#BlacksInnocence Chapter6

Author’s Note:

I’ll be working over the weekend on the story despite the fact that I have a workshop this weekend.

I hope to be done with Chapter 7 by Monday morning or maybe you’ll get an early treat Sunday night.

Please let me know what you really think of Tyler.

I’ve gotten comments like

“He’s a monster.”

“He hates himself.”

“Why does he have to hate her so much?”

I think in this chapter this will give you a little about him. Just a little.


Chapter 6


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7 thoughts on “#BlacksInnocence Chapter6

  1. IN a way I don’t feel bad for Lauren. I mean I can understand being in love but she gave this man literally everything. She didn’t have any kind of backup plan what so ever. I am trying to understand what made her decide to believe so much in love that she has nothing. I see Dylan maybe a butt but in a way he seems to be helping sure he gets some profound excitement out of it but even the Beast has a heart.

  2. Glad to get some background on Tyler but not a reason to treat Lauren that bad especially without any proof.

  3. I don’t like that she is so fixated on Dylan if he loved that much nothing would have stopped him from hearing her out, he just cut and ran at the first sign of trouble, she seemed more in love than him and to have no backup plan is plain stupid. Tyler is a jerk but it’s almost as if he is making her see how she needs to have a better plan for herself, almost like tough love.

  4. I agree with everybody else, why did she not have a backup plan. Personally, I believe this was a setup from the beginning. He knew he didn’t or couldn’t touch the bottom of the pool before he dove in full speed. [Insert Pun] He drew that trap of a contract up to hoodwink the poor fool and her “in love” man fell for it. I bet Tyler has more feelings and heart than Dylan, as soon as he gets proof that the bastard is lacking in the nether region.

  5. I wish she would stop thing about Dylan and think about herself. She’s eating out of the trash for goodness sake. Dylan used her and it was that she still doesn’t see it.

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