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Now my comments about the story:

This one was a doozie for me. Along with the sexy twist I also had to move the story forward in terms of finding out if what her former coworker said was the truth? I mean, Lauren’s new at relationships and she really didn’t expect to know about complicated things when it came to the drama of relationships. She schooled herself in how to be a good wife to her husband, not a good whore to the meanest man alive.

Tyler gets on my last nerve. Dammit!


Chapter 15

Why the hell hadn’t she read the contract just a little better? Was there a stipulation she couldn’t call him names?

How many refusals could she actually give or would she have to just allow him to do anything to her? Sexual or not?

Damn, he could beat her and think that was a turn on.

He had slapped her from behind last night.

What if he planned a new punishment?

Why the hell did he want her in the first place?! That was what she should scream. His viciousness towards her had to do with his ex-wife.

Lauren was in a flux – physically and mentally. Was Tyler actually trying to be her lover right now? After what she had just said to him?

No, he could only want to hurt her. Those words that had come out of her mouth had been so cruel. Perhaps her evilness had reminded him of his wife.

Yes, he’d said some worse things to her, but dammit, Lauren wasn’t supposed to stoop to his level no matter what.

A sheen of sweat had come out of nowhere to her nape and the room had started to spin slightly.

Her hands trembled a little as she closed the door and made her way over to the center of the couch across the room from the desk.

Tyler moved around the desk slowly, never taking his eyes off of her.

There was this triumphant smirk on his face as he slid behind her with the couch between them and moved his hands to her neck. 

Leaning forward, he whispered, “I love your obedience, Lauren.”

Lord, had his hands gotten hotter?

He massaged her shoulders and then moved back to her neck. This was to relax her?


She tried to pretend his proximity didn’t affect her.

“And I enjoy how you pretend I don’t arouse you. Why did you keep looking at my hands, Lauren? Were you remembering how I touched you?”

“I hate your touch,” she hissed.

He came around the couch and moved next to her – very close.

That sensual smirk increased. “I love when you lie to me, Lauren. It just solidifies how much I need to belittle you.” His mouth attached her neck moving down and then up until her chin dipped down on its own and met his lips. He kissed around the outline of her mouth and then molded his sensuous hot lips to hers taking her breath away.

Lauren found a moan releasing from her gut as she melted into his kiss. He had been drinking coffee today. The robust taste with his familiar citrus and fig smell made all her senses tingle.

His hands moved down her body and then up her dress. She put her hand down to stop him, but his kiss became more ardent and then he moved his tongue deep into her mouth. She was overwhelmed by his passion and didn’t have time to really think about was this what she wanted or if she could respond just as ardently.

The scent was driving her arousal on high and she didn’t stop his hand again, which continued up to her stockings. She heard the ripping noise but didn’t associate the sound with what they were doing until his finger moved like a smooth snake dipping into her wetness between her legs.

He obviously found delight she wasn’t wearing underwear, but the reason to be pantiless wasn’t for sexual and definitely not to bring delight to him. She hadn’t had any to wear and she hadn’t thought she would be in this type of situation.

Her body didn’t seem to care what she thought was going to happen, her legs parted for him so he had room to access her womanly parts with ease.

Tyler fully indulged in his access, flicking his thumb over her most sensitive area and at the same time keeping his other finger deeply dipped inside of her, while his pinkie rubbed over her rear. The triple arousal along with the kissing sent her over the edge and she didn’t care. She clutched his shoulder to hold on for the ride gushing hard and feeling her wetness leaked from her body and soaked into her dress.

Lauren wanted to cry knowing she’d ruined her dress from her own orgasm, but he looked like he’d just conquered Mount Everest.

“I’ve been thinking about making you come since you walked in my office,” he admitted.

She hit her fist on his chest. “I still hate you, Tyler.”

“There’s my little liar.” He got up from the couch and went over to his desk. Reaching underneath where he had been sitting, he brought a large box from the area and then put it next to her to sit on the couch where he had just gotten up from.

“You need to hurry and fix yourself before Deborah comes knocking at the door to find out what’s taking you so long,” he reprimanded as if she had done something wrong by herself.

Looking down at herself, she saw her dress was completely ruined. The sticky essence from her body had stained the front and the back, plus her only pair of thick stockings were torn to her knees.

“I can’t walk out of here like this, Tyler,” she protested.

That loathsome smirk was on his lips again. “I don’t think anyone would care, knowing your reputation, but that’s why I’m always prepared.” He tapped the box. “That should fit.”

Lauren was shocked he had thought that far in advance.

“Where can I change?” she questioned standing up.

“You can change right there, Lauren. No one walks into my office without my permission.”

Looking at him stupidly, she asked, “Are you leaving so I can have some privacy?”
Tyler moved behind his desk straightening up his clothes. “I’ve seen you naked and tasted your essence, woman. Privacy from me is futile.”

“What about your fiancee, Jeanene?” she spat.

He stiffened, but then suddenly smirked. “You’re smarter than I thought, Lauren, but dumb as a stump. Change your clothes or I’ll send you out there with the clothes you have on and be damn about appearances. And if you don’t hurry up and change, I’m going to come over there and make you come so hard everyone in the entire office will know you’re my whore. And I won’t have to say a word or owe you any money.”

Lauren angrily turned around madder at herself for being even remotely aroused all over from what he just said. Could he really make her come so loud she didn’t care who heard them?

Yanking her dress and stockings off and tossing them on the floor at the front of his desk, this only brought her a little level of satisfaction. She flipped open the box to see another black dress inside. This one, of course, was higher quality than her cheap dress and amazingly fit perfectly. There were underwear and nylons to go with the dress.

Cutting her eyes at him, Lauren zipped up the dress on the side and then put her black boots back on.

“Are we done?’ she sneered.

“Tomorrow night then, Lauren,” he ordered, turning away and getting on his cell phone.

What he said, wasn’t a question. That was just the end of discussion and there were no more chances for her to negotiate anything with him.

She went to the door and put her middle finger up at his back and then slammed the door. The son of a bitch had wasted her whole morning when she could have been looking for a job or hunting down clientele.

Deborah was waiting at the bottom of the staircase.

Lauren walked past her “You don’t need to walk me out, Deborah.”

“I wasn’t,” Deborah responded, “Did you change clothes?”

Rolling her eyes in agitation, she demanded, “Just give me my coat so I can  leave.”

“You aren’t staying for the job?” Deborah questioned.

“What? He told you to meet me here and lead me out.”

Deborah shook her head handing Lauren a welcome packet. “Soon as you went up there, he sent word down to me to get a welcome packet and make time to escort you where you needed to be.”

Lauren let Deborah’s words slowly sink into her confused and befuddled mind. “But he never…” Her voice trailed off. “Oh, Gezus! I just called him the worst name and I… “ She put her face in her hands humiliated.

All the times she swore she’d never sink to his level at the worst possible moment she had.

Deborah teased, “If you called him a name, Lauren, he might’ve deserved it. He can grate the wrong way on even the most patient people and considering you… well, you might remind him of his ex, he could have been quite cruel. Like I said, he tries to stay his personal distance from black women because he’s still very bitter about the divorce.”

Lauren still felt embarrassed.

Continuing, Deborah said, “But if he hired you, Lauren, you must know something that he finds impressive.”

Lauren doubted that statement but she kept this thought to herself.

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  1. I have to keep reminding myself that Lauren is new to the world of having relations with men like you mentioned. I wonder why Tyler got a divorce. It must have been bad for him to be take his anger out on black women.

  2. Yes, Tyler is only angry because he was hurt somehow and he likes to throw tantrums like a toddler. Just a bit harsher. He is like the rest of the Blacks, Ethan was a mutha after his ignant wife got over on him. Lauren has that man whether her little delusional mind is able to comprehend or not.

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