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Yes, I’m slowing down a little, but these are very intricate parts of the book. These chapters create what you will expect… that crap hits the fan moment. I’m preparing to kill people, get people to see the truth, build intensity between the protaganist and so forth… this is a lot of hard work and being that this is a live write, I got to get it right the first time.

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So I’m trying to use a tone of voice with Dylan but the grammar check keeps hitting me. ugh…

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Black’s Innocence Chapter 37


“What kind of addendum have you decided to make to our contract, Tyler?” she asked warily.

Tyler smirked indicating he had like something she had said. “Something only for your benefit, Lauren. It’s a slight change in the contract.” He handed her the papers. “This just simply reads, I’m going to allow you one fuck with Dylan Knight.”

She perused the document quickly. He was right, it was very simple to read and it specified just exactly what he had just said but in legal terms. “It doesn’t have his middle name so I could find another guy named Dylan Knight to fuck?” she inquired sarcastically. 

“Now we’re negotiating,” he said excitedly.

Handing the contract back to him. “No chance, Tyler. If I know you there’s a catch or this is part of your sick plan.”

He held his hands up, not taking the contract. “No, Lauren. This is for you. All for only you.”

Cautiously folding her arms over her chest, she asked, “Why?”

“Because you deserve to know the truth about yourself more than anything. You deserve not to have any doubt in your mind how you really feel about Dylan and what it feels to really be with him. Don’t tell me you don’t wonder about that night and what you really wanted to happen; What you imagined was supposed to happen.” He sounded vindictive. “Don’t tell me you don’t doubt your memories and want to know the truth. You’re an analyst, you need more data to make a decision.” He pointed to the paper. “This is your chance for more data. One fuck, one chance to know what you want.”

“You don’t know me.”

“I know you don’t want to wake up ten years from now and wondering what could have happened if you have tried just one more time with Dylan.”

She hated to admit to him deep inside he was probably right, but she really needed to get the root of his cause. “You didn’t answer the real why, Tyler. Why are you giving me this opportunity?”

Tyler answered pointing at himself, “Because I don’t want you waking up ten years from now wondering if you shoulda woulda coulda with Dylan.”

“And what if I determine Dylan is who I want to be with for the rest of my life at that point once I sleep with him. Will you have a problem with my decision?”

He only shrugged a shoulder. “Why the fuck do I care what you choose? Your choice doesn’t affect my life one damn bit, Lauren. I’m just helping you because I do agree, you didn’t deserve to get into the crosshairs of this shit and Dylan had no right to involve you. You’ve been innocent from day one.”

She looked down at the addendum long and hard and then decided to just sign the agreement. From anything she had learned from Tyler, sex was a tool that could be used to get information from a person. Having her options opened to Dylan so she could get information and not worry that Tyler would hold that stupid contract over her every damn time would be beneficial for her.

“So if I choose Dylan, our entire contract would be void and null?” she asked returning the papers to him.

Chuckling, Tyler said stuffing the papers in his back pocket again, “Oh, hell no. I hate to disappoint you, Lauren, I’m still getting my two in.”

Appalled, she asked, “How? If I vow to be with Dylan, then I plan to be only with him and not continue to be your whore, Tyler.”

“That’s not an option according to the original contract, Lauren, which I plan to uphold and you can not ignore.”

“Dylan won’t like that.”

“Why the fuck would I care what Dylan will like? I’m getting my fuck in with you whether he likes it or you like it.” He slapped her hard on her butt. “Don’t worry Lauren. You’ll enjoy yourself.”

“You are only doing this because he slept with your wife.’

A snide smirk graced his lips and then his lips quickly turned into a snarl. “True, fucking you after you fucked Dylan will be about the same experience as what I should be used to. Hell, I should be used to Dylan’s sloppy seconds, huh?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?

“Ask Dylan,” his hissed.

“You’re only torturing me like this because he hurt you and you want to hurt him back. You said yourself I didn’t deserve to be put in the middle of this. I’m so tired of games, Tyler. Why are you adamant about using me for your benefit?”

Something she had said had made him angry and he slammed his fist by her head where she leaned against the door. “Don’t try to understand me, Lauren. I don’t even understand myself, but I will not tear up our contract.”

His other hand moved up and gently, his middle finger moved back and forth over the bottom of her lip.

Bravely, she looked up into his eyes that were looking back her with an intensity that shook her soul.

“I want what I want, Lauren and I will never deny myself anything. For now, I want you.” His mouth replaced his lips and the same intensity that was in his eyes was in his kiss.

She matched him feeling so aroused and empowered knowing she had an effect on him and enjoying what she did to him.

His phone went off and he pushed away reluctantly and pulled the screen to his eyes. “Fuck, you need to go.”

A little off-kilter from the passionate embrace, Lauren asked breathlessly, “What?… Why?”

He turned his phone to her to show her a text message. “Dylan is in the parking lot looking for you.”

She straightened her clothes rolled her eyes went out the coat check room before Tyler had another chance to keep her. Her phone had been on silent because she hadn’t expected any call and she checked it on her way back into the restaurant to see Dylan had called three times, but she had also gotten another call from Shadow.

Getting back to the table before Dylan returned, she checked a mirror to make sure her make up wasn’t smeared.

“Where did you go?” Dylan asked worriedly.

“I needed air,” she said. “I needed to think about us; About everything.”

His hand reached across the table to take hers. “And what did you think about in particular?”

Lauren really had to understand her options. What did Dylan know? What was he keeping from her?

She really needed to understand and find out the truth. “My truth, Dylan. I need you to know the entire situation.” She squeezed his hand a little firmer. “In order for us to move on, we really need to understand what happened in the past between the two of us.”

He sat up straighter as if bracing for the worst.

“I did sleep with a man to get ahead in bills and my finances,” she said with dread. “I think you need to know who I slept with.”


“Tyler,” she announced. “Tyler was the man I made the bargain with and had sex with for money.”

His initial reaction was shock and then confusion. “My best friend? Tyler Black?”

She nodded. “He was the only one that would answer my calls for help. I told him I was in dire straights and he offered to give me all the money to pay off my bills and in return, I have sex with him.”

Dylan shook his head in disappointment, snorting, “Just like Tyler. He’s always running behind my women.”

She frowned. Being intimate with both men she found Tyler to be the better lover, but maybe Tyler was right. Maybe she needed another chance with Dylan to make a real determination.

“Aren’t you angry?” she asked.

“Angry? I’m a little besotted. I know how much you hated Tyler and now I really understand how desperate you were. And for that, I’m so sorry, because I know it was my stupidity that drove you to that horrible situation.”

She was stunned telling him the truth was so easy. “And you don’t hold me accountable for anything that I had to do with Tyler?”

“No, Lauren. You were VERY desperate and it couldn’t have been enjoyable. Tyler’s not known for his bed skills.”

Now she was really confused. “What did you mean he’s always run behind you?”

Dylan pulled out his phone and showed her a picture of a very pale, extremely skinny thick rimmed pimple faced teenager. “This was Tyler’s high school picture. Needless to say, he’s made it his mission in life to destroy every picture and photo that was taken of him prior to his fixing up himself, but as long as we’ve been friends, Tyler has always hated that he didn’t inherit his strong Russia genes. Instead, he got some muddy insane man who ran with a killer. True he’s got height and once he realized he could get brawny, he did.”

“He went under the knife?” she questioned.

“Nah. He did this pretty natural. Worked his ass off in school and in the gym. The man is like a monster in the gym. Puts me to shame every time, but as you see I don’t need all that much work. One of Tyler’s demons is this.” he pointed to the picture. “He doesn’t want to return to that scrawny kid that couldn’t get a chick to save his life. Like anything else he wants to excel at, he gets focused and makes it his mission to up his body game, but you can take the ugly off of people, but you can’t take the ugly out of people. Tyler was never good at being with a woman and when he tried on his own, he never could. So he got my seconds. Girls, I was running through and didn’t want anymore but wanted to get near me so they thought they could fuck Tyler to get under my skin. He let them use him because he’s just always wanted to be like me.”

She couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but she didn’t show her shock. “So why’d you sleep with his wife?”

He looked a little shocked again but quickly recovered. “Tyler told you that?”

“Let’s just say it slipped out and I deduced a lot of what was going on.”

He shrugged. “Since we’re being honest, I should admit, I guess. Arissa didn’t look at me at all when we met. She flocked to Tyler like a moth to a flame and set out to get him to fall head over heels in love with her and marry her. I was jealous,” he confessed. “I saw him in this perfect life, with this perfect wife and I wanted that too. I’d never had it easy when it came to life’s struggle. I needed that perfection just once, but I thought the only way to get it was with Arissa. It wasn’t as if she really loved him. I knew that. She was always flirting in greener grass but she never went over all the way. Seducing her was easy than I thought and then I just took what was offered.”

Lauren was getting sick to her stomach again and she wasn’t sure if it was because of Dylan’s confession or was if it because of her cycle. “We should leave,” she insisted holding her waist tight hoping she didn’t throw up in front of everyone.

Dylan beckoned for the check. “I was sorry for what I did to Tyler. I even got caught on purpose with Arissa so he would know what I’d done. Really he should’ve thanked me because I saved him years of heartbreak later on. I’ve paid penance for what I did to Tyler. Financially and physically.”

After the waitress finished with the bill, Lauren questioned, “What are you talking about? Financially and physically?”

He waited until they were outside and he was helping her into his car before he answered. “Tyler walked in on the affair and after divorcing Arissa he confronted me the only way he knew how and that was to sue me for the pain and suffering of tearing his marriage apart after he finished taking everything away from Arissa.” He closed her door and came around to the driver’s side.

“He won a case for adultery against you? He sued his best friend.”

“I’ve come to find out, Tyler’s heart doesn’t take sides when it’s hurt. The only side is Tyler and he wins at any cost. He doesn’t just destroy, he eviscerates.”

“And you still want to be his friend?” she asked incredulously

“Lauren, it’s not about wanting to be his friend. I need to be his friend. Without Tyler, I wouldn’t be where I am. His intelligence, his business sense, and his contacts keep me close to him. True I’ve always had the looks and the charm, but Tyler literally has had everything else.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing so she went back to clarify. “Okay, wait, he destroyed his ex-wife exactly how?”

“Her current nail salon went bankrupt from the divorce, she didn’t get one dime from him and for the rest of her life she pays him alimony. For the rest of her life if she owns any business he has the right to take half of it to pay off the debt she owes him. It’s killing her right now to keep up with the fifteen grand a month alimony payments that Tyler literally gives away to keep that damn shop on the first floor running.” Dylan sounded very bitter. “We could be renting that space to prime midtown reality, but Tyler refuses to change.”

“And how do you owe him?” Lauren asked.

“A quarter of a million in financial damages and one hundred thousand hours of law services.”

Tyler was not just evil, the man was a maniacal monster! Yet, his revenge wasn’t done, but she had a feeling Dylan didn’t know this. 

Like Dylan said, when Tyler’s heart was hurt he eviscerated.

A shiver went down her spine.


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  1. Jesus! The results of Tyler’s adultry case against his ex and Dylan…WOW!!!

    I don’t think Lauren need to have sex with Dylan to get the scoop on his friendship with Tyler. At this point Dylan probably will tell her anything. I just wish she would have not be in such a hurry to sign that addendum. She should know by now Tyler has a reason for everything he does.

  2. She signed that addendum to fast, and I hope she doesn’t have sex with Dylan, she has been through enough already, and I secretly think she pregnant. I am officially scared of Tyler, he doesn’t play fair and his revenge goes so deep.

  3. This addendum is a surprise and I love the idea of it. Should she do Dylan or should she not do Dylan? She already knows that he will come up short in the sex department thanks to Tyler. So why do him? Dylan is a narcissist and will not recognize that he is inadequate. Dylan is a waste of time; I hope she doesn’t have sex with him. That will mess with Tyler because he will think she is now committed to him. But, if Lauren had thoughts like I have about her situation, she would continue to go along with the devil she is getting to know and get more information she will need to make a clean break from both those psychos.

      1. Ok…….where is the next chapter. I anxious to read what happens next. How much longer? I look for the next chapter like its the daily newspapers,; checking for it every morning 😁. Thank you for the excitment and entertaiment.

  4. I hoped that Lauren didn’t sign that addendum, for some weird reason I like the idea of her and Tyler becoming a couple. Tyler was there for her in a unorthodox way and yes he had an alternative motive in the beginning but soon realized she was innocent in this whole mess of a situation.
    She need to avoid Dylan at all cost he is such a waste of her time.

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