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What you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve read Love Like This, then you’ve met Parker and he has problems of his own.

Three sisters that want him. What more could a guy ask for, but everything you wish for is not always everything you want.

Especially after I write about it.

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Book Synopsis:

Life has never been worth living for Charisse before her father died. After three attempts to kill herself were unsuccessful, she makes a deal for release from hell on earth, with one of the people who made her life what it was.

It wasn’t until Chyna finds out that her husband, Parker Mills was having an affair with her twin sister, Cheyenne, that she realizes she’s losing the best thing she’s ever had. Feeling the ultimate betrayal by her own sibling, Chyna knows she has to do whatever it takes to keep her husband and give him what he longs for – a baby. Knowing that she’s unable to have children and Cheyenne is afflicted with the same condition, she decides to go to the only person that can help her save her marriage – her younger sister, Charisse.

In the end, one sister will die, another will lose everything and one will get everything that she wants.

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It’s going to be available soon at other bookstores.

And if you are waiting for Book Two buy your copy in advance below at #Smashwords now! READ BOOK ONE ABOVE AT THE LINKS ABOVE BEFORE BUYING BOOK TWO WHICH WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL FEBRUARY FIRST.

His Substitute Wife… My Sister Book Two

Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 01, 2014
Words: 85,040 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

Pick off where Book One ends as sisters: Charisse, Chyna and Cheyenne all want one man, Parker! One sister will die, another will lose everything and one will get everything that she wants.

Extended description

In the continuing drama, Charisse continues to struggle with her problems while mounting problems with her sisters draw her in a web of more mental torture.

Yet, Chyna’s plan might actually work and Charisse is still determined to end everything in the end, but the growing attraction to her brother in law starts to touch her heart.

Parker can’t let go of the one thing he wanted, but it was his sister in law he desired and not his wife. What is a man to do?

One sister will die, another will lose everything and one will get everything that she wants.

Available ebook reading formats

Pre-release—this book will be available for purchase February 1, 2014

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His Substitute Wife is going to be my closing cost house. A dollar from every book sold is going to go to the $4000 I need to help with getting our new house.

Now if you know what I’ve been through in 2013, you know that it helps so much to help me.

Now if you’ve bought a copy and you want to help, you can always “Gift” the book this holiday season on Amazon or Smashwords. All you need is that readers email and bamm! you’ve helped me out!

The counter for this endeavor will go up January 1st, so by then I should have significant sales.

Pre-readers know this book is worth what I’ve put on it, and I know as a new reader once you read book one, you’ll enjoy it.

In the end, I want to thank you for helping me reach my goal.

I’m hoping to reach my goal by February.

You can start by sharing this post, right now, using the social media buttons.

thank you soooo much!



CALLING ALL READERS: Take A Moment To Help An Author Out #amreading | Write A Review on a book you’ve read! Thx!

The most wanted thing an author desires (and I’m speaking for myself mostly) is a review.

Short, long, good, bad, detailed, two words, whatever, an author craves this words from people who had taken the time to read what they have read.

Again I’m speaking for myself.

So I ask on this day that if you’ve read a book by me, could you go to the place you’ve purchased the book and add a review. Here are some of the places where my book is available.

Don’t know how to write a review? CLICK HERE for a detailed article on how to write a review.

If there are other authors you’d like to help out (or even help me out some more), here are two more links to find suggestions:

30 Ways to Help a Book Author Market His or Her Books

How to Help Your Favorite Author


Well, just check out my bookstore! Peruse and shop all you want!


And one more thing. If you have a website, blog or even social network (facebook or goodreads or other) could you write the review over there.

Tag me on Twitter or Facebook or contact me with the button below and let me know you’ve posted so I can enjoy what you’ve read: Short, long, good, bad, detailed, two words, whatever!

For extra special reviews, I would like to post on my website and showcase all over to my social networks as well.

I appreciate you in advance! And thank you very much!

Your author,

Sylvia Hubbard


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Coming to your eReader soon… #DarkFacade READ 1ST CHAPTER PREVIEW NOW!

DARKFACADE-SMALLYou’ve been patiently waiting for a very dark turn in the Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

I’ve told you the whens, the whys and the hows and now you real read the what… Dark Facade.


Maxine, an AA graphic designer who has no life, realized her best friend and coworker disappeared the day after telling Maxine she was going out on a hot date with a man she met on the Internet.

Now it’s up to Maxine to find out what happened to Lisa and who was this mysterious man who emailed his picture to her friend that Maxine just can’t stop thinking about.

Going undercover in Detroit’s black market to become a secret member of Detroit’s Masquerade Club, Maxine realizes how easy it was to get in, but she might pay with her life trying to get out.

Click cover 2dwnld PDF

Are you ready to read Dark Facade Chapter1? CLICK HERE!

After you’ve finished reading, please return here and let me know what you think!

And then share this with other readers, with the social buttons below. It’s our segment of Talking Tuesday and I would need your help getting the word out about the book!

Would you like to read more updates regarding Dark Facade? Click here: https://sylviahubbard.com/category/books/work-in-progress/dark-facade-work-in-progress/

Can’t download the pdf?

#DARK FACADE: Book 1 Cover … let the party begin… #SylLit #SneakReaders

Coming up with a book cover concept is one of the many banes in the Author’s side.

It’s one of the things that writer’s wish someone else would do because it hits a part of the brain, we’d rather reserve for writing.

Whenever I think of a cover, I think of what I need on there in order to get you, (the reader) to open up and see what’s going on.

This is a small project and with it being a small budget (a very small budget) for this book, I decided to do the first cover myself.

I wanted to embody a sort of party environment; A Mardi Gras theme, plus I didn’t have a green color cover.

I found the model for this book when I was out searching for a cover for Wicked Chances.

As soon as I saw her, I knew that’s who would be Maxine (or who the readers would see Maxine as.)

The bowed head was the key in the photo. Subdue and docile, the model gave just enough to let my readers know I was doing something just a little different.

The colorful mask was also the key. Most of the models had dark mask on, but I didn’t want the book cover to have more colors on it, although the main theme was a black model and a green cover.

For the writers that are reading, here are the technical aspects of what I created.

Here’s the before and after picture: DF-beforeAfter

My sixteen year old suggested I used Pixlr.com. She used to take pictures in the bathroom and she hated posting those on Facebook, so she started using this online software in order to keep up great resolution unlike other online software that would change the pixel count.

Pixlr allows you to use layers, so instead of the blue background I switched to the green.

I don’t know about you, but she actually looked a little brighter with the green.

After I cut off the edges of the background of the photo, I imported the photo into a word document.

After I added the text and color with various text boxes I printed the document as pdf. Copying the document at 350% as a snapshot, I pasted the file in a paint document and then saved it as a .jpg.

Sounds easy?

I know it probably doesn’t, but it worked for me and I hope you the reader enjoy the book cover.


The Set up:

Maxine, an AA graphic designer who has no life, realizing that her best friend and coworker disappeared the day after telling Maxine she was going out on a hot date with a man she met on the Internet.
Now it’s up to Maxine to find out what happened to Lisa and who was this mysterious man who emailed his picture to her friend that Maxine just can’t stop thinking about.

How You Can Get your copy:

It will be available on Smashwords, an eventually through other chains in two books. (Unfortunately, since Amazon doesn’t load Smashwords book, Kindle readers will have to upload their copy as a mobi file and then open it in your documents.)

The first book is the introduction of the protagonists and of course The Masquerade.

The second book will go deeper in the “rabbit hole” and try to fix what was torn asunder in book one between Maxine and “her master.”


temp cover

Here’s the temporary cover that was designed in the early stages when I first started the book. I want to keep reminding the old readers the cover is changing because I don’t want them to think there’s another book.

Plus, I might keep this cover as a showcase for other books to come for the Dark Facade series.

I was thinking about maybe some short stories about “the club.”

Okay, without further ado, here is the Book 1: Dark Facade Cover for your enjoyment.


Please let me know what you think and if you’re interested in the drop date, we are going for January 20th.  I want to make sure Book two is well underway before I drop the first book and the cover to Book three should be done by then.

Working a Series is no joke and I want to do another read through to make sure it has as little errors as possible.

I also will say the first book’s price will be .99cents and I will have it at Smashwords and then at Amazon too, but I really need the reviews on the story guys to get others to get on board and read it.

I’m asking my readers for your help in your support. Even if you become an affiliate and make a little change. I really would love everything you can do.

Thanks in advance and now I need you to give me your opinion about the book cover.

Biting nails waiting for you to tell me what you think…



#Talking #Tuesday Edition: As we #Twitter along… @sylviahubbard1 #sylLit #amwriting. Readers talking abt me… #SneakReaders

Lately, I’ve seen more “readers” connect with me on Twitter than “techies.”

This pleases me to know with help from my current readers I’m garnering the attention of other readers.

My readers are “talking” about me.


I’d love to go way back but a few current ones I will point out that I favorited or retweeted:




Please take a moment and if you have a twitter, follow these Literary folks and thank them for me for their support.

It’s always nice to author’s to see others “talking” about them since when we that started out as writers REALLY HATE TALKING ABOUT OURSELVES AND OUR WORK.

And really that’s the author’s hardest job of talking about ourselves.

When we were young and you heard people “talking” about you, it always felt like a bad thing.

Now with the 21st Marketing techniques of “engagement” and SEO (search engine optimization) being talked about is a good thing.

My first experience with “readers” talking about me occurred with stealing innocence.

When I put this book up initially, I really didn’t think it would garner any downloads at all.

I had it for free on a site I built and then put a comment box underneath.

I had become disenchanted with the book because all my rejections letters pretty much said, the story had too many characters in it and it would confuse the reader.

I didn’t want to cut down on characters so I just felt “well, if no ones else wants it, I’ll just offer it for free.”

I forgot about it and came back three months later to over 100 comments about the book.

Readers were loving it and I was shocked and amazed the book had been downloaded over 900 times.

If anyone has the earlier edition you can still see the ugly masquerade blue cover on that version.

This was my first eBook experience and it was my first experience where someone was talking about me and I was shocked! Really shocked they wanted more and loved Jaelen.

Even I can’t understand how he got Kimberly to love him cause he’s still one of the meanest characters I’ve ever written aside from the Hearts and William Stone. 


I’m pretty proud of myself on that experience and I learned from that to help my readers more and more “talk” about me.

I even love to say Tuesday is TalKing Day. That’s the day I’d love for my fans to “talk” about me on their social network.

On Facebook, You could tag my MichigansLiteraryWorld in your status message if you want me to like or re-share. Or even make a comment about it on my page and then re-share that status message.

Also, you could tag me on Twitter using my handle: @sylviahubbard1. (See above twitter statuses for details.)

In the New Year, I’m going to have #SneakReaders chats on Twitter. These are chats with specially invited readers that will take place there as we discuss more to the sagas that are building around the four different families you as readers constantly as me about:

  • The Hearts
  • The Bellinis
  • The Blacks
  • The Lotts

There are upcoming stories to coincide with current stories, but we won’t go into that right now. It’s going to be fun!

Trust me.

Signing off. And if you haven’t enjoyed stealing innocence, please take a moment to download it. If you have, leave a review wherever you have purchased it and also, take a moment and check out stealing innocence II: The Ravishment.

Yeah, you want me to give you an update on stealing innocence III: Lethal Heart, but at this time, I STILL can’t.

But I will tell you, King Heart’s story comes out first.

Connect with me:

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Talk amongst yourselves… Leave a comment or share this post with others using the buttons below!

stealing innocence

By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star0.5 star
(4.50 based on 2 reviews)

Published: March 16, 2009
Words: 112308 (approximate)


Kimberly could not believe what her uncle wanted her to do after her wealthy husband unexpectedly dies. Uncle Charles kidnaps a man, ties him to a bed, and orders Kimberly to rape the man until she is pregnant.

When surly, mean tempered Jaelen his cold eyes realizes the beautiful, angelic Kimberly intentions, he vows to escape and get revenge if it take the rest of his life.

Available ebook reading formats

How to download ebooks to e-reading devices and apps.

Format Full Book
Online Reading (HTML, good for sampling in web browser) View
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Kindle (.mobi for Kindle devices and Kindle apps) Download
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(I would like to thank @lyancyy for letting me borrow his music for the video. He’s awesome!)

New Styling @ #SylLit World! Chk It Out & Let Me Know What You Think! Vist My Updated website!

I just changed up my website… yet again.

I won’t go into the details but click here to check out the home page. There’s also the blog page as well and you can click here to go directly over there.

I wanted to keep the essence of the site, with the color and banner, but I also wanted to make it easier for readers to find things.

Plus I moved all the links that took over the side bar and put a special Link page.

I was trying to not make my sidebar so long, but there’s just so much that I offer to readers and writers on the site I had to include a lot of things.

I’m going to add a page with all the book series under the books navigation at the top.

Please let me know what you think about the site. I value your opinion. I hope by next year, I will be able to afford a major upgrade on the site and be able to make it much more prettier for your eyes!

Thank you so much!  For your support, your love, your social talking about me and so much more.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard.

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#1 Googled “Popular Black Erotica Writer”…. Me?

Got this great tweet


@sylviahubbard1 you’re welcome! 🙂 when i googled ‘black erotica authors’ your name was at the top of the search results

I decided to Google myself and got this screen shot:

I was stunned and completely shocked at first and then I felt so honored to know Google popped me up at the top of the list.

I want to thank Shai Lynn drawn2words.wordpress.com for showing me this to. (She just started blogging but she’s awesome!)

I don’t know what to say really. thank you Google and Goodreads and just anyone who made the list.

I’m really seriously honored, especially seeing that over 53 million Google choose this link to be number one.

Maybe it was by fluke or by chance that I’m just number one on the list, but this meant a lot to me.

So thank you out there and thank you guys, my readers and followers, for just staying with me and letting me know how much you love my work.

Your Author!!