to get back to her desk and hide the evidence of her gluttony before he saw it.

Since she didn’t have her phone, she checked her emails and found out Andi, the woman selling her the hair business had called to confirm their meeting, rescheduled for Thursday.

Luckily, Chon could go in her email to get Andi’s number and use the office phone.

“Hello Andi, I’m confirming our appointment for tomorrow.”

Andi sounded relieved to hear from her. “You sound stress.”

“I am, but the fundraising effort is coming along fine – slow, but okay. I do feel I’m on track to make sure you have your money before the New Year.”

“Good,” Andi said. “I wanted to leave my business with someone who would take good care of my clients.”

“And I appreciate your trust in me, Andi,” Chon said.

They spoke more, but they both had things to do. When she hung up the phone, Chon saw a dark shadow in her peripheral vision.

Somehow Dorian slipped out of his office and came around the cubicle to the other side where she wasn’t expecting him. How long he’d been standing there she couldn’t be sure, but it most definitely gave him a visual of every thing in her cubicle, including her garbage can full of empty wrappers.

“Using company time and equipment for extracurricular activities does not bode well for you, Ms. Tolbert,” he said disapprovingly looking her up and down with his eyes lingering on her midsection for a moment.

“Keeping my phone from me is just ridiculous and don’t deny you don’t have it or didn’t know you had it,” she snipped extremely peeved, as she stood up to face him.

Dorian only smirked. “I was consumed with creativity.”

She glanced over at Tracy who was trying not to look in their direction before looking back at Dorian Zane. “You’ve been avoiding me.”

“I was busy.”

“Is it because I’m really doing a good job and you just don’t want to admit it?”

This time he snorted. “I’m not meeting with you today.”

She started to protest, but he held up a hand to stop her.

“Say what you want to say, Ms. Tolbert. Yes, you do things to make my job easier, and I’m going to keep doing things to make your job difficult. Blah. Blah. Blah. We’ll always butt heads, and I’ll deliberately never publicly acknowledge whatever you are doing to help me.”

At least the man was honest in his treachery and the fact that he was going to be an ass.

“With that said, I don’t need to hear what you’re doing, going to do or did. I could give a rat’s ass. Since you’re my slave though I have a small pile of files I need alphabetized by client name and put in chronological order on my desk. Next, to that, I have some designs I need scanned, as well. I need both of those done by morning, but the digital scans on a disc, plus uploaded to my private cloud.”

She sat down at her desk and relaxed. Real work! Finally. “Yes, Mr. Zane,” she said with nonchalance. “Anything else?”

He looked down at her midsection and licked his lips again. “Nothing right now.”

“What about my phone?” she questioned.

“It’s in my office, next to my desk.” He smirked. “You shouldn’t make your camera so easy to access. I think I filled up your SD card. What’s in there? An eight gig?”

Looking confused as to what he could have possibly put on her phone, she said, “It’s a sixteen gig, Mr. Zane and I’d appreciate you not touching my phone.”

“You’ll be glad to know I see your security settings are intact and working quite well. I actually couldn’t hack into your phone.”

The man was a bigger untrusting ass than what she thought.

“And one more thing,” he said. “The fountain systems are due from whoever the mechanical engineer was assigned, but I haven’t received them.” His eyes moved down to her midsection again as he finished talking. “Look at my emails for his email and send a note to let him know they are due tonight or he’ll be kicked off the project immediately. Empty the trash before you leave tonight, too.” He smiled his most charming smile. “Goodnight, Ms. Tolbert.”

She was almost blown out of her chair by the gorgeous smile as he walked away.

Even though it was over her four hours that she usually worked, she was still happy to accept work from him.

Chon’s heart sank as she entered the office and realized she wasn’t going home anytime soon. The stack of files he wanted sorted was about as tall as she.

Looking beside the desk, she saw the garbage with the files she had in her arms previously and her phone on top.

Could she expect any less?

Picking up her phone, Chon tucked this in her pocket.

Rolling up her sleeves, she tackled the large pile of files on his desk. There was an extra cabinet she could use and in an hour and a half had all the files sorted.

Since she had a personal printer with a scanner, Chon was able to get the free hand drawings digitally scanned and on a disc with in the next hour.

By this time, most of the office staff was leaving, and the only lights that were on were at various cubicles around the office. Once Chon had the files uploaded to the cloud, she had to go into his office to use his computer to write on a disc, plus contact the mechanical engineer in charge of the fountain systems.

Going into Dorian Zane’s project files, she pulled up the list of contacts and saw Walter Stoepel was in charge of the fountain projects.

The same Walter Stoepel that the detective was looking for and the same Walter Stoepel whose notebook was still in her car, who she had almost hit.

Typing out the email, Chon had this sinking feeling the man wasn’t going to respond, especially since he hadn’t been to work in a couple of days.

Had he quit? Why was the police looking for him?

She made sure she blind copied Dorian Zane to keep him abreast of her project since he didn’t want to meet with her to see her progress.

Though Dorian Zane’s words had been cruel, they hadn’t been as hurtful as what she was used to hearing. At least he didn’t drive her to eat her pain, so he wasn’t that bad.

Finishing up, Chon cleaned up and just to be spiteful; she put the disc in the middle of his desk crooked knowing it would irk him.

Looking at his garbage can of files, she removed them and took them to the printer room to where the industrial shredder was.

When she took all the files out of the garbage can, she saw underneath them were several very wet Kleenex with lipstick smudged on them.

The lipstick Chon knew very well from Tracy wearing.

Wrinkling her nose in disgust, Chon had a feeling Tracy wasn’t having physical sex, but she was having oral sex with Dorian Zane.

Remembering how Tracy had walked up to Austin this afternoon and kissed him flat on his lips made Chon nauseated.

The industrial shredder was easy to find, and she made quick work of everything.

Just as she was about to walk out, Chon heard giggling in the main office area and looked in the direction of Tracy’s desk.

Austin and Tracy were in a deep passionate kiss practically laying on top of Tracy’s desk.

He was trying to put his hand up Tracy’s dress. Of course, Ms. Prissy was gently pushing his hand away several times, Tracy broke the kiss and complained, “No, Austin. You know we can’t. Not until we marry.”

“Just a touch. Just let me touch it,” Austin begged.

“We have to wait,” she insisted.

“But I just want to touch it a little.”

Pushing back on his shoulders to hold him away just a little, Tracy asked, “Did she let you touch it? Is that how you got her?”

“Come’on, Trace. You know she meant nothing to me. She was a slut like you said.”

“She said she only gave it to you.” Tracy huffed. “You were her only one.”

“That’s not true,” he disagreed in deep disgust. “That slut let others get her in the past AND just recently.”

Chon covered her mouth in confusion wanting to run out of there and confront him.

Austin continued, “She’s a lying tramp if she told you I was her only one. Just like her mother, you get a few fucking drinks in that slut, and she doesn’t care where she gets her pleasure from.”

Chon couldn’t believe Austin would say those things about her.

Obviously, his harsh words had the effect he wanted on Tracy, and the woman allowed him to draw her into his arms again. They kissed sloppily like all Austin kisses had ever been, making vile come up in Chon’s throat as she watched them.

Moving back into the darkened printer room, Chon closed her eyes to block out the visual in front of her.

Maybe she was some slut, but only when it came to Austin. She had never been with another man… NEVER! Those were lies he had told to Tracy.

Yes, Chon had been drunk, but she would have remembered, right if someone else had been there other than Austin.

The nagging feeling of feeling different and doing things differently than usual bothered her.

Chon’s heart raced because remembering how everything felt so different but… Better, softer, fluttery… Sensual…

She could feel the moisture permeate her underwear at just the thought of what she couldn’t remember, but she didn’t want to forget.

The last experience was one of the very first she wished she could remember with Austin. The whole night .. no, just the part when they went to his house? Right after he took her panties down and then…


So much blackness.

Lots of fogginess.

By this time Tracy and Austin had left the floor completely.

Quickly, locking Dorian Zane’s office, Chon gathered her items and rushed down to her car not wanting to bump into Tracy or Austin.

Once the door to her car slammed, ensconcing herself inside behind the wheel, Chon relaxed and took a moment for a rational assessment.

Chon could still feel the moisture between her legs. A great deal so and she had never gotten that wet just thinking about what had happened the last time she was drunk with Austin.

Her thoughts wandered to the night she didn’t want to forget.

How could Austin just say something like that? He knew he had been her only one! That was how he had always been able to weasel himself back into her heart and her body every time back over the years. Staying away from her mother’s reputation had always been first and foremost in her mind.

Not every time had even been full of sex. Sometimes Chon would just rub up against him or use her fingers to relieve his “pressure.”


That was how many times they’d been together.

The number sounded truly ridiculous for someone her age, but guilt about being together when they weren’t married and then further guilt about being together when they weren’t supposed to be after they had broken up.

When would she find someone she could be with minus the guilt and with the pleasure; especially the bliss she had experienced from the last time.

Looking around the dark parking lot, Chon saw no one around and knew she couldn’t wait to get home.

The stress of the job, the overcoming of lust and the urge to want to relieve herself of the life pressure was just too much. She needed relief. She needed anything to lift her spirits, and right now this would have to do.

Trying to look as discreet as possible, she pulled up her skirt until it bunched up around her waist.

The last time she tried masturbating was when she was fourteen, but Grandmother Wei had caught her, slapped her hand until Chon bled and swore never to do this again.

Grandmother Wei was gone, and Chon was desperate.

Leaning back just a little, she tightened her thighs and put her fingers between her legs. One hand was pulling her underwear aside, and the other was to slide over her already moist lips from her earlier thoughts.

Drifting back into the fogginess of her memories, Chon tried to take herself back to that moment and time when she had been the most excited with Austin. Usually, all she could imagine was their first time, but only because it was the first and unknown. Now all she could think about was that time she could hardly remember.

Where had his face gone? Why was he down there?

Why was her body even now heightened at the mystery? This sudden shift and an arch of her back increased the strange, delightful pulses coming closer and closer together until …

A sharp, repetitive tap on her window along with a horrified looking Dorian Zane stood outside her driver’s side window.

Chon met solid brown cold eyes with her guilt and embarrassment filled, just the same way she felt when Grandmother Wei had caught her.

Gawd, she should have learned her lesson the first time. Hadn’t the smack on the hand been enough?

After a moment, he walked away. Was he angry at her? Disappointed? Going to get her fired?

Yes, she definitely would be removed from this account by the morning and most likely never get another job in this field ever again after Dorian Zane was through with her.

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard

Author’s Notes: In this chapter, I face the stress of life with Chon. On the outside, she tries to make it seem like there’s nothing wrong, but on the inside, there are so many things that are happening to her. Overeating, bulimia, and depression. I mean, you can’t just experience everything Grandmother Wei dealt out and not have remnants of something horrible.
Unfortunately, Chon has more than low self-esteem and a longing for wanting a man that doesn’t love her.

On top of that, she now has to deal with Dorian Zane discovery even more about her than she never wanted him to know.

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